Jess Goulart
New Year's Week - The best shows around the world to welcome in the New Year.
This week we chat with the dinner sharing organization Purple Dinner, and take a motorcycle tour through India.
This week we chat with Jade Haag, author behind Feminist Snow White, about feminism and fairy tales.
Holiday Week - You won’t find another holiday travel guide like this one.
BTR caught up with the power duo to chat about vampires.
This week we chat with IT & Marketing Specialist Paul O'Flaherty about how to market with social media!
Winter Week - You don’t have to fly to the Bahamas to escape the cold.
This week on TST it's all about NYE - the best parties versus the best secluded spots! Then it's local eyes on Boston with Hell on Heels Girl!
This week Jen Tilley takes us through simplifying your cooking and how to take amazing food photos!
Scarcity Week - One of the defining old school techniques of the genre is disappearing, but why?
BTR caught up with the Kentucky based singer-songwriter to chat about “showing up.”
This week Yissel Ayala of Fashion + Geekery traces the evolution of fashion in comic books!
Comedy Week - How comedy helps to connect disparate cultures.
This week's segment is all about saving money during Holiday travel, plus some very special local eyes from a man who is walking across the globe!
This week we return to Sabrina Rongstad de Bravo, only this time, she's talking cooking with her other blog Sabrina's Latin Kitchen!
Stuffed Week - BTR teaches you how to boost your website’s SEO without attracting Google penalties.
Makeshift Week - Save, don’t spend with BTR’s top 10 travel hack videos!
Musician Isaac Gillespie tells BTR about the time he was on a boat in the Hudson River with Mickey Hart.
BTR watched the new HBO doc ‘Banksy Does New York’, and you should too.
Welcome to Biology of the Blog! This week we're catching up with Sabrina Rongstad de Bravo, the voice behind Sabrina's London Diaries! Sabrina is here to tell you all about living and loving in the U.K.'s capitol.
This week we're talking about how to make money when you travel, plus getting local eyes on London!
This week we combine fashion and geekery with Yissel!
Obstacle Week - BTR catches up with one of 400 elite firefighters who parachute into wildfires.
Cyber Week - What pro-ana online communities say about American culture.
BTR catches up with Wesley Brunch to talk about his dream-pop project and upcoming album.
Tune into this week's Biology for life as an actor in London!
This week on TST we're going to Asia!!
Unexpected Week - A list of a few of the least expected wardrobe choices for All Hallow's Eve.
Tune in for a behind the scenes look at the life of L.A. actor Matt Shevin!
Anti-Social Week - If meeting new people just isn’t your thing, travel solo to these destinations.
BTR catches up with the Brooklyn foursome for an exploration in how movement and dance can inform music making.
Tune in for tips on how NOT to be the starving artist!
Tune in to hear how to make friends while traveling and get some local eyes on Barcelona, Spain.
Future Week - How Biodesign, mental health, and physical activity influence architectural advances.
Tune in to hear how to cure homesickness is New York City!
Future Week - These video games are coming to a theater near you!
BTR catches up with the anti-folk trio to chat about boys and music.
This week we're going vegan with Emily of This Rawsome Vegan Life!
Fine Lines Week - Double mastectomies are on the rise, but is this really a cancer curing treatment?
This week on TST we cover idea sharing, car sharing, and home sharing, plus get local eyes on Rome!