J.McVay (@thejlm) joins the show to recap the first Democratic presidential primary debate.
Joe offers a (very) brief Democratic debate recap and discusses NRATV’s downfall.
Time’s run out for Dana Loesch and the rest of NRATV’s murderer’s row.
A brief look at the entrepreneur and philanthropist.
A brief look at the activist, humanitarian and author.
A brief look at the former governor of Colorado.
A brief look at the California representative.
When are millions of people not actually millions?
A brief look at the former Maryland representative.
A brief look at the Ohio representative.
A brief look at the former Housing Secretary and San Antonio mayor.
A brief look at the governor of Washington.
A brief look at the Hawaii representative.
Dr. Steve Billet returns to discuss the key issues and potential climbers in the first Democratic Primary debates, set for Wednesday and Thursday nights.
The far right group wants to seem cool, funny and edgy. Their merchandise is the sad proof.
Dr. Steve Billet returns to discuss the latest developments with Trump’s Iran escalations and how outside voices factor into his decision-making.
Donald Trump called off his approved strike against Iran at the last minute. But who’s to say he won’t change his mind over the weekend?
What’s the power of a phrase? How accurate it is and how uncomfortable it makes political opposition.
Jose Martinez (@JMartinezNYC) joins the show to discuss the MTA’s renewed crackdown on farebeating on NYC subways and buses.
The administration has skirted presidential norms and objective truths for more than two years. Why stop here?
Broken hotel elevators. Denying Puerto Rico statehood. These are both because of socialism. And so is everything else conservatives don’t like.
Joe talks about Sarah Huckabee Sanders and wonders if the Trump administration really needs a press secretary.
Dr. Steve Billet returns to discuss the Trump administration’s transparent attempts to create conflict with Iran and Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ horrible legacy as White House Press Secretary.
In Part 2, Lisa Walsh discusses how researchers measure happiness using self-reports and the adaptability of positive and negative emotions. Lisa Walsh is a doctoral candidate in social/personality psychology at the University of California, Riverside. Her work has been published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology and Emotion, among others. Click here to listen to Part 1. Read the piece: Happiness doesn’t follow success: it’s the other way round Explore the research article: Does Happiness Promote Career Success? Revisiting the Evidence
Today’s required reading is a little too lax on political corruption, a little too happy about Twitter brands and a little too worked up about logos.
Lisa Walsh joins the show to discuss her research and writing exploring whether happiness leads to career success. Lisa Walsh is a doctoral candidate in social/personality psychology at the…
His career appears indestructible, no matter how uncool or offensive he gets.
One does all his own stunts, the other has years of choreography under his belt. So who wins in the octagon?
Axios markets editor Dion Rabouin joins the show to discuss his recent piece exploring why the super rich and big companies are hoarding unused cash.
Joe discusses the Boston Straight Pride Parade and why news organizations and regular people shouldn’t fall for this fascist troll…
Sean Sullivan (@MetsExaminer) joins the show to discuss the possibility of the Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks signing marquee NBA free agents this summer.  
Joe discusses YouTube’s recent controversy and how its ignorance of context leads to real, dangerous censorship.
Steffanie Strathdee joins the show to discuss her book The Perfect Predator, her exploration of phage therapy, the escalating superbug crisis and more. Steffanie Strathdee is a
It’s not a harmless novelty when it’s organized by dangerous alt-right hustlers who don’t deserve a platform.
His latest tuxedo proves Trump is all about body positivity.
In Part 2, Andrea Carcamo discusses the problems with incarcerating asylum seekers, how it affects their mental health and how the media tends to overlook the trauma and humanity of migrant refugees.
Andrea Carcamo joins the show to discuss visiting the U.S. southern border at El Paso to see firsthand the conditions in detention centers and to meet with refugees and asylum seekers.