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Misconceptions about LinkedIn, social-media stat comparisons, and surprising successes.
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Cook your next chicken under a brick for a unique flavor.
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When the question is brunch, sometimes hot cereal is the answer.
New Jersey’s top-notch pizza isn’t exactly a secret.
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Make a bottled batch of cocktails for your next holiday party and avoid mixing drinks all night long.
Hearty vegetable soups make for a great winter meal.
Rock your next stir fry with some less traditional ingredients.
Pair your next tuna melt with eggs and salsa for a game changer.
This latke Thanksgiving sandwich could be the newest craze in holiday foods.
By Dane Feldman Photo by Dane Feldman. PLAE, like the Verandah, is located in the Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort on Amelia Island, Florida. It is also one of my family’s favorite spots to dine when we are in Amelia Island because the menu is often eclectic and the service is great. The food This year, my parents and I each enjoyed our own salad (romaine lettuce, tomatoes, roasted chickpeas, cucumber, carrots, hearts of palm, brie, and balsamic dressing) followed by seared ahi tuna with seaweed salad and three dipping sauces. For my main course, I ordered the cedar plank salmon with caramelized grits and granny smith apple jam, which was served with mushrooms and green beans. These grits had to be the best I’ve ever had. PLAE has small plates, medium plates, and large plates, so sometimes when we dine there we share everything. This time around, all three of us were sure we wanted an entree, but PLAE is definitely a great place to share. The drinks I ordered a salty dog (vodka, fresh grapefruit juice, and a salt rim), which I enjoyed. The salty dog is my go-to whenever I’m at PLAE, but it’s not quite the highlight of my meal the way the cocktails at the Verandah sometimes are. The ambience/service The service at PLAE is what really makes this restaurant so unforgettable. My parents and I like to dine there on our last night of the trip each year because it’s closer to where we stay than downtown Fernandina Beach making it a bit more stress free the night before a flight. This time around, when my mom called to make a reservation she was notified that the restaurant was bought out by a party of 50 and so it wouldn’t be open to the public. She told the hostess over the phone how much we enjoy dining at PLAE and that we saved dining at PLAE specifically for our last night in the area. The hostess put the owner and head chef on the phone who immediately promised to seat us as long as we didn’t mind sitting in the bar area. My mom agreed. When we arrived, we were seated at a table in the bar area where only one other group was dining. The jazz band played in the far corner just softly enough that it wasn’t intrusive. Our waitress checked with us to make sure we were comfortable regarding the party in the other room and, of course, we didn’t mind. After taking our order, the waitress came back with complimentary salads. Already we knew we would be treated well despite the attention given to the party. When we finished dinner, the chef/owner came out to thank us for being flexible. He gave us complimentary honey cake and brownies to take home and had a long conversation with my mom about how he remembered us from our last visit. The food at PLAE is definitely great, but knowing that we received such wonderful treatment from a knowledgeable and helpful group of wait staff made our experience that much more enjoyable.
Dane visits a favorite seafood spot in Florida.
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By Dane Feldman Photo by Dane Feldman. This week, I bought my first batch of grapefruits of the season, which means I’ll likely go on a grapefruit recipe rampage. This ginger greyhound is just my jumping off point, but I can see this cocktail becoming a staple for me this winter. What you’ll need: 2 oz dry gin 2 oz fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice Ginger ale Ice Directions: Put the ice in the bottom of a rocks glass and pour the gin over it. Squeeze the grapefruit juice into the glass and add in the pulp as well. Top off with what should be about 3-4 ounces of ginger ale and stir. I used half of a grapefruit and its pulp to add another dimension to the drink, but for those who aren’t pulp fans it isn’t a must. The ginger ale brings out the flavor in both the grapefruit juice and the gin, which makes this a more three-dimensional greyhound. For anyone looking for more Halloween-themed food and drinks, check out BTR’s Halloween’s Here Pinterest board.
This original marinade makes for a citrusy and flavorful oven-baked chicken.
