Happy New Year!!! This week I have a wonderful guest, Marta Tryshak, amazing digital media guru and creator of the blog With Love Gabrielle!
Happy New Year! This week I predict the hottest travel destinations in 2016 and chat with map expert Jerry Brotton!
BTR catches up with two members of 'Nuf Said, a five-piece, world-touring funk and jazz band based in New York City.
This week we chat with Judy McGuire, author of "How Not to Date" and "Official Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll Book of Lists," and the blog Bad Advise.
’Tis the season to regift that thing you got last season! From pickles to not-weed, BTR staffers talk about the worst gifts they have ever received.
This week I give you a super unique Holiday travel guide and we chat with world traveler Lillie Marshall!
This week we chat with author and creator of the blog Washington Square Park Blog!
This week I chat with the fantastic Erik Gauger, creator of the wonderful travel site Notes From The Road.
BTR catches up with singer-songwriter Alec Chambers to chat about what learning piano on YouTube was like!
This week we get some relationship advice with psychotherapist Elizabeth Reyes-Fournier, author behind the blog CoupleDumb!
This week I tell you all about my amazing vacation to Pass-A-Grille, Florida, and the Coconut Inn, then chat with Amanda Williams, creator of A Dangerous Business.
This week we catch up with architect and illustrator Lauren Hollaway, creator of Viciously Sweet!
BTR accidentally went to a nude resort and shot a bow and arrow.
This week I tell you all about my world foods bucket list, then we chat with famous travel writer Pam Mandel, author behind Nerd's Eye View!
Happy Thanksgiving! This week we catch up with Shannon Dew, Beachbody personal fitness coach and author of the lifestyle blog Life After Dew.
BTR rounds up the best "Mirrorgrams" of of the world!
This week is my super secret winter travel spots, Asia edition! After that we chat with Beth Henry, voice behind Cloud Surfing Kids.
This week we catch up with student and photographer Heath Owens, author behind the blog A Chronic Case of Resfeber!
BTR lists the five best meals in the world that are absolutely worth the plane ticket price to indulge in.
This week I give you my top secret winter travel spots in Europe, then we chat with Brendan Leonard, founder of the outdoor adventure travel website Semi-Rad.
From ouija boards and pagan rituals to run-ins with potential murderers, BTR staffers share their strangest moments. Buckle up, it's going to get weird...again.
BTR staffers share their strangest moments; buckle up because it’s going to get weird. From people peeing in the streets to sleeping on stairways, the world sure is awkward.
BTR chats with Brooklyn-based band Animal Years about recording in a cabin in the woods and where they got their very unusual and awesome name!
This week we chat with Glasgow-based blogger Ayden about her creation Little Blog of Horrors, the truth about selfies, and how to take a compliment!
Super Week - How an online magazine immerses itself in different cultures to unearth buried stories. Founder of The Velvet Rocket sits down to chat with BTR about immersion journalism.
Simple techniques to transform any travel accommodations into a gym using only what’s in your carry-on.
This week I give you the top five best secret travel spots in the U.S., plus we chat with Justin Ames, editor-in-chief of The Velvet Rocket, an online travel magazine dedicated to exploring unique cultures!
This week if you're hung over you're in luck! We chat with Shelley Buchanan, Bloody Mary connoisseur and founder of The Drunken Tomato!
Synergy Week - How climate change means more wine festivals. New research into what attracts millennials to wine has surprising results.
This week we chat about canyoning in Interlochen, Switzerland, plus chat with travel writer, sketch artist and illustrator Candace Rardon, author of The Great Affair.
This week we check in with UK fashion blogger and journalist Emma, author behind the Cosmopolitan partnered blog What Emma Did!
Mystery Week - Magical Mystery Tours will book your next vacation without telling you the details until the airport. BTR sat down with Denise Chaykun to talk about mystery travel and how she and her husband ended up in the French Riviera a few weeks ago.
This week I give you my top five most mysterious places in the world, then we chat with Denise, founder of a tour company that plans mystery vacations!
