Plus Juneteenth, Dave Rubin nonsense, weird insurance claims, and more.
On National Mascot Day, we share our favorite furry (and downright weird) friends from around the world of sports.
Congress acted swiftly, but with laws attempting to ban critical race theory in states across the country, the newfound holiday status feels hollow.
Abandoning the investigation into Trump's meeting with Putin in 2018 is the latest example of Dems letting the former POTUS off scot-free.
Does anyone truly believe Greene got anything from this experience or would've apologized at all if she weren't forced to?
The right wing host has been doing the same "left the left" shtick for years, and it sounds like audiences are wise to it.
It's not like Johnson cares about sounding dumb. The more scary buzzwords you hit, the better. 
Ryan Cooper on the GOP threat to democracy. Also, Magnet Releasing’s new film, ‘Censor.’ Plus music by Golden Alphabet and Phantom Wave.
Tester's words Wednesday show there's a little room to move for moderate Democrats, at least rhetorically.
Everyone can relate to eagerly asking for details before the truth silently hits you, Princess Padmé most of all.
With one signature and explicatory tweet, the Texas governor laid bare conservatives' warped views on liberty.
The West Virginia Senator is taking the heat for fellow moderate Dems skeptical about protecting voting rights.
Robin Marty on a SCOTUS case that could change reproductive rights in America. Also, Paramount Pictures’ ‘A Quiet Place Part II.’ Plus music by Willa Amai and The Planes.
Saying she wants to "protect the democracy of our nation" is a heaping pile of rhetorical bullshit.
It became an outlet—not for Trump, but for the people who still want to see what he has to say, whether it's to exalt, condemn, or clown it.
It turns out pretty much every single Irish person knows someone who looks and dresses like that. And they're all dads or uncles.