The sold out Brooklyn show was an explosion of bloody uteruses, sweaty t-shirts & vengeful head bangers loving each other.
Pop’s top couple loved testing the media and fans with their weird and theatrical sense of humor.
An interview filled with British humor and sarcasm about some of the craziest music out in the world today.
This week we get punk rock/post-punk and then end a little country. That's the music business, baby.  
Twenty-six photos of rock 'n' roll capturing the whirlwind of madness in Austin both on and off the stage.
Six days of shows, partying and driving throughout the Midwest with a couple of NYC’s best underground musicians.
I (drunkenly) chatted with Totally Mild at SXSW—the interview is UNEDITED & the music is radiant, so TUNE IN!
I met up with Zach & Liz at an unofficial showcase at SXSW—they were hung over, I was tipsy. It was a magical chat.
Over sixty years since his debut became the first rock album to top the charts, the King’s debut still sounds crisp.
We played our favorite game at SXSW this year: Seeing how much rock 'n' roll our music reporter can take before she explodes.
These gritty New Yorkers whirl up a chaotic tornado of powerful punk & dirty garage rock that'll rattle your brain.
This week we've got some new songs by some badass bands like Thick, Speedy Ortiz & The Muckers—you gotta tune-in!
Hit Like A Girl is a rad indie band fighting for a just cause.
This indie-emo band isn’t afraid to bare all and share personal stories on their debut “You Make Sense.”
BTRToday music writer Elena Childers reports via text message on her adventures and encounters at the South by Southwest Music festival.
The is week we've got some brand spankin' new hardcore rock 'n' roll and then some light n fluffy indie. Enjoy! xoxo
Indie rock inspired by folk and Americana that make you really think about this wild ride we call life.
This week we chat with the mysterious Newspoke about life, music & their new album Faces.
With their debut album now out, the dark, yet uplifting indie group stays anonymous to keep focus on the music.
Meteorologists said the blizzard was the most powerful force that night. They didn’t know about this rock show.
Some sweet babies that are playing SXSW & have been featured right here on BTRtoday.
The veteran Montreal musician plays every instrument under the sun and works with a million different bands—now he’s doing his own thing.
This week we listen to brand new tracks by Screaming Females & chat with the musicians themselves—tune in!
BTRtoday chats with NJ-based rock/metal group about their lengthy run as a band and their new album ‘All At Once.’
Happy birthday, buddy—I still love you, even though you’re a proven asshole.
Your favorite BTR DJs are giving their interpretations of Spring Break, through music. Take this mix with you as you hop a plane to someplace warm or if you're holing up to do some Spring cleaning and enjoy the tunes.
Even after a six-month breakup, the punk rock band has stayed strong.