This week we catch up with Scotland-based blogger Lisa-Marie Ferla, author behind Last Year's Girl!
Fear Week - In honor of the upcoming holiday (which is Halloween not Christmas--by the way--put away the damn music) BTR has scoured the Earth, or at least the internet, to find the scariest places to visit... if you dare!
This week tune in for the five creepiest places on Earth! Then we chat with freelance writer Vera Marie Badertscher, creator of A Traveler's Library!
Illa J, the brother of late hip-hop artist J Dilla, has released his long-awaited, self-titled sophomore album, produced by the Canadian production duo Potatohead People (made up of Nick Wisdom and AstroLogical)--and it is exceptional.
This week we are getting stylish with Rosalia-Marie, Vancouver based fashion blogger and author behind!
Bond Week - As psychology theorist Abraham Maslow posited in his 1943 paper, “A Theory of Human Motivation,” humans have a fundamental need to emotionally connect with one another. Recent research suggests that need might actually be critical to our health, and how experiencing high-stress situations with others can strengthen bonds.
This week i give you the five coolest places to dine in the world, then chat with expert travel hacker Clint Johnston, author behind the popular!
Mobile Week - Food does not have to be stationary to be enjoyed. In fact, the coolest dinners rarely remain in one spot. From Dinner in the Sky to an underwater restaurant, BTR rounds up the five coolest mobile meals.
This week we chat with freelance Chicago-based journalist Robert Loerzel, author behind the music blog The Underground Bee.
This week we talk about what to expect when you're getting ready for a big trip (or any other huge life change), plus chat with professional skydiver Mike Burgess!
Pop Week - Where is it cool to let your whole body shake uncontrollably, hold onto the reigns of an invisible horse and gallop, or find a wall, bend over, and let your hips go insane? The dance floor. From twerking to the Bernie Lean, BTR shares our top five dance moves of the last decade.
This week we catch up with Sally Vincent, author behind the blog Raining Sideways, where she chronicles her life running a farm in the English countryside!
This week we chat with Zach Schepis about his trip to Thailand!! Tune in for some of the best travel stories you'll ever hear!
This week we're chatting with yoga instructor Ruben Vasquez about how to be present, author behind Yoga Is Being Present.
Stress Week - Those who enjoy the challenges of NYC may argue that the competition is beneficial for betterment and that the rewards are ultimately worth the struggle. Here’s how we handle the stress in our own lives.
Stress Week - In case your doctor didn’t tell you (perhaps you're stressed because you don’t have a doctor), living in a state of high stress for an extended period of time is incredibly detrimental to your health. However, a little stress might be good for you.
This week we explore travel through history and chat with art historian Julika, author of the blog Sateless Suitcase! Plus I give you my top five most historically relevant world destinations!
This week we chat with clinical herbologist and clinical nutritionalist Sarah Josey, owner of the Golden Poppy Herbal Apothecary and creator of the blog of the same name.
Fall Week - Mike Burgess, creator of skydiving school Skydive Central New York based in Syracuse, NY, is remarkably down-to-earth (get it?) for a guy who has trusted his life to a parachute just under 17,000 times.
Fall Week - With the drop in temperature, vibrant visual schemes of leaves changing to various shades across the red, yellow, and orange spectrum, plus the absence of mosquitoes, what’s not to love about fall hiking?
This week I share my recent trip to the Connecticut shoreline with you including where to get the best lobster roll in the States, then we chat with Penny Sadler, Italy-lover and author behind the blog Adventures of a Carry On!
There’s a prismatic depth to the sounds of Modern Merchant, the Brooklyn-based indie-rock band who just dropped their second EP, 'Values,' on Aug 29. With it, John Parson, Sydney Weiss, and Jesse Stanford deliver a record that revels in complexity rather than shying away from it; each of the four tracks showcase its own unique compositional maturity.
This week we chat about the best tips for project management with expert Elizabeth Harrin, author of several books on the subject and the blog A Girl's Guide To Project Management.
