Apples, walnuts, arugula, and hot mango chutney come together in this grilled cheese sandwich.
Dish + Drink explores some of the best noodle and pasta dishes of the year.
Take one last look at brunch this year with 10 of Dish + Drink’s best in 2014.
Dish + Drink takes a look at some of the best restaurants explored in 2014.
Check out Dish + Drink columnist Dane Feldman’s top 10 recipes of 2014.
Celebrate Christmas with some of Dish + Drink’s best cocktails of the year.
Avoid the holiday grub with this wintry pasta dish.
If you’re looking for a sweet and indulgent grilled cheese, this is it.
Make this traditional dish for your family before the Festival of Lights ends.
Celebrate Hanukkah with this brunch recipe that uses leftover latkes.
If you’re looking for a honky tonk that doubles as a quality BBQ joint in NYC, this is it.
Roast these sweet and smoky almonds this year for your holiday party.
Opt for something a bit more potent during this year’s Festival of Lights.
Ditch the classic potato latkes and replace them with these this Hanukkah.
Tomatoes and a balsamic glaze cap off this delicious healthy dish.
This low fat, but hearty fish dish is packed with citrus juices and shallots.
Eggnog is a defining component of every holiday season. Learn to make it yourself.
The Grand Summit Hotel is home to The Hat Tavern, one of Summit, NJ’s best kept secrets.
This curry dish is so spicy it’ll clear out your sinuses.
Serve this seasonal spin on a classic during the holidays.
Pan-fry your potatoes and skip the fast food French fries.
Whip up a batch of homemade hummus for your next party.
This easy recipe is likely to please any dinner guests you may have this winter.
Bourbon, tea, orange, and cinnamon come together in this spin on a classic.
Come to Five Lamps Tavern for the beer selection. Stay for, well, everything else.
Sweet potato, pumpkin, and twice-baked acorn squash are stuffed into these colorful shells.
You don’t need to be on an island to enjoy a fruity rum cocktail.
Spaghetti squash, mushrooms, and turkey meatballs come together in this light fall dinner.
Honey, cranberries, oats, and walnuts come together in these pumpkin muffins.
Serve up these protein-packed burgers all winter long.
Smoked salmon, avocado, and poached eggs come together in this brunch recipe.
Taka Sushi surprises and impresses with its special rolls.
Almond milk and real pumpkin puree help make this milkshake stand out.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving with this boozy punch.
Serve up this vegetarian stuffing and top with mushroom shallot gravy this Thanksgiving.
A chocolate graham cracker crust and honey separate this pumpkin pie from the bunch.
Serve up apple sauce, sangria, and biscotti this Thanksgiving.
Deluxe is the perfect spot for a low key Sunday Brunch in Manhattan.
Roosterspin serves up some of the best Korean fried chicken around.
This side dish is the perfect way to spruce up Thanksgiving.
Give your guests something to be thankful for next week.
Serve this sweet and tart dessert this Thanksgiving.
Adults can eat chicken tenders, too.
Add spinach to your protein smoothies for added nutrition and flavor.
After this wintry spin on a classic, brunch will never be the same.
HanaMichi serves up great udon in the heart of Koreatown.
Pumpkin pie spice and cinnamon sugar make these chips perfect for a Thanksgiving snack.
Ginger ale, fresh grapefruit juice, and white wine come together in this light seasonal cocktail.
Learn to make cashew chicken at home and skip the take out.
Caramelized onion and pepper come together in this roasted vegetable dish.
Have you noticed how much we like soup?
Who says mashed potatoes don’t pair well with eggs?
Come to Serenade for the top-notch food; stay for the spectacular experience.
These meatballs will certainly get you into the holiday spirit.
Ditch the sour mix for your next batch of vodka sours.
More soup recipes will help get you in gear for the upcoming winter months.
Lentil soup with or without meat is a protein-packed meal.
Apple sauce is a fall favorite and this recipe is as easy as they come.
Serve these soft and juicy pears over waffles or pancakes.
Come to Fin for the incredible food. Stay for the rustic ambience and spectacular service.
