Journalist Ryan Cooper discusses Third Way, centrist Democrats, the idiocy of a 'Boomer Corps,' and the theory of how public employment and social welfare ought to work.
Fellow BTRtoday staff writer Elena Childers joins the show to discuss her wild weekend at Meltasia.
Joe discusses dumb centrist Democratic policies and Fox News's hilarious response to Democratic socialism.
Great news for the retired. If Wall Street-friendly Democrats get their way, they’ll be on the job once again!
In Part II, Maria Bustillos discusses why she decided to publish the interview as a Q&A, her thoughts after Bourdain's death, and the responsibility and difficulty of handling his final public comments.
More millennials are running for office than ever. That's a lot of internet history for opposition researchers to cover.
Maria Bustillos joins the show to discuss her interview with Anthony Bourdain, from setting it up to spending an entire afternoon with him.
In Part II, Mike and Luca discuss their favorite teams and players of World Cup 2018, VAR success, Fair Play weirdness, yellow card accumulation, and Cristiano Ronaldo's transfer to Juventus.
Mike Castellano and Luca Ranallo return to discuss all things Russia 2018, from France's win in the World Cup Final to their favorite goals and matches of the tournament.
Eoin Higgins joins the show to discuss his recent piece for The Appeal detailing the terrible conditions in which ICE detainees are being held in Bristol County, Mass.
In Part III, Charlie Chalkin discusses interesting projects he's worked on, how to value yourself as a freelancer, and weighing the cost/benefit of unpaid work.
A researcher studying size and self-esteem was attacked by the internet's most insecure trolls.
In Part II, Charlie Chalkin offers his advice for freelancers, working in the hospitality industry, and viewing food as a form of communication.
Charlie Chalkin joins the show to discuss the interesting origins of his videography company, the excitement and pressure of working for himself, and more.
Joe discusses the Trump-Putin press conference and why acting surprised gives Republicans an out.
Mark Joseph Stern joins the show to discuss Brett Kavanaugh's position on reproductive rights and how the Supreme Court will continue stripping away Roe v. Wade protections.
In Part III, Alicia Walker discusses her plans for future studies and the politicization of sex studies, particularly by conservative/far right leaning people.
In Part II, Alicia Walker discusses how bogus coverage of her study spread, her surprise at the response, how upset she was to close the study, & more.
New scientific evidence supports white racial insecurity in America.
In Part I, Alicia Walker describes the motivations behind her size and self-esteem study, what she thought would be a revolutionary methodology, and how online coverage torpedoed the research.
Fellow BTRtoday staff writer Taia Handlin (@taiahandlin) joins the show to discuss bathroom greeting etiquette, the 'House of Cards' press tour, and why it's worth making art without "Great Men" at the center of it.
Spotify tricks St. Vincent fans and immigrant indie rockers rule Independence Day.
In Part II, Jessica Wood discusses her desire to work consensual non-monogamous relationships into psychological literature using traditional study methods.
The globalists don't stand a chance against his patchy facial hair.
Jessica Wood joins the show to discuss her recent study exploring satisfaction in monogamous and non-monogamous relationships—and how it might not be related to relationship structure at all.
Rachel Wetts joins the show to discuss her recent study exploring white racial resentment for welfare programs, entitled "Privilege on the Precipice."
Michael Barthel joins the show to discuss Pew Research Center's recent survey on determining factual and opinion statements in the news.
The right has embraced the campus carry advocate, proving how low the bar is set for becoming a conservative star.
Joe talks about the #KeepFamiliesTogether rally in NYC and plays audio from Rev. Al Sharpton's speech in Cadman Plaza.