This week it's more new shit! Gotta love it. If you think you missed out this year, stay tuned for some yearly round ups to catch up.
De Blasio took the stage of the up and coming New York venue to strike down anti-nightlife law with racist roots.
Keeping up with the accusations against men in the music industry is as depressing as it is confusing.
The Royal They is a NYC based band that catches you by surprise with their "normal" looks, but chaotic sound.
The Royal They is a fuzzed-out band filled with heart attack-inducing drum rolls, fuck-you lyrics and distorted guitar solos that’ll drive you mad.
We've got some really cool new music for you this week from badass bands like Plastic Pinks and Bleeding Knees Club--tune in!!
The perfect lineup to convey the badass soul of the Brooklyn music scene assembled in Bushwick.
New Candys make music bursting with visual flavor--we chat new album & lots more!
The Liza Colby Sound slaps you in the face with true blue raw rock 'n' roll!
Liza Colby’s theme song would be raw rock ‘n’ roll and her superpower is pure, strong and dangerous female sexuality.
You may have screamed it along with The Ramones, but do you even know what it means?
Cherry Glazerr, Thick and Dances had the room bursting with energy and excitement. Not bad for a Sunday night.
I'm starting to lose my mind--I'm sure you are too. Listen to this playlist to lift your spirits!
After wrestling with a laptop and a couple of instruments for years, Evan Klar's eerie and appealing debut is ready for the world.
Do You like catchy music? Like to be chillin' like a villain? Then tune in & meet LuxDeluxe!
LuxDeluxe released 'Let’s Do Lunch' this past summer--heavily influenced by NRQB, they also experimented w/ the recording & creative process.
The song premiere for Freddie Nunez's old-school country influenced "Nights In This Town"--check it out here.
No mouth-breathers allowed! Songs picked from both seasons, plus songs they should've included.
This week we chat with Blis. and we get real deep. We also listen to their newest album No One Loves You--so make sure to tune in!
Guitarist and lead singer of Blis. Aaron Gossett isn’t afraid to sing about the ups and downs of his personal life—even when it’s mostly downs.
Pow Pow Family Band knows that all is right when they’re playing music—not just alright.
New music from so many great bands--plus, music before the album release from Pistoleros and Native Sun!
With local Palestinian artists being arrested and banned from traveling, international rock stars are urging their peers to stay away from Israel.