Open Week - Learning about other people by interacting with them tears down the stereotypes and psychological walls that divide us from one another, and while that is certainly not the only way travel opens your mind, it is perhaps the most important.
This week I am giving you my top five most terrifying destinations in the world, plus we're chatting about the best UNESCO World Heritage sites with traveler and ESL teacher Julio Moreno
Work can be draining; learning can be strenuous. How can you get through these feats efficiently and effectively? BTR staffers have experimented with several strategies, and can profess what works best.
This week we're chatting about cinematic photography with London based photographer Mitch Waite, author behind a blog of the same name that documents his experiences!
Labor Week - We've discovered one more alternative travel option. It pays considerably well and often affords you perks that are probably out of your current pay grade, like luxury resort stays or weeks spent on a yacht. The only catch? Must love kids!
Tune in this week for my top ten last minute Labor Day getaways, plus walking from Edinburgh to London with Hannah Ranken!
Surface Week - There are many reasons for women to put on makeup: to accentuate certain features, to display their mood, or to portray themselves in a certain way. There are as many reasons to wear--or not wear--makeup as there are women. Some women of BTR weigh in on why they don makeup.
This week we catch up with Rhoda Mills, physiotherapist specializing in couples, who authors the blog Relationship Realities!
Surface Week - We so often forget that walking is a viable means of travel--maybe even the best means of travel, but walking long distances just isn’t practical, right? Wrong. BTR chats with two adventurers about walking weeks or months at a time.
BTR staffers discuss the best natural surfaces we’ve come across in our travels, from hiking the soils of a volcano's slope in Costa Rica, to snowboarding down sandy dunes in Colorado, or touring the scenic American West.
This week we chat with Ann Morgan, who read one book from every country in the world in just one year!
Mexican Slang, the punk-ish, psychedelic power trio from Toronto, Ontario, dropped their EP 'Inside the Velvet Castle' in July. BTR chats with band member Annabelle Lee of Mexican Slang about the evolution on her sound and the band’s super strange album art.
This week we get a lesson in expert blog creation with Marko Saric, author behind How To Make My Blog!
At this point in time, the stereotype that food on college campuses is a joke still holds up for many. Tons of schools are serving mass-produced food to their students, and plenty of these same colleges and universities even offer fast food from chains like Dunkin' Donuts and Wendy’s.
School Week - An estimated 250,000 people teach English abroad in over 40,000 schools and yet still the demand is far from filled. Particularly in Asia, schools are hiring year round, and in many cases, a BA is preferred but not required.
This week I give you my top five things that might surprise you about studying abroad plus chat with relocation specialist Kate Yu about choosing the right country for yourself and travel in North Korea!
School Week - Princeton Review dropped its book 'The Best 380 Colleges' yet again for 2016. BTR staffers take a look at their alma maters’ rankings, both good and bad, and take a walk down memory lane.
Excess Week - Everyone has certain things we can't get enough of. In honor of Excess Week here on BTR, some of the staffers disclose items, people, or pastimes that they love almost to the point of excess.
This week we chat about social media with author Brandon Mendelson, author behind The Brandon Show and social media expert.
Excess Week - Host of Twenty-Something Traveler, Jess Goulart, shares her (nearly patented) guide for paring down your luggage to the absolute minimum. Color schemes, e-readers, and weather forecasts are some of her tips to help travelers pack light.
This week I'm teaching you my travel light tree, plus we're chatting urban exploration with Dr. J of Sidewalk Safari!
This week we catch up with Chef Kevin Ashton to talk about food, cooking for royalty, and life as a chef!
This week I give you my top five tips for being happy at home, plus chat with world wanderer Mac Fox, who currently teaches English in Japan!
This week we get gutsy with author Sonia Marsh.
BTR travels to one of Social Media Director Jess Goulart's favorite spots in Manhattan, a gastropub called The Wayland down in Alphabet City. The bar serves up impressive cocktails and local fare.
