BTRtoday speaks with Dr. Jeffrey Long about his findings in investigating near-death experiences and founding the Near Death Research Experience Foundation (NDERF).
The spectacle of national elections has turned into never-ending reality television on steroids. Is it any surprise that a former reality star could actually win the White House?
A collaborative analysis conducted by international researchers found that obesity causes premature death, and the risks of mortality related to obesity are much higher in men.
Not long ago, electric cars were a novelty, but now they’re the clear path of the future. BTRtoday speaks with Electric Car Insider editor Christopher Alan about the future of the electric automotive market and why electric is destined to overtake gas.
Congressional Republicans have done a stellar job blocking legislation and court nominations during the Obama administration. Is there any chance this record of inactivity and partisanship will hurt them in coming elections?
The BioRing is a forthcoming fitness tracker designed to monitor everything from sleep quality to calorie intake, all from your finger.
BTRtoday explores the origins and success of the word cool and how the development and use of slang is innate to our linguistic nature.
Relations between the United States and Russia have been icy of late. BTRtoday explores the dynamics of this relationship and whether the two global giants are headed for—or already in—another period of cold war.
The athletic exercise training program CrossFit emerged in the earlier 2000s and experienced an enormous boon in popularity, but it certainly has its physical downsides.
Desalination of ocean water may soon be a key facet of human survival. Italian think tank PNAT’s response is the Jellyfish Barge: self-sustaining cultivation systems that look like giant jellies.
BTRtoday speaks with Benjamin Friedman of the Cato Institute about whether the United States’ hyper-interventionist foreign policy is sustainable in the long term.
Combining the exercises and stretching of yoga, Pilates, and ballet, barre classes are growing in popularity.
Oil spills are slow-churning environmental disasters, but unless they’re enormous, the media is nowhere to be found.