Andrew Du joins the show to discuss his recent study that found the brain size of all human ancestors has evolved gradually over 3 million years.
Lang Chen joins the show to discuss his recent study that identifies the brain pathway that links positive attitude to math achievement among students.
Corey Rhyan joins the show to discuss Altarum's recent report that estimates the economic toll of the opioid crisis since 2001 is more than $1 trillion.
A live studio audience and hidden footage made for the best episode of the season.
Joe discusses the recent activism of student survivors and the best byproduct of Donald Trump's presidency has been the political awakening and energizing of millennials. 
Upright co-founder Ori Frahauf joins the show to talk about his company's bluetooth posture trainer, Upright GO.
YouTube conspiracy theory-spreaders seem reluctant to defend their theories if challenged but eager when supported.
In Part II, Eric Gugick discusses aspects of teacher training to deal with mass shootings, student resiliency in adapting to lockdown drills, and one instance of changing his teaching due to school shootings.
Eric Gugick joins the show to discuss his perspective on school shootings over the last two decades and the student survivors' reactions to the most recent one in Parkland, Fla.
In Part II, John Cook discusses how misinformation has spread to areas outside of science and the importance of identifying misinformation in the era of fake news.
John Cook joins the show to discuss his recent study on deconstructing climate science misinformation through reasoning errors. 
The vlogger hasn’t learned a thing.
In Part II, Dr. Steve Billet discusses the details (or lack thereof) of Trump's infrastructure plan and the impact of the Rob Porter scandal for the White House.
Dr. Steve Billet returns to discuss Trump's proposed budget, its likelihood of passage, and why we should view budgets as political documents.
In Part II, Robin Sifre discusses how infants are always learning, social visual engagement, and potential impact of the study's findings on understanding a critical period of early development.
Most competitions are designed to let the best competitors win. Last night 'The Bachelor' proved it isn’t one of them.
The anti-Trump tweeter isn't exactly a journalist.
Robin Sifre joins the show to discuss her recent study exploring preferential attention to biological motion in infants.
Joe discusses YouTube's newest punishment against vlogger Logan Paul and the question of relatability with YouTube stars.
Jillian Hastings joins the show to discuss HowUdish, an iPhone app that helps people with dietary restrictions find places to eat out near them.
In Part II, Michael Siegel discusses the necessity to measure structural racism at the state level and future research to better understand the effects it has on police shootings and more.
Michael Siegel joins the show to discuss his recent study linking police shootings of unarmed black victims to structural racism.
The hangover prevention and cure tasted bad and offered no relief.
Janelle Jones joins the show to discuss her recent report that found Amazon Fulfillment Centers do not generate broad employment growth.
Joe discusses ICE at the Super Bowl, the organization's fascistic tendencies, and Miguel Perez's detention.
‘A Futile and Stupid Gesture’ gives us a glimpse at the funniest guy you’ve never heard of.
In Part II, LaTrice Montgomery discusses why blunts are more dangerous that other forms of marijuana consumption, why they are more popular among African Americans and the addictive properties of marijuana.