In Part II, David Wayne tells us why The Political Compass is completely anonymous, how it differs from common personality tests, the importance of a personal political assessment, and more.
David Wayne joins the show to discuss The Political Compass, why “left” and “right” are economic terms, how American political discussion is different from that in other democracies, and more.
Joe fits in a weekly rundown episode to discuss Donald Trump’s battle with the NFL, the patriotism of anthem-kneeling protests, and how the president is intentionally dividing the country along its most significant institutions.
In Part II, Dave Rand discusses the difficulties in keeping up with fake news, Facebook’s potential solutions, and how much onus is on people consuming media.
On Monday, hundreds of protesters, many from the disability rights organization ADAPT, lined up early to oppose the Graham-Cassidy bill.
Dave Rand joins the show to discuss his recent study about the effects of fact checking and verifying news articles on social media sites like Facebook.
On the Weekly Rundown, Joe discusses his faux-cover letter for Infowars and James Damore’s dumb Twitter poll.
After getting fired from Google for weird sexism, James Damore gives bizarre racism a try.
Mia Costa joins the show to discuss her recent study on how voters perceived their Congressional representatives based on gender and party.
Carryl Baldwin joins the show to discuss her recent study about daydreaming while driving and why it’s so easy to lose focus behind the wheel.
I want to bathe in liberal tears and pure, unadulterated truth. I want to work for Infowars.
Mary Kosuth joins the show to discuss her research on microplastics in tap water and her involvement with the Orb Media investigation.
A new investigation found that 94 percent of water tested in the United States was contaminated with plastics. Even the lowest contamination rates—found among European countries—clocked in at a whopping 72 percent.
Elena and Joe recap their time at This Is Real, an immersive horror experience in New York City.
Joe discusses the White House’s reaction to Jemele Hill’s tweets and why it’s problematic for the administration to dictate political speech.
Dr. Steve Billet returns to discuss President Trump’s handling of Hurricanes Harvey & Irma, response to the White House’s DACA decision, talk of tax reform, and more.
To be honest, jail is probably the best place for Shkreli, a world-renowned douchebag best known for increasing the price of a critical AIDS medication to $750 per pill.
The idea is that people pick up what they need, pay with their smartphone (or some other technologically annoying way that hasn’t caught on yet), and keep moving. No human contact necessary.
Chris Tyree joins the show to discuss Orb Media’s investigation into micro plastics in the drinking water of more than a dozen countries across the globe.
Taia and Joe discuss their recent articles about the girl who called an InfoWars reporter “a f*king idiot” and the guy who played a piano in public to get his ex back.
After watching this approximately 12,573 times, I still can’t decide on my favorite part of the video.
Todd McElroy joins the show to discuss his study exploring the correlation between thinking and physical activity.
Francis Shen joins the show to discuss his recent study exploring minority mens rea in an effort to reduce racial bias in courtrooms.
For a guy not running for president, he’s sure doing a lot of things that a guy running for president would do.
In Part II, Mimi Tang discusses the optimism surrounding immunotherapy treatments for food allergies and the type of impact her trial’s results could have.
Mimi Tang joins the show to discuss her recent study on immunotherapy for children with peanut allergies, which yielded encouragingly positive results.
An excerpt from Hillary’s new book polarizes the BTRtoday editorial staff
William Cheung joins the show to discuss his recent study exploring how climate change could shrink multiple species of fish by 20 to 30 percent.
Pro football continues to fumble prosecution of domestic violence.
Jeff Leisawitz joins the show to discuss his new book “Not F*ing Around: The No Bullshit Guide for Getting Your Creative Dreams Off the Ground.”
Fellow BTRtoday staff writer Taia Handlin joins Joe to discuss their recent pieces for the site having to do with enjoyable but sexist entertainment personalities.