Joe talks about the week in news and the right's attempts to equate anti-journalist rhetoric with shouting at conservatives in public.
In Part II, Marilyn Haigh discusses the difficulties of reporting the family separation crisis due to lack of information, comparisons to Obama administration policies, and the emotional impact of covering this kind of story.
The New York Knicks are so bad, you can almost forgive fans for not watching. Jeff Bellone, on the other hand, watches every game like it’s his job—even though it isn’t.
Marilyn Haigh joins the show to discuss the Texas Tribune's coverage of the family separation crisis, from the difficulties of reporting to the DHS using separated children as bait for "voluntary deportation orders."
Dr. Steve Billet returns to discuss the Supreme Court upholding Trump's travel ban, voter enthusiasm with today's primaries, the family separation crisis' impact on midterm elections, and more.
BTRtoday Editor-in-Chief Adam Bulger joins the show to discuss the absurd notion of civility in political discourse and why it takes precedent over actual human lives.
Jeff Bellone joins the show to discuss the New York Knicks selecting Kevin Knox with their first round pick, the team's potential for next season, and more.
Chris Kassotis joins the show to discuss his recent study exploring the effects on cells when exposed to fracking chemicals and wastewater.
A new study highlights the danger of a food crisis during nuclear winter.
David Denkenberger joins the show to discuss his recent study "A National Pragmatic Safety Limit for Nuclear Weapon Quantities."
The celebrity chef’s new show highlights his glorious insults and insights under anxiety-inducing time restraints.
J McVay joins the show to discuss the separation of migrant families at the southern U.S. border, the Trump administration's flailing rationales, the need for a more combative press corps, and more.
Used almost exclusively by self-proclaimed Infowars alphas,“soy boy” is a term for men lacking masculine qualities.
Paul Puri joins the show to discuss media coverage of mental illness and suicide and the depth required to adequately explore causation, stigma, and more.
Joe talks about why people shouldn't be continuously shocked by Donald Trump's authoritarian statements and rants about the religious rationalization of tearing families apart at the border.
In Part II, Mike Castellano and Luca Ranallo (aka The Soccer Guys) offer their World Cup predictions, including which favorites will disappoint, who will earn Golden Ball, which team will win the tournament, and much more.
These soccer underdogs may not win on the field but their politics should win over your hearts.
Mike Castellano & Luca Ranallo (aka The Soccer Guys) join the show to preview each group in the World Cup, why the FIFA Rankings are B.S., Lionel Messi's Argentina legacy, and much more.
Dr. Steve Billet returns to discuss the Trump-Kim summit, what the two leaders possibly could've talked about, and how partisanship has defined media coverage of the event.
@RacismDog is woofing its way through the platform’s obvious and not-so-obvious racism.
Julie Kliegman joins the show to talk coverage of suicide and mental illness and how media outlets—and people—can discuss it more sensibly.
Joe talks about his thoughts on the passing of Anthony Bourdain and touches on how the media discusses mental health and suicide.
Ryan Cunningham joins the show to discuss his recent piece in The Outline exploring the history and political mimicry of Trump's thumbs up gesture.
Poet Jason Koo joins the show to discuss the first two games of the NBA Finals, the tribulations of a Cleveland sports fan, and his forthcoming book.
In Part II, the Racism Watch Dog owners discuss how they choose racists tweets to bark at, negative responses to the account, their favorite @RacismDog tweets, and more.
Only Donald Trump could turn a Philly-hating sports fan into an Eagles sympathizer.
Roseanne set the bar, but she’s not the only conservative star who’s faced criticism.
The @RacismDog owners join the show to discuss the inspiration behind their successful Twitter account and the importance of highlighting racism on Twitter.
Monica Anderson joins the show to discuss Pew's recent survey of teenagers' technology and social media habits.