Elizabeth Wakefield
Elizabeth Wakefield is an Editorial Intern for BTRtoday with a focus on music and culture.

Elizabeth moved to New York from the small city of Amarillo, Texas, in the summer of 2013 in search of a bigger music scene and opportunity. She is now a Brooklyn-based musician and plays in multiple bands as a singer, songwriter, bassist, and guitarist. She performs extensively throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan with bands Fruit & Flowers and Darkwing. She has an affinity for the city and its artists and has found a home and family within the music and DIY communities.

When she isn't playing shows, you can find her collaborating with fellow artists, writing and listening to music in her room, making jewelry, painting, and/or cuddling with her kitty cat, Lazer Beem.

You can follow her on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with her music, travel, and creative endeavors!
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