Have all the most inner heartstrings strung inside yourself to this new soothing release.
He was one of the forefathers to bring that signature twang out from the country & into the spotlight.
We’re keepin’ on keepin’ on with the new music—register to vote, get your flu shot, and listen to these sick new tunes. 
Disconnect from the electronics & let this new lo-fi indie track connect you with yourself once again.
Themes of civil rights, education, & ending hatred are the main features of this music video.
(The band) Drugs’ debut album is soothing garage rock with an important angle.
This week I chat about Drugs… Not those kinds of drugs—the band from Long Beach, CA Drugs.
ICYMI: Musicians, bands, and artists we’ve been throwing at you all week, plus other music news.
‘Drunk History’ is as educational as it is fun & we’re sad to see it go—here are some of our favorite episodes.
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This week I chat w/ Canadian artist Päter who’s sweet, down to earth and her music has a bit of everything.
Her newest EP bursts with energy & hopefulness even though it was created while she was all alone.
It feels like the end of the world, so why not listen to some good new tunes till it’s all over?
The mecca of live music is at a standstill, but the artists within it are keeping its musical spirit alive.
Time for new music & we’re here to provide it—also, a quick & friendly reminder to register to vote if you haven’t done so yet.
All of your favorite cities or states have a different approach—some seem hopeful, while others seem outright ridiculous.