Buzz Week - Dalene Heck, one of 'National Geographic’s Travelers of the Year for 2014, tells BTR she and her husband Pete decided to travel the world permanently. The Hecks learned that caring for locals’ homes is an inexpensive and intimate way to see a location.
This week we chat with one of my all-time favorite travel writers and winner of last year's National Geographic Traveler of the Year Award: Dalene Heck.
BTR catches up with Brooklyn-based label Miscreant Records founder Jeannette Wall to chat about what it means to unapologetically be yourself. Free-spiritedness is Miscreant’s most pervasive characteristic: a bright streak that runs boldly through their zine, shows, and bands.
This week we explore open marriage with the couple Matthew and Jane who, after seven years of romantic commitment, decided to try polyamory.
Roots Week - The concept of home is an integral part of human identity. For starters, where we come from is one of the first identifiers used when meeting new people, and it instantly conjures up location-dependent assumptions. As such, homelessness has effects on a person's identity.
This week we chat with Lisa Autz, host of The Daily Beat here at BTR, about her recent trip to Portugal to discover her heritage!
This week we get a lesson in building successful start ups with consultant Roy Povarchik, author behind the blog of the same name!
The Australian version of 'MasterChef' trumps the American version in every way. It's more inventive, more interesting, and far more full of talent. But most importantly, it omits the oh-so-annoying teardown culture that American reality TV hangs its hat on.
This week we sit down with BTR's own Zach Schepis to hear tales from his travels in Thailand -- and they are AWESOME.
This week we explore nutrition with health coach Linda Wilcox, plus the but-brain connection!
Birthday Week - Honoring a person’s day of birth with some form of shenanigans dates back to antiquity. From pulled ears to evil clowns, explore birthday traditions from around the world!
This week I give you my top five things to do on your birthday (one of which will surprise you!) plus we learn how to write a good travel story with author Mike Sowden.
BTR catches up with Utica, New York based garage pop band Comfy for a lesson in fighting writer’s block. Comfy’s founder, lead singer, and guitarist Connor Benincasa talks about their upcoming EP 'Good Luck' and the band's ever-changing line-up.
This week we're exploring the Ultimate Vanilla Cupcake (and other amazing baked goods) with Stefani Pollack, author behind the delicious blog The Cupcake Project!
Made in the USA Week - This country is a veritable patchwork of contrasting geography and people, and whether you’re just visiting or you call it home, the only way to really conceptualize the stark cultural differences across each of our 50 states is to witness them in person.
This week I give you my best tips for a great road trip, plus chat with long-term travelers Brian and Shannon Schmidt about how they do it, and how you can too!
This week we explore what it is like to live with anxiety with Dallas McDonald, author behind the blog Scatter Brain Rants.
This week we get expert travel photography tips with photographer Laurence Norah, plus my top five tips to rocking fan events!
You won’t believe the raw power of the garage rock band Winstons. BTR catches up with Lou Nutting and Ben Brock Wilkes who make up the garage soul duo shredding up New York City.
This week we talk going vegan with Hannah Ellis, author of Oops! I'm a Vegan!
Relationship Week - When you’re 22 and you pack a backpack for a post-grad tour through Europe, and your parents ask what one of your major travel priorities is, you probably won’t say “sex.” Travel and sex often go hand in hand; here's how to play it safe and have fun.
This week I give you my top five tips for traveling as a couple, the first of which is DON'T! Then we chat with designer Sha Sha Feng about how maps construct identity!
This week we are talking about literature with the author of the Internet's longest running lit blog: Literary Kicks. We cover the evolution of the written word, the social issues being discussed in today's literature, and which author's we should be paying more attention to.
Rain Week - A new travel company guarantees a sunny wedding by bursting out the clouds. It's quite expensive, but is weather control really so ridiculous compared to all the other extravagant marriage practices out there?
This week I give you my top three things to do in rain forests, plus we get tips, tricks and stories from the road from world wanderer Alex Salamanca!
