Joe Virgillito
Dr. Darcia Narvaez offers a counter to the idea that contemporary humanity is less violent than its ancestors.
Dr. Darcia Narvaez joins the show to discuss the impact of early childhood development and how contemporary parenting practices have normalized "species atypicality."
People had a lot of fun making clever signs, so BTR rounded up some favorites from NYC, DC and Cali!
Joe dispatches his final thoughts on the Women's March, discusses the lack of faith in the Democratic Party, and reads an excerpt from his piece on BTRtoday.
Even without complete cohesion, the women's marches provided a glimmer of hope for the scattered American progressive movement.
Joe speaks with Mary Sheehy and discusses Trump's recent immigration actions with BTRtoday social media director Irina Groushevaia.
Joe speaks with Steve Strauss of the Freedom Socialist Party and reflects on the scope of the Women's March.
At the Women's March on Washington, Joe speaks artist Coralina Meyer about her nationwide underwear audit and visible patriot Ian Broverman about the importance of respecting your fellow Americans.
Mother and business owner Hillary Kelbick joins the show to discuss organizing a bus for the Women's March on Washington, initial concerns about the event's organization, and the importance of protest.
On a special edition of the Daily Beat, Joe discusses coming changes in the show's format. Later, BTR editor Zach Schepis joins the show to talk about attending the Women's March on Washington.
Donald Trump takes office as the 45th President of the United States of America, but his administration could tread into murky waters when it comes to Constitutional law.
Dr. Steve Billet discusses faith in General James "Mad Dog" Mattis as a Trump-checker and the potential impact of the President-elect's Twitter behavior.
Dr. Steve Billet joins the show to discuss attitudes toward the inauguration in Washington and growing concerns over President-elect Donald Trump's potential ties to Russia.
Trent England discusses the origins of the Save Our States project and the importance of educating both legislators and citizens about federalism.
Trent England discusses how the elimination of the Electoral College would affect our political system, including the way campaigns are formed and run.
Robert Hardaway discusses what the American political system might look like without the Electoral College.
BTRtoday sits down with Trent England of the Save Our States Project to talk about the importance of the Electoral College and what the United States might look like without it.
Robert Hardaway talks about the lack of understanding about the Electoral College amongst the American public, as well as common arguments made against it.
Robert Hardaway discusses how the Electoral College is intrinsically intertwined with the Constitution, including the existence of the U.S. Senate.
The move would shake up the football world while simultaneously ruining the players' lives.
Dr. John C. Eastman discusses arguments against the Electoral College and the odds of moving toward a popular vote electoral system.
Dr. John C. Eastman discusses how the Electoral College was proposed and implemented, its validity in our modern political environment, and the dangers of majority tyranny.
Benjamin Friedman discusses the oddity of Donald Trump's connections to Russia and whether they're cause for concern, as well as what decades-old defense deals might look like during and after a Trump presidency.
BTRtoday sits down with Dr. Zuhdi Jasser to discuss the prevalence of theocracy in the Muslim world and what he hopes will lead to widespread reform in Islam.
Benjamin Friedman discusses why it's so hard to predict an incoming president's foreign policy and why he believes Donald Trump will be "conventionally hawkish."
Benjamin Friedman explains the bipartisan foreign policy that has dictated American foreign relations since the end of World War II.
Sources confirm it's neither his wife's birthday or his childhood mutt, Rodney.
Dr. Zuhdi Jasser discusses the need for Islamic reform and his thoughts on Muslims in Trump's America.
Dr. Zuhdi Jasser talks about founding the American Islamic Forum for Democracy and the Muslim Reform Movement, and discusses why he believes Islamism is incompatible within a secular society.
BTRtoday staffers reflect on both their doubts and best wishes for 2017.