Joe Virgillito
BTRtoday writer and podcaster Taia Handlin joins the show to discuss gender identity, common misconceptions therein, and the recent removal of federal protections of transgender students in schools.
Eila Mell returns for a recap of the Oscars and explains the show's significance in the fashion world.
Inspired by the lies of President Trump, staffers here at BTRtoday delved into their memories and shared times in their lives when they decided to opt for some creative truth-telling.
Joe discusses Donald Trump's recent comments about increasing the U.S.'s nuclear arsenal and mass deportations as a "military operation."
BTRtoday interviews longtime technology journalist and author Brad Stone about the recent wave of corporate social awareness from tech companies.
Peter Ross Range returns to discuss the eeriness of Trump's National Security Council shakeups and the robustness of American democracy in preventing an authoritarian/fascist takeover.
Peter Ross Range joins the show to discuss Hitler's rise, the psychology of the strongman, and the Trump administration's delegitimization of the press and how it compares to Hitler's in Nazi Germany.
Go on, click, I dare you. Please.
Brad Stone is back to discuss corporate activism and social awareness and whether our consumer choices are becoming increasingly political.
Author Brad Stone joins the show to discuss his new book "The Upstarts: How Uber, Airbnb, and the Killer Companies of the New Silicon Valley are Changing the World."
Fashion writer Eila Mell joins the show to close out New York Fashion Week, discussing trends and changes in the industry, social media's effect on fashion, the emergence of bloggers as influencers, and much more.
Alison Désir discusses her 200+ mile run, the appeal of cross country fundraising campaigns, and what the future holds for Run4AllWomen and her activism.
In an era of severe media distrust, watchdog organizations like FAIR are holding news outlets accountable to their audiences.
Alison Désir joins the show to discuss the Run4AllWomen project, raising money for Planned Parenthood, and running from New York to Washington, D.C.
The participants shook hands and even smiled and laughed with one another while cleaning up.
Joe offers comments on Michael Flynn's resignation as National Security Adviser. Then, Taia Handlin of BTR's Juicy Bits joins the show to discuss her column and podcast.
ReQuest Model Management art director Jordana Kozyreff joins the show to discuss her busy schedule during New York Fashion Week and its significance in the fashion industry.
Joe comments on some of the biggest stories in the news over the past week, from the Patriots improbable comeback in Super Bowl LI, protests and riots at UC Berkeley, and pushback on Trump's travel ban.
Extinction isn't just for dinosaurs anymore--according to scientists, the Earth is undergoing its sixth mass extinction, which could spell trouble for the planet.
We continue our conversation with Dr. Steve Billet, who discusses Trump's controversial cabinet picks, Democratic obstructionism, and the use of executive orders.
Dr. Steve Billet joins the show to discuss the early weeks of the Trump administration, from White House leaks to heavy press criticism.
After five championships, the Patriots' QB aims to transcend time and space.
Anthony Barnosky explains how long mass extinction has been a problem and why the issue is so easily forgotten and glossed over.
Anthony D. Barnosky of the Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve at Stanford University joins the show to discuss the Earth's current period of mass extinction and why it's so concerning.
Joe discusses different aspects of the big game, including commercial and ticket prices, crazy prop bets, and the actual matchup between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons.
By simply absorbing news coverage of crime and violent conflicts, it's easy to conclude that humans are incorrigibly brutal creatures with little sanctity for life and even less hope for progress.
Jim Naureckas of FAIR discusses the importance of media watch organizations, the increased power of the media, and why skepticism is healthy for both journalists and consumers.
Jim Naureckas, editor of, joins the show to discuss searching for bias in media and the role of media watchdog organizations.
The exact venue of the date, which won't happen, is yet to be determined.