BTR chats with Peter Kegler from California surf rock group, Babewatch. Kegler talks about how these guys are not very serious, and reveals how they got their band's name.
This week we chat with amateur astronomer and photographer of the cosmos Phil Ostroff about the great big sky above us!
Throwback Week - Intrinsically, maps can’t ever be 100 percent objective. Modern day cartographers discuss the subjectivity of maps and how history and technology affect the mapping practice.
This week I explore letting go of home and travel FOMO with wellness coach Diana Michele.
Today we chat with full time killer whale watcher Jeanne Hyde, author behind Whale of a Purpose!
This week we chat with a man who is cycling the globe, plus I give you my top tips for leveraging social media to build an audience for your travel blog!
If ever there was an artist capable of convincing you to “Remember The Highs”, it’s UK singer-songwriter Lucy Hill. BTR caught up Hill, who performs under the moniker Little Lapin, to chat about what has changed for her since her last Tune Up feature a year ago.
This week we catch up with astronomer Dr. Jeff Mangum to answer every question about stars!
Blacklist Week - What's it like to live in a town called Effin, Intercourse, or Dildo? BTR explores the naughty names of towns to give a taste of the experience.
This week we talk about the realities of solo travel with Laura Walker Scott of Roam Far And Wide!
This week we are chatting with author Sarah Lohman who studies the history of 19th and 18th century American recipes!
Hazards Week - Can you take an excursion to the moon instead of a foreign country? Private companies are currently troubleshooting these hazards of space travel.
This week we fight post-vacation blues and talk Thailand travel with Third Eye Weekly host Zach Schepis!
BTR sits down with the two founding members of Austin-based rock group Sweet Spirit. Andrew Cashen and Sabrina Ellis chat about their upcoming album, the evolution of rock and roll, and soundproof writing boxes.
This week we're chatting with Erin Cronican, an actor, singer, and director based in New York whose blog The Erin Cronicals explores the lightness and darkness of being human.
This week we chat with Michelle Reimann, author of Lights, Camera, Travel, about how travel changes us and how she became a missing person for three days!
This week we chat with best-selling author Stacy Juba about Characters at a Crossroads!
Nerd Week - In much the same way gadgets are changing our day-to-day lives, new nerd-generated devices are changing the way we see the world. Here's how Periscope, cinematic virtual reality, and other technologies have irrevocably shaped travel.
This week we take a look at the top nerdy travel destinations and sit down with Jaunt, makers of cinematic virtual reality!
Brooklyn-based producer Richie Quake’s new aptly named single, “Slow Down”, is the type of track you put on when you’re deflating from a rager in the wee hours of the morning or basement chillin’ with some whiskey after a long day. BTR sits down with Richie Quake to expand on the definition of "dark pop" and annoy him to release an EP.
This week we're catching up with cartoonist Bridgett Spicer, author of Squid Row Comics!
This week we explore virtual travel with Dr. Linchi Kwok, assistant professor at The Collins College of Hospitality Management!
This week we chat with Romanian artist Domokos about his work on Bread Blog!
Care Week - The fear of flying is called aviophobia and the National Institute of Mental Health estimates about 20 million Americans suffer from it. Compassionate flight crews might make the experience more tolerable for the anxious passengers.
A new pet monitoring system called Petcube allows you to stream a video of your furry friend right to your phone. It can also share videos of your pet with other loved ones.
This week we chat with Jason Antin of Gociety, a company dedicated to connecting outdoor adventurers!
BTR sits down with indie-rockers Hippo Campus, of Minneapolis, MN. Comprised of Jake Luppen, Zach Sutton, Nathan Stocker, and Whistler Allen, the band has made a splash in less than two years. Luppen and Sutton talk about origin stories and their songwriting process on 'Bashful Creatures'.
This week we chat about the beautiful art of creating stamps with stamp museum curator and artist Ginny Lloyd.
Virtual reality technology has gained popularity because of the impending release of the VR headset from Oculus, called the Rift. In 2014, Marriott Hotels launched the Teleporter, which transports users to Hawaii and London using similar tech. So, will virtual tourism replace traveling entirely?
