Greg Hanson
Greg is a freelance video professional who often works as an assistant cameraperson for BTRtv.
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Anna Tivel is a Portland, Oregon-based songwriter who uses folk music and her touching, powerful voice to shine a light on the small beauty of the world - telling touching stories through song. She dropped by Serious Business Music in Brooklyn to share this intimate solo performance with us. The Question by Anna Tivel is available now from Fluff And Gravy Records. Listen to the audio podcast for more music and interview.
Caleb Hawley is a New York-based songwriter who fuses modern pop with dance rock (and a heavy dose of that classic Minneapolis sound) for his own compositions. Caleb brought the whole crew down to…
Slow Caves is an indie rock band from Fort Collins, Colorado, built around the songwriting duo of brothers Jakob and Oliver Mueller along with their friend David Dugan. From playing in high school…