This stuffed acorn and delicata squash recipe will spice up any fall dinner and even Thanksgiving.
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The grounds at the 2013 US Open offer some great spots for foodies.
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Serve refreshing gin mint lemonade at your Labor Day brunch.
Mira Sushi & Izakaya is a great spot for food and drinks, just maybe not for happy hour.
Make vegetable shrimp curry at home.
Before summer’s end, try out these refreshing watermelon martinis.
Saute some seasonal swiss chard before summer’s end.
Spice up classic mac and cheese with hot peppers and avocado cheese sauce.
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Brunch doesn’t have to mean heavy French toast and greasy bacon.
BTR staff check out NYC’s Mission Chinese Food for the first time.
This spicy cantaloupe soup takes just 10 minutes to make.
Make your own lime-infused vodka by making lime limoncello at home.
Using an abundance of seasonal vegetables differentiates this fried rice from the rest of the pack.
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Whip up some of this homemade spicy chili lime butter for grilled swordfish.
Complete Sunday Brunch this week with some whole wheat blueberry muffins.
Lessons learned from the internet on those guys we all know from college.
New York Burger Co. combines too many strong flavors and is otherwise somewhat forgettable.
Sauté some garden veggies to make a spicy Mexican side dish.
Celebrate the heat of the summer with a frozen gimlet.
Grill chicken using fresh rosemary and lime before grilling season is over.
Make this cold shrimp appetizer for your next barbecue.
Put a spin on pasta and pesto with langostino tails and pistachio pesto.
By Dane Feldman Photo by Dane Feldman. Welcome, once again, to Sunday Brunch here on Dish + Drink. It’s been a while since I posted a cocktail recipe for this segment (I know, I know, I’ve gotten a bit wrapped up in various egg dishes). In the spirit of summer being in full-swing, I thought it best to work on a perfectly summery brunch drink. What you’ll need: 2 oz wine 2 oz seltzer/club soda 1/4 oz creme de cassis Ice 4 strawberries Directions: In a blender, combine the wine, seltzer, creme de cassis, and ice. Wash and add in 2 of the strawberries before blending. Serve in wine glasses or champagne flutes with the remaining 2 strawberries. This drink is a spin on a classic favorite: the kir royale, which is traditionally a champagne cocktail. Instead of using champagne, I used a combination of wine and seltzer because I wanted to keep the same volume of liquid without a higher alcohol content. If you plan to use champagne in this recipe, I would suggest cutting it with extra ice.
The cheeseburgers at brgr in NYC are impressively good and well worth a try.
Diets may not actually be as helpful in losing weight as we think they are.
Make limoncello at home with this simple recipe for Thirsty Thursday.
Zen isn’t the best sushi spot in NYC, but it’s always half price.
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Make a delicious and hearty dinner using only what you already have in your refrigerator.
Cafeteria in Chelsea is a great spot for Sunday Brunch, but it may not be worth the price.
Dane checks out some of the hot spots in NYC’s Koreatown.
Ben & Jerry’s brings free city-inspired ice cream flavors to 11 US cities including NYC.
Thirsty Thursday is here and it’s time for some muddle strawberries and whisky.
This sandwich is a variation of the croque monsieur, croque madame, and monte cristo.
This NJ diner isn’t what you might expect as it serves Thai food exclusively.
Combining Thai basil and chili paste makes this cucumber salad both refreshing and spicy.
Use scraps from smoked salmon to make lox cream cheese at home.
Cook leftover stone fruits into a fruity compote for dessert.
Naked Juice, owned by PepsiCo, settled a $9M lawsuit regarding all natural ingredients and GMOs.
This peach mint cocktail packs a punch with either bourbon or vodka.
Asuka in Chelsea is a great deal for both sushi and happy hour.
Quinoa as a breakfast component is just as delicious and nourishing as it is as a dinner component.
The farmer’s markets in July have different produce on offer than they did in June.
