June's daughter talks about being a little left-field of the Carter family but still completely a Carter.
The night kicked off with lots of vomit & spit, it was a wild ride.
From rock, to folk, to country--it's all good music here. Guaranteed!
The Pittsburgh duo does dad rock right. Maybe we should call it dad punk?
Long gone are the sweaty and shirtless performances of Nick Cave. Hello to a transcendent experience hosted by a haunted man in a suit.
Hey everyone! Welcome back to another episode of The Music Meetup (formerly known as Discovery Corner). This week we chat with Justin North of The Filipino Snares and listen to their music giving a whole new meaning to dad rock! From Louisville, Kentucky, this group of dads make music solely for the reason that they love music. There are no bells and whistles here to trick you into listening. Just passion and talent. Read more about them in the written portion of Music Meetup!
These Kentucky dads bond with their kids over cheesy sci-fi flicks and follow the family fun with basement jam session with the guys.
There’s no need to focus on how lady-centric these bands are, but you can't deny these gals kick ass.
I've dubbed this week's show "The Flood Warning" playlist. Because it's chill, yet fun
Fang Wizard doesn't plan anything. They just do it.
Brenda is punk rock, catchy and absorbing all the greatness that's under-appreciated of their hometown in Louisville, Kentucky.
Brenda takes ‘50s rock ‘n’ roll and blast it together with the intensity of punk rock and the grit of ‘90s grunge. The mix is melodic, menacing and fast as hell.
It was an educational night of punk rock by seeing three generations of the genre.
It seems ridiculous to juxtapose a movie monster with gay rights. But maybe it’s not as ridiculous as it seems.
You just HAVE to listen to this week's playlist 'cause it's filled with amazing musicians, bands and songs.
The festival showcased seven bands in just four hours, transporting audiences to places like Riga, Latvia with Carnival Youth and Porto, Portugal with We Bless This Mess.
The Metric and Broken Social Scene singer again strike out on her own, and we're more than thrilled.
The world of L.A. Takedown is a dark place, driven by action, lit by neon colors and fraught with high stress scenarios. And it's impossible to resist.
This week we start a music-bio book club & chat w/ musical creator of L.A. Takedown, Aaron Olson--plus we listen their most recent album 'II'
Bowie producer says “Ariana Grande doesn’t make me cry" at music festival.
This week I feature all kinds of new stuff that's all amazing and that's what I always do. So, you're welcome for delivering.
Post Animal took the stage and immediately had complete control of everyone’s attention—without a single Netflix show actor on stage.
Cold Beat further explores post punk sounds on new album Chaos by Invitation.
This week we chat with and listen to the music of synth-rocker, Cold Beat!
With only two singles out from the upcoming album Monsters Never Die (July 7), they’re proving that you don’t have to be a Dr. Jeckyll to unleash a Mr. Hyde.
A face to broken face encounter with Frank Black takes an unexpected turn.