Joe Virgillito
BTRtoday speaks with synthetic biologist Lisa Nip about the possibilities of using the powers of microbes to improve the human body’s durability in deep space.
Research organization Algalita has organized a number of expeditions into the North Pacific Gyre to study the effect of the tons of plastic that makes its way into the ocean.
Sometimes, eating stuff from the butt ain't so bad after all.
BTRtoday speaks with TRUE Fit founder Tommy Schneider about his upcoming cross country bike ride to promote health and fitness in schools and low-income communities across the country.
Advancing technology like virtual reality is catching up with decades of research that show its benefits for those suffering from phobias and trauma.
A BTRtoday staffer undertakes an experimental practice of Insight Meditation, exploring the struggles it can produce and the benefits it can provide.
How a nightclub can turn into a gym, and vice versa.
What we learn from nude art models and artists who strip away social constructions of the naked body and seek a purity of its aesthetic form.
BTRtoday speaks with sex advice columnist and author Dan Savage about the budding campaign to turn former Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s name into BDSM safe word.
A new mouse model study from the Baylor College of Medicine suggests that a mother’s physical activity while pregnant—not genetics—has the greatest effect on our inclination to exercise.
A recent study found that a global shift to plant-based diets would drastically reduce emissions, cut global costs by trillions of dollars, and save millions of human lives by 2050.
BTRtoday speaks with professor and art therapist Dr. David Gussak about how art therapy helps create safer prison environments and allows those on the inside to establish a sense of identity and individuality in unforgiving settings.
A recent review found the benefits of standing desks to be inconclusive, despite the many studies that advocate their use.
Organizers continue their work to implement harm reduction policies aimed at lessening heroin’s effect on communities, as well as bridging social and racial gaps between users and law enforcement.