In May, Jordan Grafman (Northwestern University) joined the show to discuss his study on the cognitive roots of religious fundamentalism and his belief that the debate of belief systems will determine humanity's future.
An army of lackeys kept the liberal tears flowing through a crazy year.
In May, Darren Samuelsohn (Politico) joined the show to discuss covering the White House, the palace intrigue surrounding the early days on the Trump administration, and the unpredictability of the president.
In March, world renowned economist Jeffrey Sachs joined the show to discuss his new book, the importance of sustainable development, and his faith in younger generations.
In August, Adam Johnson (FAIR Media Watch, L.A.Times, Alternet) joined the show to discuss the lack of context surrounding American media coverage of North Korea and how major news organizations never portray the United States as a military aggressor.
Back in August, Shea Serrano (Basketball (and Other Things), The Rap Yearbook, The Ringer) joined the show to discuss the process of writing a book, using Twitter as a tool, and more.
Julie Kliegman joins the show to discuss her piece about mental health access for college athletes.
The 1st of our 2-part review of 2017. Charles Hinshaw and Joe Virgillito on ‘The Disaster Artist.’ Performances from two of the best BTR Live Studio sessions of the year.
In Part IV, Tanner relates her obligations to her team to that of work, and discusses the importance of normalizing mental health conversations and treatment for student athletes.
In Part III, Tanner discusses the difficulty of talking about problems with friends, how her goals shifted, and universal frustrations among student athletes.
Breaking down the weirdness of the most common holiday customs
In Part II, Tanner talks about the added stressors of college and the mental health apparatus that was available to her at Quinnipiac University.
In Part I, Tanner discusses her packed schedule as a student athlete and the pressure to put volleyball above school.
It's the content gift that keeps on giving.
In Part II, Ellen Hahn discusses the economic motivation for strong smoking laws and the progress of smoking research and legislation in the United States.
Ellen Hahn joins the show to discuss her recent study exploring the link between strong anti-smoking laws and lung cancer rates.
Sam Gosling joins the show to discuss his recent study exploring the connection between weather and personality.
Important things to remember about the Alabama special election.
In Part II, Dr. Steve Billet discusses the enormity of the Trump-Russia saga and how strong, loud presidential opposition could be America's new norm, no matter who's in the Oval Office.
For the final time in 2017, Dr. Steve Billet joins the show to discuss the wild year in politics, rethinking American exceptionalism, and how recent sexual assault and harassment allegations could end up empowering women in politics.
Stephen Gilman joins the show to discuss his recent studying exploring the transmission of mental illness to children of people who have suffered childhood trauma of their own.
In Part II, Jacob Vigil discusses motivations for medical cannabis as a pain treatment and further research required to broadly accept it.
Jacob Vigil joins the show to discuss his recent study exploring medical cannabis as a treatment for chronic pain patients instead of prescription opioids.
The gutless senator outdid himself once again.
Mara Faccio joins the show to discuss her recent study exploring the effects of distracted driving, specifically relating to smartphone applications and games like Pokemon GO.
Fellow BTRtoday staff writer Taia Handlin joins the show to discuss Geraldo Rivera's unsightly tweets and weird behavior over the years.
The story behind the greatest bad movie ever is as great as advertised
Solgaard uses the power of the sun to take the hassle out of travel
Joe provides a recap of some of the worst political hypocrisy of the week, including senators Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz.