Jeanette D. Moses
As of July 2020, Jeanette is one of the hosts of BTR Live Studio. She is also a contributing photographer for BTRtoday and often works as a freelance assistant cameraperson for BTRtv
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Explore the immersive cyberpunk "metaverse" created by artist Julia Sinelnikova between now and February 9th.
Day 2 of SXSW 2018 was filled with sweat, nudity, tacos and, of course, amazing music.
Death Match 8 at Tender Trap was full of music, blood, and good old no ring wrestling.
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Right before the world as we knew it came to a screeching halt last March The Black Black were keeping busy at Studio G in Brooklyn, recording with Jeff Berner. Those tracks eventually became the songs that make up their newest album, Careful On Your Way Out, which was released in January on vinyl and limited to 100 copies. In this episode they will be chatting with me about the new record and how they’ve fine tuned their livestream game in the era of global pandemic.
Megan Mancini and Justin Ferraro of Brooklyn garage punk band The Rizzos - along with drummer Cody Buesing - join us for a very different return appearance on BTR Live Studio, this time from Justin’s living room in Ridgewood, Queens! The Rizzos are working on a full-length album due some time in 2021! Check out the video for "Way Out" and listen to the audio podcast for more music and interview.
After months quarantined away from each other New York’s Mala Vista recently reunited to head to the studio and record some fresh tracks for an upcoming release. In this episode they will be sharing live versions of those unreleased songs and talking about how a year away from each other influenced the writing process and what their hopes are for the long-awaited return of live music.
T.V.O.D. has been hard at work writing and recording their debut album during the era of global pandemic. In this episode they’ll be talking with me about that process and also sharing live versions of some of the tracks recorded at their home base studio space in Ridgewood, Queens.
Thick released their debut full-length album, Five Years Behind, on Epitaph Records a few days before Covid-19 shutdowns hit the states. While the timing was less than ideal, their tours were postponed and press opportunities all pivoted to digital, the band hasn’t let it get to them. In this episode we will be chatting about how time away from the road has allowed them to focus on writing for their next album.
New York band Alpenglow is Peter Coccoma, Graeme Daubert, and Elori Kramer - joined here by Daniel Ocanto and Nico Hedley. The band’s warm, sprawling sound has such a familiar and inviting feel to it that the songs seem familiar at first, then unravel new threads along the way. The band joined us at Serious Business Music to share some music from their new record. Oceans In Between is available now. Check out the video for Alpenglow's "Figure 8" and listen to the audio podcast for more music and interview.