Celebrate Halloween with a particularly autumn-inspired risotto.
The Hash hosts weigh in on micro-communication apps like Beer?!
Serve this fall-inspired cocktail all Halloween weekend long.
Bananas and almond milk come together in this nutritious and filling breakfast smoothie.
This recipe combines the tuna melt and the avocado toast into one epic sandwich.
This healthy stir fry is packed with greens and protein.
French Roast Uptown is a diner-meets-French cafe situated on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.
Come to Xi’an Famous Foods for the hype. Stay for the authentic hand-pulled noodles.
Grilled chicken and vegetable pasta come together in this quick dish.
Whiskey, apple cider, and lime juice come together in this sweet and tangy cocktail.
Serve this big bowl of bruschetta at your next dinner party.
Almond milk, apple cider, and prune plums come together in this fall-inspired breakfast.
Serve this easy and light salad all year long.
This light and fruity cocktail certainly rivals the darker ones served in autumn.
This Thai spot is one of Summit, New Jersey’s best kept secrets.
Combine ground turkey, carrots, celery, and onions for these juicy homemade burgers.
This light chili recipe is far more suited for fall than its wintry counterpart.
Squash and eggplant come together in this healthy fall-inspired side dish.
Banana and orange juice help sweeten this smoothie while providing added nutrients.
This brunch spot is likely amongst the best bang for your buck in NYC.
Morningside Heights plays host to this warm and welcoming little bistro.
Homemade habanero honey mustard goes great on a chicken sandwich.
Drink this tangy cocktail all winter long.
Garlic, rosemary, and lemon come together in this juicy fall chicken recipe.
Update your kugel recipe this fall with fresh fruit and nuts.
Fresh vegetables and soba noodles come together in this spicy shrimp dish.
Eatery NYC serves up impressive brunch creations and creative cocktails.
Nikko, located in Morningside Heights, serves up Chinese, hibachi, sushi, and Thai food.
Make healthier burritos at home to satisfy your cravings.
This Upper West Side bar knows the arts of both literature and cocktailing.
Bake a more guilt-free cake this fall.
Serve this creamy chicken dish on a bed of wilted arugula.
Homegrown peppers and tomatoes come together in this early fall dish.
Celebrate National Bourbon Heritage Month and tie one on with a bold spin on a classic brunch cocktail.
Tisha’s Fine Dining in Cape May, NJ boasts an impressive seafood menu.
These roasted vegetables are the perfect autumn side dish.
A pop up shop in SoHo pays tribute to the 20th anniversary of ‘Friends’.
Upgrade your bourbon cocktails using homemade peach simple syrup.
Roast your next chicken using this late summer/early fall recipe.
This easy, four-ingredient recipe pairs well with cake, pie, and ice cream.
Serve this dip alongside veggie chips during your next dinner party.
Get healthy with this egg white-only brunch frittata.
Kobeyaki offers an interesting and delicious perspective on Japanese cuisine.
Honey, lemon, and orange bitters join forces in this seasonal cocktail.
Citrus juices, roasted shallots, and rosemary come together in this fall-inspired dish.
Cayenne pepper and citrus peel come together in this late-summer recipe.
Maple syrup and jalapeno pepper jack cheese come together in this sandwich.
Avocado, eggs, and zavory pepper come together in this refreshing take on potato hash.
A food court in the heart of Koreatown is far more impressive than it sounds.
Avoid the humidity (and hurricanes) with this quinoa and shrimp dish.
Start off National Bourbon Heritage Month with this boilermaker revamp.
Make Pinterest-worthy potatoes in just a few easy steps.
Make homemade chili lime butter using fresh hot peppers.
This versatile pasta recipe can be used for dinner or a side dish.
Serve up sweet and dense bread pudding this brunch.
Garden of Eden Marketplace is a haven for good lunches and more.
Trending Week – Anti-LGBTQ hate crimes appear to decrease from last year.
Yellowfin tuna on the grill and summer vegetable fried rice make for the perfect August dinner.
This recipe is a slight seasonal spin on a classic cocktail.
If you can’t beat the heat, join it with this spicy ramen dish.
BTR checks out the opening day of the US Open in NYC.
A garden pepper and smoky dry seasoning come together in this simple summer recipe.
Use your leftover unused chicken in this hot bbq recipe.
Mustard and cream cheese separate these deviled eggs from the brunch bunch.
Come to The Office for the wide selection of beer, stay for the snacks and good vibes.
You’ll need olive oil, basil, and garlic for this summer side dish.
This summery vodka cocktail will take you through the rest of the season.
Fresh garden vegetables heighten this shrimp dish.
Rosemary, pepper, and lemongrass season this healthy alternative to store-bought chips.
Easy summer dinner doesn’t have to be grilled.
Caramelized onions, chicken sausage, and spinach come together in this brunch dish.
Come to Tani for the sushi, stay for the high quality appetizers.
This party-sized salad includes a heap of summer vegetables.
Try this whiskey and lemon cocktail before summer’s end.
Serve scallops and walnut pesto over whole wheat and spinach linguini.
Skip the store-bought breakfast sandwich and make one at home.
Your Monday on-the-go breakfast is easy as ever with this smoothie recipe.
This popular New Jersey restaurant is re-imagining dinner one dish at a time.
Bake this dessert with better ingredients, starting with fresh local blueberries.
Many so-called craft ryes and other whiskeys are mass-produced.
Go for a classic, but ditch the so-called “craft” whiskey.
Grilled figs are an unexpected match for citrusy grilled chicken breasts.
This light meal requires little preparation and is perfect for summer evenings.
Banana, apricot, apple, and mango come together in this sweet and tangy breakfast smoothie.
This brunch dessert is a healthier update on an old family recipe.
Fig & Olive in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District aces NYC Restaurant Week.
Continuing the summer salad series with a simple and light recipe.
Keep summer going with this pepper-packed fruity cocktail.
White wine, citrus, and brine will keep this chicken juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside.
Two cheeses, avocado, and raspberry preserves come together in this sweet and salty grilled cheese.
Drink your breakfast with this protein-packed smoothie.
This easy-to-make recipe is the perfect brunch appetizer.
La Pergola in Millburn, NJ does Northern Italian food right.
Kale and ramen come together in this Asian-inspired summer salad.
Bourbon, wheat beer, soda, and lemonade come together in this fizzy summer drink.
This nutty and light iced coffee is both refreshing and indulging at once.
Cayenne pepper and maple syrup come together in this spin on a lunch favorite.
Start Monday morning with a light and sweet seasonal fruit smoothie.
Champagne-soaked fruit salad is a must for your next summer brunch.
Come for the inexpensive and authentic food, stay for the al fresco dining.
Find Sicilian eggplant at your local farmer’s market for this summer saute.
This summer cocktail will keep you cool (and dry).
Slow cooking is the secret to juicy chicken on the BBQ.
Caramelized onions and fresh hot chili peppers boost this veggie saute.
These easy-to-make crostinis are a big hit at summer barbecues.
Greek yogurt takes center stage in this lighter-fare dessert.
A follow-up review on a mainstay sushi spot in Northern NJ.
Use leftover grilled salmon to make salmon burgers.
This is not your grandmother’s pink lemonade.
Homemade honey mustard elevates this salmon recipe from the crowd of bottled marinades.
Kohlrabi coleslaw offers a peppery and sweet lighter fare option to classic coleslaw.
Kale, banana, and almond milk come together in this healthy breakfast.
Feed a large group with easy-to-make frittatas.
Cafe Amici serves up favorites from classic Italian to classic American and everything in between.
Celebrate America with bourbon caramelized onions on your cheeseburger this year.
Satsuma oranges and limes come together in this vodka cocktail.
Coverage concerning R. Kelly’s son, Jay, shows the inherent transphobia in many media outlets.
The Summer Fancy Food Show offers a peek at cocktail trends, hot new products, and pricy honey.
Use up farmer’s market and garden vegetables in this easy and healthy side dish.
Turn your favorite summer salad into a light and filling sandwich.
Add your own fresh vegetables to cream cheese for a more original bagel brunch.