Serve up these egg cups at brunch this Sunday.
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Mussels and clams together is a great summer dish, rain or shine.
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Sunday Brunch serves eggs this week with a spicy southwest spin.
Venture to New Jersey for some quality dining al fresco.
Kick off your weekend with this healthy breakfast shake.
Update your home with a functional and stylish bar cart.
Switch up your pesto with some walnuts instead of pine nuts.
Dane interviews Dominique Ansel, head chef and owner of the bakery responsible for the trademarked Cronut.
Sauté veggies with fingerling potatoes for a hearty and healthy side dish.
Whether you are a classified hoarder or not, these tips can help you gain more control of your everyday life.
Combine celebrating America and enjoying Sunday Brunch with this champagne cocktail.
Bake some red, white, and blue cookies this holiday weekend.
Bake an American flag cake from scratch for this year’s July 4th barbecues.
Celebrate Independence Day with homemade jell-O shots.
Grill steak instead of burgers this Independence Day.
Celebrate America’s birthday by grilling some North American rainbow trout and corn.
These two healthy red, white, and blue breakfasts are in the spirit of Birthday Week.
How transparent are intentional shifts in body language?
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Fresh cucumbers make for great summer sides.
Thirsty Thursday on D+D takes a look at the Lantern’s Keep, a swanky bar in the Iroquois Hotel near Times Square.
Serve this zesty marinade over grilled salmon for a tasty summer dish.
BTR staff members try a variety of meats at NYC favorite Bareburger.
Check out what to find this week at your local farmer’s markets.
Put these lemonade cubes in your iced tea for a refreshing spin on the Arnold Palmer.
Try these simple steps to make your own sorbet at home.
Baked sweet potato fries are a great alternative to regular French fries.
The frozen fruity gin fizz is a no brainer when it comes to summer cocktails.
Cauliflower and broccoli rabe make this pesto stand out from the crowd.
Great grandmothers make the best chicken vegetable burgers.
Use this homemade rub for your next grilled chicken dinner.
This Sunday try avocado and yogurt in your deviled eggs for a refreshing spin on a classic.
Frozen yogurt bananas are packed with protein and natural sugars.
Keep cool and caffeinated this summer with these coffee ice cubes.
Not all cocktail popsicles are good cocktail popsicles.
Slow Food USA has been gaining traction since 1989 with its anti-fast food mantra.
Taking small, but efficient steps can help thwart procrastination.
In the spirit of Slow Week here on BTR, Dish + Drink focuses on a slow-cooking Israeli breakfast.
Tips and tricks to help energize your body and fuel it with the right kinds of slow foods.
Watermelon salad in martini glasses adds zest to brunch.
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How to: grow your own lettuce and arugula.
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Spice up your Memorial Day brunch with new recipes.
Enjoy some classic American cocktails this holiday celebration.
Avoid overeating this weekend at various Memorial Day barbecues.
BTR staff members experiment with three kinds of tequila in spirit of Thirsty Thursday.
This protein smoothie is great for an on-the-go breakfast as well as a post-workout meal.
Documenting some stellar eats at this year’s foodie and music fest in Prospect Park, Brooklyn.
Blueberries are great in more than just waffles. For instance, take Quinoa.
Forty years after Roe v. Wade, the abortion debate continues amidst new emerging state laws.
“All the world’s a stage” and some artists play many roles in and out of the spotlight.
Despite selling out to Monsanto, Whole Foods still leads the way in green and organic living.
Every major error from every major media outlet covering the Boston Marathon bombing, tallied for your enjoyment.
How the attack in Boston has brought out the best in some people.
As LGBT rights are becoming more recognized, people are demanding this antiquated “therapy” be abolished.
How much do Adam Lanza and Mark David Chapman have in common?
How unlimited choices might actually be a detriment to western society.
Whether its chopping your mop or letting your razor gather dust, there is a way to show your support for those with Cancer.
The old gives way to the new: The story of Words With Friends and Scrabble.