Pre-Halloween celebration with tunes about Ghosts and Candy…..with a doubleshot inbetween. Only on DJ Drew’s Dealer’s Choice show on BTR
Pack your bags and go on an excursion with us. Roadside Assistance is a roundtable discussion featuring eight different BTR hosts who comment with music instead of statements. Football is in full swing, there is a crispness in the air and we are ready for some tailgate celebrations. You’ll definitely enjoy our DJs picks for the festivities.
New stuff and old stuff from Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad and Alien Dread on this Thursdays edition of BTR Reggae Hour
DJ Drew’s Sunday show Dealer’s Choice with a killer double shot from Holy Sons, The Faint, Elephant Stone & Madeira on BTR
Alborosie and friends fill up this 60 min Reggae Hour, including many of his newest tunes from his newest album Freedom & Fyah.
Yom Kippur inspired Sunday Dealer’s Choice show hosted by DJ Drew only on BTR
Stand High Patrol, Pupajim and some killer digital tunes on DJ Drew’s Reggae Hour on BTR
Double shot from top to bottom! Of all new tunes!!! DJ Drew is excited to play them for you on his Dealer’s Choice show today on BTR
Reggae and Dub songs from Ten Dollar Recording Co artists local to the Pacific Northwest, and some rain inspired reggae tunes fill out DJ Drew’s Reggae Hour this week on BTR
Happy New Year/Rosh Hashanah from DJ Drew on this first Sunday in October episode of Dealer’s Choice