Benihana successfully celebrates 50 years for good reason: consistency and sincerity.
Barbecue tofu before adding it to your stir fry for a summery take on a winter favorite.
Television characters can become integral to who we are.
This fusion of Japanese and French wine is perfect for hot summer nights.
Make yakitori at home with sake and fresh ginger.
Caramelized onions, zucchini, and yellow squash come together in this light and healthy recipe.
Combine blackberries, raspberries, and rhubarb to make this summer dessert.
This brunch cocktail packs a punch.
Ocean Sushi is another consistent and reliable New Jersey spot.
Napa cabbage and kale come together in this light and fruity summer salad.
Switch out olive juice for pickle brine in this variation of the dirty martini.
Replace the garden variety barbecue side dishes with this easy pasta dish in white wine sauce.
Farmer’s market vegetables make for perfect curry ingredients.
Whip up a batch of this light lemonade with watermelon and clementine.
Love eggs benedict? Learn to poach eggs at home.
In Manhattan’s Flatiron District, Aleo is a frontrunner in service and Italian food.
This dry rub is just what you need for Sunday’s barbecue.
Combine the old school Italian aperitif with vodka for a light, but strong summer cocktail.
Join the toast trend conversation with this goat cheese and avocado artisan recipe.
Fresh vegetables and chicken come together in a lemon white wine sauce.
Serve up juicy fish filets with a dry heat using only five ingredients.
Watermelon, blueberries, feta cheese, and balsamic come together in this light brunch recipe.
Rosa Mexicano’s New Jersey location serves a mean chile mango margarita.
Serve up your grilled mussels and clams with lemon butter sauce and roasted mignonette sauce.
Come to Papatzul in SoHo for the authentic Mexican food, stay for the original margaritas.
Farmer’s market finds come together to create a fruity summer dessert.
Spicy mayo and Asian slaw combine forces atop these Asian-style chicken sausage sandwiches.
Tomatoes, zucchini, and summer squash help make a light and summery sauce over tilapia.
Oats and vanilla protein powder join forces to make these delicious and healthy pancakes.
Come to Ferraro’s for the authentic Italian food, stay for the authentic Italian experience.
Another salad-filled Friday brings watermelon, feta, and baby greens together.
Watermelon and cantaloupe take the stage in this light and summery white wine sangria.
This shake combines energy and protein to make the perfect quick breakfast.
Shrimp scampi is a must in any cook’s repertoire.
Surprise your Memorial Day guests with this light and fruity take on pasta salad.
Whip up three classic cocktails in frozen shot form, plus a mocktail for designated drivers.
Go to Raymond’s for the diner feel, stay for the eclectically wonderful all-day menus.
Impress Memorial Day Weekend guests with homemade salad dressing.
Whip up a couple of pitchers of this frozen herbal cocktail for MDW.
No need to go to Ikea for some Swedish meatballs anymore.
Dish + Drink does Easy Week with this recipe for chicken on the grill.
These shrimp tacos are simple and quick enough to make for any summer night.
After trying this brunch cocktail, you’ll never go back to mimosas.
Winberie’s outdoor patio in downtown Summit, NJ makes for a lovely dining experience.
This light and fruity salad pairs well with anything hot off the barbecue.
No wraparound porch? No problem. This cocktail will make you feel like you have one.
This boozy spin on an old classic is perfect for summer.
The inclusion of Greek yogurt makes this egg salad far less fattening.
Pasta for dinner doesn’t have to be heavy if you include fresh vegetables and chicken.
Going all out for your mom on Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be difficult to be thoughtful.
Come to 100 Steps for the raw oysters; stay for the culinary genius displayed in the dishes.
Garlic and red chili paste are in the forefront of this summer swordfish dish.
This tequila sunrise is a throwback to the original.
Grill this chicken for dinner and then use the leftovers for a sandwich.
Shake up your breakfast smoothie with a Mexican champagne mango.
Need some last-minute ideas for Cinco de Mayo?
Do brunch Mexican style in spirit of Cinco de Mayo.
Go to Van Gogh’s Ear Cafe for the specialty coffee and good food, stay for the mellow ambience.
Problems in Mexico cause lime prices–and margarita prices–to soar.
Heat things up this Cinco de Mayo with a spicy vodka variation of the classic margarita.
Do you have your guacamole perfected for Cinco de Mayo?
Empty your refrigerator’s produce section directly into the blender for this protein-packed smoothie.
Gear up for Cinco de Mayo with these lighter fare nachos.
Come to Moonshine for the food, stay for the bottomless brunch cocktails.
Bill’s, located in downtown Manhattan, is a next-level burger joint.
Forget the french fries and serve these sweet potato chips all summer long.
This bourbon cocktail is the perfect Kentucky Derby drink for those who don’t like mint juleps.
This chicken burger is a healthy and delicious alternative to a beef burger.
Easy dinner for one doesn’t have to be boring.
The secret to juicy grilled chicken is brining it first.
This NYC chain dominates the Thai food scene.
Spend less time in the kitchen and more time outside with this spring grilling recipe.
The Kentucky Mule is the perfect Kentucky Derby cocktail for those who don’t like mint juleps.
This zucchini potato nik is essentially just a jumbo-sized hash brown.
Soba noodles, serrano chilies, and sesame seeds take center stage in this stir fry.
Serve up crab meat and vegetable farfalle in homemade vodka sauce.
Don’t let Passover stand in the way of you and your Sunday morning pancakes.
The Hilton Hartford restaurant is right for any time of day.
Make your own creamy peppercorn dressing for this mango and spinach salad.
What began as a simple negroni became a complex and citrusy gin cocktail.
This is not your grandmother’s chicken salad.
A few minor amendments make this crab salad far healthier and flavorful than its classic counterpart.
Scrambled eggs sans whisking is the way to go.
Passover calls for a special kind of brunch.
In Ridgewood, NJ, Kumo offers outside-the-box sushi.
Strawberries marinated in triple sec make for a great warm weather dessert.
This combination of gin and creme de cassis is the perfect aromatic and fruity spring drink.
Bake this cake using healthier ingredients.
Clear out your refrigerator this spring and turn the ingredients into hearty soup.
Eat this hearty salad for lunch all week.
Ginger beer takes the stage in this aromatic and citrusy brunch cocktail.
Red Knot paves the way for public golf courses to up their restaurant game.
Indulgent doesn’t have to mean unhealthy when it comes to dinner recipes.
Bourbon and fresh grapefruit juice come together in this potent and sweet drink.
The oldest, largest professional association for design celebrates 100 years.
Roast these winter vegetables one last time before spring is here to stay.
Bake chicken with the taste of fried chicken without the fat.
Get back into swimsuit shape one brunch at a time.
The Storehouse in Manhattan’s Flatiron District is a gem of a pub.
Make applesauce at home with apples, pears, and applejack brandy.
Replacing vodka with gin in a Moscow Mule makes it a whole different cocktail.
Chicken and swiss chard are featured in this sesame seed and soba noodle stir fry.
These hamantaschen are flavorful enough to serve year-round.
Salmon lovers will be converted after trying this steelhead trout dish.
Rum-soaked bread takes this French toast recipe to a whole new level.
In NYC, Cafe Orlin’s menu offers a wide variety of European and Mediterranean style dishes from 9am to 12:30am.
Fresh rosemary and lemon juice take a back seat in this juicy baked chicken.
This week’s Thirsty Thursday combines citrus juices with the classic gin and tonic.
This easy soup recipe is perfect for those looking to slim down for spring.
Spice up your sesame noodles at home.
Mushrooms and caramelized onions put a spin on this family favorite.
Mexican food for brunch may seem out of the ordinary, but it is, in fact, extraordinary.
A trip to Connecticut is required for this trendy restaurant, but it’s well worth the drive.
Adding egg lends a hint of fried rice flavor to to this shrimp curry dish.
How to avoid hotel mini bar prices and still drink something decent.
Kalamata olives and feta cheese take center stage in this healthy egg sandwich.
Thanks to the microwave, we can have chocolate chip cookies in under 10 minutes.
Bake juicy chicken tenders with just five ingredients.
Almond pesto and smoked salmon take the front seat in these brunch sandwiches.
This Greenwich Village bar is the perfect college hangout even for post-grads.
Learn to make curry at home with healthier ingredients.
Don’t let this citrusy fusion of beer and tequila deter you.
Almond pesto and caramelized onions take the stage in this potato-filled side dish.
Serve up this one-pot chili recipe all week during the cold front.
Cook this classic French recipe at home in just a few steps.
Serve up two batches of avocado-based deviled eggs this week at brunch.
This Manhattan sushi bar is more than just a well-kept secret.
Break up the monotony of oven-baked chicken with this cocktail-inspired recipe.
This update on a classic requires a little more legwork, but it’s worth the effort.
This simple recipe for poached pears works for any time of day.
Scallops in romesco sauce is a classic seafood dish that won’t disappoint.
Update your bowl of ramen with a few extra ingredients.
This surprising combination of ingredients makes for a refreshingly light brunch cocktail.
The Storehouse pub offers lunch specials that can’t be beat.
Serve up sweet and savory waffle sandwiches this Valentine’s Day.
Curate your own home bar and make classic cocktails with the contents.
Chicken and kung pao pepper put a spin on this classic recipe.
Whip up a pot of warm mushroom soup for the snowy weather.
This one-skillet breakfast will help jumpstart the week right.
These oatmeal cups are as good as muffins without all the bad.
Ma Maison’s menu is classically French with a hint of Italian.
This cookie dough is safe to eat without baking and also contains some healthy alternatives to classic cookies.
Snow or not, enjoy this aromatic citrus cocktail wherever you are.
Cooking with mango salsa makes for a simple and filling chicken dinner.
Serve your next round of wings in soy garlic ginger sauce or in sriracha peach sweet chili sauce.
This three-ingredient recipe is great for healthy snacking.
Serve up these filling sandwiches today and stave off hunger at tonight’s fattening parties.
Melt Shop in Manhattan serves artisanal grilled cheese, beer, and milk shakes.
Serve up a healthier, spicier plate of nachos this Super Bowl Sunday.
Serve these crowd-pleasing cocktails this Super Bowl Sunday.
This pink sauce is made with fresh ingredients and only takes a few minutes to make.
This stir fry is loaded with fresh vegetables and flavor.
Chicken sausage and butternut squash means this dish is comfort food with flair.
These personal frittatas are great for parties or for breakfast.
This can’t miss NJ sushi spot serves sushi with real crabmeat, roasted onions, and Chilean sea bass.
If not for the hue, you’d forget this was good for you.
Apple brandy and ginger ale takes this cocktail to another level.
Whip up a batch of these healthy chicken tenders that pay homage to Barbadian style comfort food.
Serve up this fruity, licorice-like salad at your next dinner party.
Learn to make Spanish shrimp and garlic sauce at home.
Dish + Drink travels north for a down-home country brunch experience.
For your next burger and beer, try Stout NYC located in the heart of Manhattan.
Get lean with five of Dish + Drink’s healthiest recipes.
Stay on the healthy wagon without sacrificing a good rye cocktail (or two).
These healthier enchiladas will keep you slim and fueled for Fitness Week.
The combination of vegetables, protein, and carbohydrates makes this a perfect meal for fitness week.
Try this guilt-free deconstructed tuna melt this Sunday.
This French food spot costs a pretty penny, but the splurge is more than worth it.
New Year’s resolutions don’t have to mean skipping dessert altogether.
Escape to the spring with this aromatic and fruity gin cocktail.
Put some lean protein in your body and keep your new year’s resolutions in tact.
Serve up this eggplant and tapenade crossover at your next dinner party.
Stay warm with clam chowder without packing on the pounds.
Sunday Brunch kicks off 2014 with an all new Bloody Mary Series.
Just how much does the new Shake Shack location hold up?
Dane lists the top 5 Dish + Drink cocktails of the year.
Dane lists Dish + Drink’s top 5 dishes of 2013.