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Grooms and Oneida are both playing Secret Project Robot (different nights). Richard Buckner is at Union Hall. Big Thief’s Adrianne Lenker plays solo. New BTR Live Studio tracks from The Mad Doctors,…
Lots of great new music this week and a tangent or two along the way. Feedback is welcome at (408) SUB-INEV.
Rena and Matt on the kids from Parkland, Florida. Jacqueline Soller on 'Black Panther.’ John Knefel on how Trump’s bans are working. A preview of QTY’s BTR Live Studio session.
A lobster, some peanut butter cups, and a bunch of great new music walk into the podcast studio, and this tangent-laden exploration of new sounds emerges! As always, we welcome your feedback at (408)…
Torah Talk, Pt 3 with Matt Ruby and Charles Gould. Jacqueline Soller on ‘Icarus.’ Molly Knefel on controversial op-eds at the NY Times. Spotlight on the City: Portland.
Lina Tullgren is playing at Alphaville and Three’s Brewing. Strfkr and Reptaliens are playing at Brooklyn Steel. Operator Music Band and Shana Falana are playing at H0L0. Hear them all on…
The new music flow for the year is really getting going now, and we’re getting caught up in it with singles and album tracks from some recent and upcoming releases. Also, somebody had too much…
Matt Ruby and Charles Gould on whether Trump is winning. Charles Hinshaw on ‘A Fantastic Woman.’ John Knefel on conspiratorial thinking and actions of conservatives. Sneak preview of Anna Burch’s BTR Live Studio session.
Your Roadside crew has compiled a list of songs to get you in the mood for Fat Tuesday! Dance down the street, get yourself some beads and let's celebrate Mardi Gras.
Bryan’s back and he brought the tangents. Now with more nuts! Oh, and cool new music for us to listen and react to!
Matt Ruby and Charles Gould on changes to Facebook. Jacqueline Soller on ‘Strong Island.’ Molly Knefel on how Oprah won’t save us in 2020. Sneak preview of The Royal They’s BTR Live Studio session.
Looking ahead to some of the notable movies being released in theaters in February.