Hauling a peaceful protestor away in an unmarked van isn’t justice–it’s a harbinger.
Suggesting an election delay is just the president’s latest attempt to sow division and chaos.
A new study shows that left wing violence isn’t nearly the problem Republicans portray it as.
With so many around him contracting the virus, how has the president not—and what would happen if he did?
The Arkansas Senator gave himself away by referring to slavery as a “necessary evil.”
The GOP can’t get out of its own ideological way and now face the consequences of their own inaction.
Badgeless federal cops occupying cities and rounding up political enemies was always the endgame.
The president’s first briefing since April was a weak, self-serving attempt at humility.
If it looks like little more than cynical ladder-climbing, that’s because it is.
Ken Cuccinelli complains “anarchists” are targeting Amazon as unidentified federal forces are snatching protestors.
Two cable news anchors discussed the president’s latest absurd photo in notably different ways.
Setting the odds for the next outlet to host the writer’s bad opinions.
The president finally wore a mask and his supporters could hardly contain their sycophantic excitement.
A viral cake-cutting video provided social media some sorely needed jokes...and a little confectionary trauma.
Journalists parroting anonymous White House sources causes more harm than good.
Fox News’ boomerific anchor thinks even the Supreme Court is in on the anti-Trump crusade.
Lin-Manuel Miranda’s ‘Hamilton is now more available to view than ever before, but it’s also more open to criticism of its portrayal of slaveholding founding fathers.
Pro sports should stop indefinitely until America gets its act together.
Whitewashing slave-owning founding fathers seems a little more egregious in our current moment.
The president will stir up hatred and culture war until November.
If Democrats blow the 2020 election, it’s on them and their candidate—even if Kanye runs.
Republicans call Black Lives Matter protests & statue removals anti-American because it’s all they’ve got.
The only thing we were really missing was new Epstein-related material.