Dane Feldman
Dane Feldman was Co-Editorial Director, Copy Editor, Dish + Drink Editor, and Co-Host of The Hash before leaving BTR in late 2015.

Before his time at BTR, Dane attended college at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where he got his start in writing about food and dating as an intern for a global blogging platform based in New York. Following that two-year stint, he wrote about men's fashion and music for the university's daily newspaper, the Massachusetts Daily Collegian. Before graduating in 2012, he was promoted to Assistant Editor.

Aside from editing, cooking, and commenting on social interaction, Dane plays tennis recreationally, collects vintage watches, and dabbles in blues guitar.
Recent Posts
Last month was National Bourbon Heritage Month, but because it was so hot here in the Northeast, we were focusing on drinks a bit more refreshing and less potent. Now that the transitional weather is finally upon is, we can celebrate bourbon for autumn, while still enjoying the last bits of warm weather that are still lingering.
Elysian Cafe, a French bistro, is located on Washington Street between 10th Street and 11th Street in Hoboken, New Jersey. The restaurant operates out of a saloon from the late 1890s, much like its sister restaurant Amanda’s, which operates out of a brownstone from the same time period.
Farm Road Hospitality opened a pop-up at Madison Square Eats this September in the hopes of spreading the word about their upcoming brick and mortar shop. The team curates delicious state fair-inspired food and boasts a seasoned chef who has worked at countless places, including Momofuku.
Williamsburg's Brooklyn Brewery has been churning out some of the city's favorite brews for decades. The neighborhood boasts some of the hippest places in the world to get together, but for those willing to wait in line, you can find rare beers for $5 and enjoy a tour as well.
There’s a possible genetic link to the disliking of cilantro. More than that, the taste of cilantro is often associated with the taste of soap. In fact, our primal instincts of smell and taste play a role in whether or not we like the herb.
Most of the people who know me know how much I love food, but only those closest to me know just how much I love sandwiches. I probably eat too many of them (sometimes two a day), but part of that comes from the ability to create anything I want and put it between two slices of bread. Sandwiches don’t have to be lame and can sometimes require just as much preparation as any other meal.