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I interviewed the ‘Dolemite’ actor decades ago. The Eddie Murphy Netflix movie ‘The Name is Dolemite’ got me emotional.…
Chris Cuomo took offense after someone referred to him as the inferior Corleone brother.
Welcome to ‘Kicking And Streaming,’ a column devoted to kung fu movies available for free on streaming services.
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The Ninth Annual Kimchipalooza hit Brooklyn this weekend!
New York could barely handle the intensity of the hard-touring Philly trio.
Yes, just like the headline says: there really was a cat fashion show at New York City's Algonquin Hotel.
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Samantha describes how she feels after finding out that one of her professors is part of an alt-right group on her campus. 1st…
Gil describes how a close friend betrayed him and why he was able to forgive that betrayal.
Kristen describes a recent situation in her workplace where she was wrongfully accused of behavior that she did not commit. 1st…
A newly published comical reference tome is in truth just another entry in the vast southern propaganda mill. It's time to admit…
Mike shares memories of what Miami was like when he was a child in the 1940s as compared to how the city is today. 1st Person…
Looking at our most read stories of the year makes us wonder about what our readers want.
The former Second Lady's phrasing suggests a fear surrounding her husband's candidacy.
The British actor reminds us that choke jobs can be really, really funny. At least when they involve hot wings.
Don’t believe the Times hype about NYC’s Financial District.
Chance the Rapper is having a tough time with tweets about how much he loves his wife.