J. McVay
Our 2018 Fall Movie Preview. Also, performances from The Black Black’s and Pearl Charles’ upcoming BTR Live Studio sessions.
Toebow and Maia Macdonald are at C’mon Everybody. The New Restaurants are performing as “Taylor Slow” for Covers 4 Causes at the Footlight to race money for RAICES of Texas. Jennifer Castle is…
New singles from Molly Burch, Shannen Moser, and Bobey. Album tracks from new and newish releases by Mike Pace and the Child Actors, Bilge Rat, and AD.UL.T.
We discuss ‘Crazy Rich Asians,’ ‘Madeline’s Madeline,’ and ‘Skate Kitchen.’ Also, a preview of Kittel and Co.’s upcoming BTR Live Studio session.
Football, PSL, leaves changing color... Fall is in the air and we want to celebrate. Kickoff the season with some of your favorite BTR DJs and tracks they've hand selected for this themed mix.
In yet another tangent-filled episode, we manage to squeeze in listening to 6 new (and newish) songs, leaning heavily on a few new releases from record labels previously featured on The Subliminal…
Unite The Right 2 & Covering White Supremacists w/ Rena Karefa-Johnson, Matt Ruby, & J. McVay. Winston Cook Wilson & J. on ‘We The Animals.’ Charles Hinshaw and J. on ‘BlacKkKlansman.’ A performance from Benjamin Jaffe’s upcoming BTR Live Studio session.
Lee's latest film is another bold statement from the iconic but sometimes difficult director. It's also the best film he's made in years.
BTRtoday photographer and videographer, Jeanette D. Moses, is having a 30th birthday party at Our Wicked Lady, featuring 4 bands very familiar to this podcast (LUMPS, The Royal They, Darkwing, Thick).…
Gabriel Birnbaum from Wilder Maker stops by to chat with J about the band’s new single, “Gotta Get My Money,” off their album, Zion, which was just released from Northern Spy Records.
Matt Ruby interviews Starheal Astrology’s Amy Tripp. Charles and J. discuss new movie, ‘Night Moves On.’ A performance from Spouse’s upcoming BTR Live Studio session.
Coffee gets spilled, new singles and album tracks get listened to (and reacted to), and we try to remember when last we heard from Madeline Kenney (it wasn’t that long ago). As always, you can reach…
Our favorite action and/or spy movies. Movie discussions about ‘The Miseducation of Cameron Post’ and ‘Mission: Impossible - Fallout.’ A performance from The Beths’ upcoming BTR Live Studio session.
Reheated Spaghetti has a stacked show at DRTY SMMR for their 2nd Annual summer BBQ. Speedy Ortiz is playing with the Breeders at Celebrate Brooklyn. Chad Valley will be Knitting Factory. And…