This week we talk the coolest adventure marathons around the world with Albatros Travel!
This week we get inspired to teach with Vicky Davis, author and voice behind Cool Cat Teacher!
Class Week - To make the most out of time off, vacations should be about more than just partying.
This week we chat with prolific travel writer and keynote speaker Doug Lansky and Oaxaca, Mexico, cultural navigator Norma Hawthorne.
The London-based producer is bringing new grace to EDM tropes.
This week we have a laugh with humor blogger Charlie Hatton!
Unprepared Week - Traditional travel guidebooks are becoming irrelevant as the industry evolves.
This week we explore the art of traveling unprepared with author Emily Flynn, then get local eyes on Chicago with Christina of Chritiques!
This week we learn ll about oysters with professional connoisseur Julie Qiu.
Adventure Week - These exciting urban activities will get the blood pumping.
This week we explore travel as an introvert!
BTR chats with James Krivchenia of the nine-piece, Brooklyn-based indie-pop band Happy You.
This week we learn tricks of the social media trade with Ignite Social Media.
A firsthand look into one of the hottest kitchen trends.
New Economy Week - How one secret hotel transformed a fallen city.
This week we're chatting with the founder of Elite Travel Blog, plus tips on budgeting from tweeters, plus local eyes on Puerto Rico!
Because your body gets results!
This week we're going to burger heaven with the author of The Bob's Burgers Experiment!
Secret Week - Think first class is fancy? Well, there's a hush-hush way to fly.
This week we get secrets from locals on their homes, plus catch up with twenty-something traveler Angela!
BTR chats with rising star Brika about the inspiration behind 'Voice Memos.'
This week get prepared for disaster with John Beck, author of Geek Prepper!
Hacking Week - How to earn credit card rewards and travel the world for free.
This week we cover the beat travel hacks plus get local eyes on Paris, France!
This week we learn about the art of creative social media marketing with Dustn.TV!
Selfie Week - TST offers top tips for successful solo travel.
This week we talk vacation selfies (!) and learn about Kitchen Connection.
A can’t miss interview with the bluesman who is blowing up.
This week we're going gluten free with Iowa Girl Eats.
Outlier Week - BTR’s top 10 list of most outlying destinations.
This week we chat social media and travel plus tales from the road with twenty-something traveler Pippa Whishaw!
This week we're sitting down with Aubrey Jenkins, a personal chef in Seattle!
Disruptive Week – A Twenty-Something Traveler tech roundup from the 2015 ‘New York Times’ Travel Show.
This week we chat with the founder of Trail Wallet, talk the New York Travel Fest, and get some local eyes on Denver, Colorado!
The electronica duo Gosh Pith tells BTR what it’s like to live with a Zen Master.
This week we chat Brands + Film with Erik Renko!
College Week - Archaeology students dig their coursework to supplement their academic readings.
This week we chat about travel to Cuba,, and hitchhiking around Europe.
This week we make a mess in the kitchen with The Messy Baker, but it still tastes delicious!
Millennials Week - Social security can kiss my ass, I’m gonna see the world.
This week we learn how to travel on points, plus get local eyes on Croatia!
BTR catches up with the pop-rock duo to chat about pool busts.
This week we talk saving money in a Casual Kitchen with Daniel Koontz!
Inspired Week – The tone and pitch of women’s voices influences whether society perceives them as intelligent.
This week we talk travel fitness, catch up with world champion dancer Michelle Stanek, and get local eyes of Syracuse, New York with Zach Schepis!
This week we're chatting with Lyndi Fultz about what it takes to be an nwaFoodie!
Fitness Week - Here’s how to stay fit even when you travel.
This week we chat with medical student Gaddy Noy about his away rotation in New Zealand, and get local eyes on the Basque Country.
BTR catches up with the experimental pop duo Soft Touch that makes killer dance music.
This week we're chatting with Croatian fashion journalist Sandra!