Joe Virgillito
Terry Clower joins the show to discuss WalletHub's recent ranking of the best- and worst-run cities in the United States.
Mooch, we hardly knew ye.
Joe discusses the tumultuous week with the Trump administration, including the transgender military ban, failed healthcare vote, and Scaramucci antics.
Dr. Steve Billet returns to discuss the healthcare vote, Trump's treatment of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and how the transgender military ban doubles as a political distraction.
Celinda Lake joins the show to discuss her firm's recent report which projects 40 million fewer Americans will vote in 2018 elections.
Marc Meredith joins the podcast to discuss the results of his 2016 study on double voting in U.S. presidential elections and the larger national conversation about voter fraud.
Marty West joins the show to discuss his recent study exploring the effects of test-based retention of 3rd graders in Florida.
Pet obesity rates have skyrocketed over the past decade, up 160 to 170 percent in dogs and cats. The reasons may surprise you.
Joe tackles Sean Spicer's surprise resignation, Trump's New York Times interview, presidential pardons, and how Trump might end up impeaching himself.
Dan Ikenson discusses NAFTA renegotiations, the status of the TPP, and the potential consequences of Trump's presidency in terms of America's global leadership.
The Juice will soon be loose again, just in time for Americans to be inundated with more of our favorite (allegedly) murderous running back. It’s been nine years since he was put away and the world’s changed plenty, but America can’t get enough of O.J. Both the FX drama and ESPN mega-documentary about him won Emmys, and Vegas sports books are looking to profit off his parole hearing. In this new media landscape where Twitter can’t make money and Facebook is for old people, there’s no end to what O.J. might do next. Here are a few possibilities and their odds to boot: Twitch Streamer (100-to-1) I would watch old O.J. Simpson figure out how to play video games for hours on end. Especially Grand Theft Auto. YouTube Personality (50-to-1) Picture O.J., smartphone horizontal on his car dashboard, ranting about news stories that ticked him off. Tacking on an over/under of eight times he tells young black men to “pull their damn pants up” for extra betting fun. Netflix Series (20-to-1) The streaming service isn’t above shoveling nostalgic crap into subscribers’ laps (see: Fuller House). But since “The People vs. O.J. Simpson” is already on Netflix, he’d have to go in a different direction. How about an animated series about opening a juicery in Brooklyn? I’ve got pitches, Juice—let’s talk. Syndicated Column (14-to-1) It’s like writing a book, but requires less work and thought. If David Brooks can write about how poor people don’t know salami, surely O.J. can crank out some interesting anecdotes about spaghetti and lasagna dinners in prison. Maybe he can even pick up a crime beat to advise convicted felons on how he would’ve done it. Book Deal (6-to-1) This one’s a no-brainer. O.J. could get into the grisliest details of his prison sentence, like his service as softball commissioner. Hell, maybe he can parlay that into a job with the MLB. Nothing puts heads in the pages or butts in the seats like the Juice. Original Podcast (5-to-2) If you don’t think the “If I Did It” podcast would leapfrog “Serial” and “This American Life” within its first week, you haven’t been paying attention. Reality TV Show (2-to-1) Who are we kidding? O.J.’s post-prison life is made-for-reality TV. It can be kitschy—Who Wants to Marry a Murderer? has a nice ring to it—or simple. Get a bunch of cameras to follow him around Kardashian-style. In fact, stick him in the time slot right before Keeping Up With the Kardashians and E! has its next five years of primetime locked up (pun 1,000 percent intended). Seacrest out.
The average number of tobacco incidents per movie has reached near-historic highs.
Dan Ikenson returns to discuss President Trump's impact on America's global trade and overall leadership.
Joe continues his conversation with Dr. Stanton Glantz about the importance of making smoking restricted content in movies, and why arguments of artistic integrity don't exactly hold up.
Dr. Stanton Glantz joins the show to discuss the influence of smoking in movies, the recent rise in tobacco incidents in youth rated films, and how changing the ratings could help.
Joe discusses Donald Trump Jr.'s Russian lawyer meeting, the continued bashing of Hillary Clinton, and the hypocrisy of Trump surrogates.
Pete Currie joins the show to discuss his recent findings and pioneering research in the area of stem cells and replacement organs.
Dr. Kirk Breuninger joins the show to discuss Banfield Pet Hospital's State of Pet Health 2017 Report and why obesity rates are on the rise among American pets.
BTRtoday's own Elena Childers joins the show to discuss her crazy weekend traveling with Stuyedeyed for Send It Week.
Christie wasn’t bad at talking shop. But as in his previous job, politics remains his biggest problem.
Dr. Steve Billet returns to discuss expectations and potential outcomes from the G20 summit, as well as President Trump's ongoing war with the media.
Joe discusses CNN's reaction to Trump's wrestling gif tweet, the glut of information available nowadays, and why we as individuals are responsible for cutting through it.
Dr. Patricia Conrod joins the show to discuss her recent study exploring the link between marijuana use and psychotic-like experiences in adolescents.
Dr. Natasha Karp joins the show to discuss her recent study on sexual dimorphism, or the under-representation of women in medical research studies and trials.
Thalia Gonzalez joins the show to discuss the groundbreaking new study "Girlhood Interrupted," how perceptions of black girls differ starkly from those of their white peers, and how this problem can be acknowledged and solved.
Dr. Michael Cusimano joins the show to discuss his recent study on concussion protocols during the 2014 World Cup and the prevalence of head injuries in soccer.
A definitive list of the best grilling foods available for your Fourth of July barbecue.
The NRA's new ad is scary and strange: what's behind it?