VoiceLove connects COVID-19 patients to loved ones in a low-cost way. New movie, ‘Mr. Jones.’ Plus music from Shamir and Space Sluts.
While moonlighting as a cabbie, Devon discovers that the old man who hangs outside the local grocery store with a jug of wine in his lap has more than meets the eye.
Economist L. Randall Wray on bold economic solutions for the pandemic. New movie, ‘She Dies Tomorrow.’ Plus music from Nejma Nefertiti and Carriers.
Gabriele risked his financial security during a time of global uncertainty in order to pursue his dream of becoming a professional gamer. He talks about how he prepared for this major life change and how the support of his friends and family helped ease the transition.
During a trip to New York City, Simon experiences virtual reality for the first time and becomes inspired to quit his job and found a VR business in his home country of Denmark. He discusses how people must take action quickly in order to avoid being stuck in the concept stage.
It’s been a weird year in general — and that includes for movies and movie lovers. We discuss some that have managed to be released so far that are worth a look.
Lisa regrets when she bullied a boy in middle school in order to fit in. She discusses the importance of not judging others by their looks and being aware of how our actions could affect others. 1st Person is presented by Urban Outfitters. Music featured in the episode: “Loving” by Katie Dey