Tune in to hear 'Lost In Magic City' in its entirety & a chat w/ Deaf Poets about opening for The Growlers, making memes, & writing music.
Meet the psych-rock band from Miami, Deaf Poets--come for the memes, stay for the music.
Crisp air, football, beer, good food and good friends... that's what tailgating is all about. However, it isn't complete without good music to go along with it. Some of your favorite DJs have made sure you've got that part covered with this mix.
This Halloween season, you don’t want to miss these spook-tacular events.
Rest in peace to one of the world's first rock 'n' rollers, Fats Domino.
BTRtoday is delighted to debut Jonny Couch's new video "The Haunting," a perfect punk rock Halloween treat.
This week we chat with the Swedish-garage rockers Baby Jesus and listen to their newest album Took Our Sons Away!
The Swedish rockers were born to play garage.
Yes, 'Back to Black' is a masterpiece. But don't make the mistake of overlooking Amy Winehouse's debut.
I don’t recommend this as a cold remedy but this punk rock did me some good, for sure!
This week I've curated the ultimate playlist for a perfectly chilly & colorful Fall day. Enjoy! xoxo
Maybe a social media movement isn’t what survivors asked for, but it’s definitely bringing attention to a problem that's too often ignored.
This NYC band will turn those hollers of terror into some gritty punk rock that’ll haunt your sleep.
This week we chat with L.A. post-punk band Adult Books. They're rad, and we listen to Running From The Blows--so make sure to tune in! Click here for more episodes of The Music Meetup (formerly Discovery Corner)! 
Adult Books started with what they knew best, hardcore punk, and morphed into a full-on post-punk band.
A pop punk interview perfect for those w/ short attention spans or are maybe a little too high--meet The Dirty Nil.
The Black Lips, Diet Choke and The Nude Party set off an explosion of dirty energy.
We've got some great new songs to make your ears bleed--we even have a sneak peak of King Khan's newest album 'Murderburgers' (OUT 10/13)!
They have a song about needing a burrito and drugs, and it’s beautiful.
Gymshorts is fast and guttural punk rock w/ angry guitar solos--this week we listen to their EP 'Wet Willy' and LP 'No Backsies!!'
Social worker and punk fan Sheridan Allen created Punk Talks to help give people in the music industry access to free mental health care.
Let's get ready to hibernate w/ a playlist of brand spankin' new songs!
Facebook user Jason Lee probably said it best. “Christ on a crotchrocket, please don’t let that linger any longer.”
Honey isn't that sweet sappy stuff you put in your tea, it's a killer punk band from NYC here to make your ears bleed!
Honey plays the kind of intense rock ‘n’ roll that would play in your head while you hide from a psycho killer.