2020 In Review! Our last movie chat about something we actually saw in theaters. Music by Kissed By An Animal, Pom Pom Squad, Napoleon da Legend… and El Jezel.
Two immersive movie experiences available to stream now. Plus music by Dominic Lavoie.
Alicia shares the story of how she began 2020 with an extended trip to Los Angeles to test the waters for a potential move from New York City only to be forced to cut the stay short once the COVID-19 pandemic began. She describes the eerie experience of rushing back to NYC to quarantine, as well as what she’s learned from the experience.
David Fincher’s first movie in 6 years and Sofia Coppola goes light… for her. Plus music by The Rizzos.
Two courtroom dramas by Steve McQueen and Aaron Sorkin. Plus music by Jerry David Decicca.