The former VP isn’t changing his tune on universal healthcare, even as COVID-19 overwhelms America’s healthcare system.
Rumors about the New York governor and the Democratic favorite have swirled for a couple weeks.
Joe Virgillito chats with Prof. Gerald Friedman about COVID-19 and the case for Medicare For All. J. McVay and Jacqueline Soller discuss 2011 movie, ‘Contagion.’ Plus a preview of Scoville Unit’s upcoming BTR Live Studio session.
Sanders’ diatribe against Republicans helped keep important unemployment protections in the Senate’s coronavirus relief bill.
An economist and former Bernie Sanders advisor explains why universal healthcare is the answer to future public health crises.
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A look back at the news and other stuff we wrote about this week.
Joe Virgillito is here to discuss the Democratic primaries and COVID-19. Also, we discuss new movie, Lost Girls.’ Plus a preview of Activity’s upcoming BTR Live Studio session.
The Hawaii representative finished her campaign as confusingly as she ran it.
Means testing only adds inefficiency to coronavirus relief. And it gives GOPers like Mitt Romney a lane to the Dems’ left.
The Democratic Party cares more about stifling Sanders than public safety.
A developer’s new site turns your favorite song into familiar hand washing graphics.
Sunday could be the primary's final debate, so might as well send it off with a drink. Or several.
A look back at the news and other stuff we wrote about this week.
The uncertainty surrounding Joe Biden is more than enough reason for Sanders to keep fighting.
The former Bush advisor only believes civility should exist in one direction.
Joe Virgillito is here to discuss Super Tuesday and beyond. Also, we discuss new movie, ‘The Invisible Man.’ Plus a preview of Church Girls’ upcoming BTR Live Studio session.
The Massachusetts senator’s first presidential came to a disappointing end Thursday.
Beto, Amy and Pete made it onto some Joe merch. But Biden’s got other people to thank, too.
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