Wanna be a timely bummer at the party *and* put almost no effort into your Halloween costume?
Democrats have a solid chance to flip the Senate. These races could be critical in making it happen—or falling short.
After more than 20 years in Congress, does the New York Senator really think shaming Republicans will work?
Rich Lowry writes that re-electing Trump would be a “middle finger” to the left. He’s right & it’s all Trump’s got.
They’re absolutely terrific, the best around. (No, not Alec Baldwin.)
The last debate of the 2020 presidential cycle calls for alternate programming and fresh adult beverages.
The president is shifting his plan to make coronavirus part of everyday life into hyperdrive.
Trump’s favorite cable network refused to publish the Hunter Biden email story but amplified & laundered it all the same.
Books and betting markets favor Biden. Can a longshot bet on Trump pay off?
Running the same playbook four years later only works if the media decides to sell it for him—and believe Rudy Giuliani.
We review the major election-related news of the week–and there’s plenty, of course. Plus music from Sad13.
Roughly two weeks from Election Day, Biden has extended his polling lead in key states.
Is West a celebrity running for president or a replacement-level Republican running for state senate?
More than 215,000 dead won’t stop the president’s awkward grandpa shuffle.
Yeah, the debates were tough to watch, but at least people got some jokes off.
A Democrat finally playing actual politics has the media and Republicans in a frenzy.
Behold the corniest piece of campaign merchandise (and metaphor) ever created.
Biden and Harris shouldn’t go anywhere near the infected Trump campaign.
This can’t be as bad as Trump-Biden, but be sure to have a drink handy just in case.
Even when we already expect it, the president manages to heighten the inanity every time.
The social media platform was in rare form as news, sympathy, and late night jokes poured in.
It’s pretty difficult to deny the president’s racism when he spouts it nightly.