A Brooklyn-based massage therapist has a special offer to help relieve people of their Donald Trump-related anxiety.
Despite its inherent intensity, high intensity interval training demonstrates potential benefits to patients with congestive heart failure.
Online marketplaces for human breast milk tout the beverage as a healthy dairy alternative, but these claims are grounded in false science and almost mythic belief.
The same technology and routines developed to combat loss of bone density in astronauts can also help millions of osteoporosis patients.
Organizations like CounterPAC are working to temper the influence of big money in elections, a difficult task in a post-Citizens United political climate.
Despite its widespread prevalence, youth sports specialization has been found to hamper children’s athletic development, both physically and psychologically.
Some of the world’s greatest minds, from Einstein to Aristotle, found inspiration in the state of consciousness between wakefulness and sleep.