For Trump supporters, even baseline competence can turn into a full blown conspiracy.
The end is finally here. Don’t act like you won’t want a drink.
Like it or not, QAnon is a part of American politics now—and so is all the hysterical nonsense that comes with it.
The post-election period won’t play out with snappy Aaron Sorkin dialogue. It’s going to be ugly.
A pro-Biden Super PAC is urging progressives to listen to Bernie Sanders. Maybe it should take its own advice.
No one is doing more to spread coronavirus than the president himself.
The Democratic nominee is offering an alternative to authoritarian fascism and corny campaign merch.
Their open attempt to confirm a Trump appointee isn’t just hypocrisy, it’s outright fraud.
Plus Trump's bizarre Fox News interview and comedians we wish could moderate a presidential debate.
Donald Trump says he’s “up-played” the seriousness of the pandemic. Joe Biden needs to focus on winning. And we all need to worry about election result legitimacy. Plus music from Xanthe Alexis.
The Fox News host occasionally pretends to be a populist, but it’s all shtick.
The South Carolina challenger is putting the screws to Trump’s lapdog, aka Senator Lindsay Graham.
Trump wants to debate on Joe Rogan’s podcast, but we can think of a few other comics who’d be better for the job.
The president’s 2020 campaign emails are as dumb, aggressive, and ridiculous as he is.
The president isn’t hiding his desire for violent extrajudicial political retribution.
Plus Trump lies, military industrial complexities, Leonardo DiCaprio memes, and much more.
How can people trust or believe in a government that doesn’t help them in times of crisis?
Bob Woodward’s interview confirms information that’s been out there for awhile.
Political polling is more precise than ever, but people still turn to nontraditional markers to predict election results.
The president is just as war hungry as the Pentagon officials and defense contractors he lambasted.
The actor has been memed countless times, but his 'Django' laugh might be his best work yet.
The RNC was wild. The president is unhinged. Bill & Ted are excellent. But you knew all that already.
Trump’s numbers are improving in the swing states that won him the White House in 2016.
The Attorney General isn’t as stupid as his boss, but he’s doing his best to sound like it.
If Trump is up big on election night, it’s up to news outlets to add context—not call a winner.
Laura Ingraham’s interview with the president shows just how deranged he—and the media supporting him—have become.