Marie Nougier is back about the popularity of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte and efforts to help change the people’s perspective on fighting drugs.
Marie Nougier discusses the adverse effects of the United States War on Drugs and talks about some of the harshest drug policies around the world.
Marie Nougier of the IDPC discusses the extreme approach of Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte’s drug war.
A study conducted by international technology security firm AV-Test found that many popular fitness trackers have glaring security issues.
Pokemon Go has swept the globe into a whir of augmented reality gaming the likes of which has never been seen—but it comes with privacy implications that simply can’t be ignored.
Libertarian author and commentator Todd Seavey discusses the rise of libertarianism in mainstream American politics and its viability as a political philosophy.
Libertarian author and commentator Todd Seavey joins The Daily Beat to discuss Rand Paul’s unsuccessful run in the Republican primaries and compare modern American libertarianism with other libertarian movements throughout history.
Libertarian commentator and author Todd Seavey discusses his waning faith in democracy and analyzes the U.S. Constitution from a libertarian point of view.
BTRtoday speaks with Rory Aronson, CEO of about his company’s new home farming robot and the rising popularity of growing produce at home.
Political commentator and author Todd Seavey joins The Daily Beat to discuss what a libertarian government–or lack thereof–might look like in the United States.
We chat with Todd Seavey about the core principles of libertarianism and get a glimpse into what a libertarian society might look like.
BTRtoday speaks with Dr. Melody Ding about a study she co­-authored measuring the estimated economic cost of physical inactivity related illnesses and conditions.
It might seem harmless, but sugar can induce similar chemical reactions in the brain as cocaine. How can we recognize and fight addiction when so much of our food contains added sugar?
Short sellers are sometimes portrayed as betting against the greater good, but they play a crucial role in financial markets.
Research suggests that unsaturated fats found in nuts, seeds, fish and vegetable oils can help control blood sugar levels.
In 2001, Portugal decriminalized all drugs within its borders. Since then, the country has witnessed a reduction in drug use, addiction, HIV infection, and prison overcrowding. Could such a radically unfamiliar policy hold water in America?
Libertarianism has made its way into American political consciousness in recent years. What exactly does this political philosophy mean and stand for?
A 45-year study published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology found that low physical capacity was the second leading cause of death behind smoking.
Protests can take on eye-catching forms, from traffic-blocking birthday parties to farmers spraying cow’s milk at police. But no matter the method, it’s the underlying stratagem of the demonstration that matters most.
The United States Constitution is often held up by Americans as scripture, but with so many other countries practicing democracy and protecting freedoms of their own, what makes ours so special?
BTRtoday speaks with fitness writer, author, and creator of The Anti-Diet Project Kelsey Miler about rational fitness and developing more sensible, personal health habits.