Francesco Vallania, Alex Luo, and Peggie Cheung join the show to discuss their recent study exploring epigenetics and the environment's effect on agning immune systems.
Joe discusses the intellectual dishonesty of the right using Kanye West's support of Donald Trump as some sort of intellectual turning point.
Eric Curtin (@dubstep4dads) joins the show to discuss FuckJerry's recent Shorty Awards win and the problems content stealing accounts pose to original content creators.
Rich Hanley returns to discuss the NFL Draft's significance to the league,  the role of social media in draft coverage, saturation of mock drafts, and more.
Dr. Steve Billet returns to discuss Trump's North Korean negotiations, James Comey's book promotion, and Sean Hannity's close connection to Trump and Michael Cohen. Dr. Steve Billet is the Director…
It took just two days for Kanye West’s Twitter comeback to go from cute to alt-light.
The movie subscription service’s rapid growth has left some customers in the dust—including me.
Carrie Cuttler joins the show to discuss her recent study exploring the effects of cannabis use on anxiety, depression, and stress through user self-reporting and observational data. 
Joe discusses (and laughs at) the Washington Post article about Donald Trump's lies to get onto the "Forbes 400" list in the early-1980s.
How far will ICE go to avoid constitutionality and detain immigrants? Eoin Higgins joins the show to discuss ICE's subversive and brutal tactics under the Trump and Obama administrations.
In Part II, Dr. Michael Smith discusses stress management, the importance of putting your phone away, developing a sleep program, and more.
The Infowars anchor's conspiracy peddling landed him in a lawsuit with his boss.
Dr. Michael Smith joins the show to discuss his role with Life Extension, different types of stress management, and living with elevated cortisol levels.
Joshua M. Bernstein joins the show to discuss his new book Homebrew World, how homebrewing has revolutionized beer culture, watching homebrewers succeed, and more.
Tracking the ‘Full Metal Jacket’ drill instructor’s second life on the internet.
In Part II, Scott Roehm explains the potential repercussions if Gina Haspel is approved as CIA Director and why the "following orders" defense is bogus.
When tragedy strikes, the ugliness of the internet lays itself bare.
CVT's Scott Roehm joins the show to discuss his organization's opposition of Gina Haspel's nomination for CIA Director, citing her operational role in the intelligence agency's now-defunct torture program.
Fellow BTRtoday staff writer Taia Handlin joins the show to discuss Paul Ryan's particularly ugly voting record on reproductive rights, as well as the implications of his retirement.
The FBI raided the office of Donald Trump's personal lawyer Michael Cohen. What might Cohen know about Trump? How worried should the president be? Dr. Steve Billet returns to discuss that and more.
Splinter's David Uberti joins the show to discuss secrecy of the Amazon HQ bidding war and the trouble local media outlets have in getting information about the bids.
Buzzfeed's Jane Lytvynenko joins the show to discuss the growing problem of Twitter hoaxes and misinformation in the wake of tragedies and shootings like the one at YouTube HQ on Tuesday.
Kate Knibbs joins the show to discuss her recent piece about CBD products, misinformation surrounding them, murky legal status, and more.
The legendary reality series returns, but its characters have changed quite a bit.
Matt Breunig’s independent think tank is gaining support and making waves.
In part II, Ben Friedman discusses the experience of debating John Bolton and speculates about the U.S.'s military future in Syria.
Ben Friedman joins the show to discuss his criticisms of John Bolton, Trump surrounding himself with interventionists, and whether to expect U.S. military conflict.
Melissa Molomo joins the show to discuss her Instagram-famous dog Clyde, misconceptions about American bullies, and her dog collar company, Bullies&Co.
Instead of trying to make people laugh, maybe Arie should try shutting up and going away.