Oh Yeah, ah what’s up? Still full from the 2nd’s, 3rd’s uh, ok forget it. Or maybe your tired from the Black Friday aftermath. Never really got what you wanted? Stood in line for 12 hours for some dusty jeans? It’s ok, it happens. My world hip-hop show will ease your pain. The more i dig for research in Napoleon’s name. The more i realize he has a ton of songs probably never really heard. So check in my mix a throw back from him called Junkyard Dog produced by Sugar CAyne. Plus i told ya’ll weeks ago to go get that free Raz Fresco mixture off of Duckdown.com. Least by not last new Jean Grae, exclusive Stacy Epps & more dope joints from around the world!!!
Yeah, Yeah, it’s Black Friday. And i get to work & rock some dope latin joints for your Thanksgiving weekend. Are you still full? We’ll let the dope latin beats loosen you up, lol. Burn some calories off, make up a new dance. Or just rock the speakers loud as you prepare some seconds or thirds after your black friday madness shopping spree. Enjoy your weekend and share some latin hiphop with your friends. Bounce to the beats. Let’s go!!
What up everybody? First, get that new R&B album by Jean Grae on bandcamp.com. Then download the free mixtape from Raz Fresco on Duckdown.com. Boom Merry Thanks Christmas.,,lol. Yeah that’s some dope music you can get right now. Holidays are here. I’ll be working this Black Friday while ya’ll running all over the shopping stores for great deals. Waiting on long lines for the special someone? In the mean time you can be bumping BTR music in ya iphone or ipad. Yeah, i gotta work this Friday, for a good cause though, more Latin hiphop this Friday. Enjoy!!
Yeah, Yeah, if you in NYC, yep it’s cold. Half of America cold too. Rest of the world, some places are hot and stay hot. That’s why i bring you the hot latin hiphop mix right here on BreakThru radio. The music never stops no matter what the temperature is. Holidays are here, have a good time, drink well if you do and enjoy all those great meals that’s coming your way. Enjoy time with ya fam, dance and bump this latin hiphop mix loud right here on BTR.
What up everybody? First I wanna say, I met the legend, icon Kid Capri, helluva guy, cool dude. Yep, excited. Excited about this new mix too. World hiphop , another dope episode. So make sure you tweet, like, share, no not Cher, LOL. I’m also excited that now you can come out and see me live every Saturday in NYC – Concrete Lounge over on 360 West 37th street between 8th & 9th ave. BtR dj’s come on down and have a drink. Always willing to meet the fam…Let’s go…enjoy the mix.
Yes, yes another Friiiiiiiidayyyyyy
Hello world!!! Yeah, Bazarro back with another dope World HipHop mix. Ya Sunday pleasure. I remember back in the days you could only play gospel music or slow tempo R&B songs on Sunday. But, hiphop is so big now & worldly, any day of the week don’t matter now. That’s why i bring the dopiness with the hotness right here on BreakThru radio. New Jean Grae, she has a R&B album out now on bandcamp. Check it out. Also Raz Fresco drop a free mixtape on Duckdown.com. He’s from Canada so check that. Also check Talia Levy new single soon to come to digital stores, “Stay With Me”. Yeah like that. Enjoy the mix
There’s a new artist borrn every day. And Breakthru radio, we here to break that new artist if he or she or group is dope! So check out the mix, with a ton of new artists & new music. Myself, sometimes it’s hard to go thru the barrage of new music because you don’t wanna just play anything because it’s new. Some latin hiphop artists can collaborate on one song and it can be ten minutes long. I think that’s a little too much but it’s part of the genre. Well, check out the new joints with the new artists and legends. The legends had to breakthru too. Let’s go!!
Well, well, it’s November!! I remember it was just January. The years go like that, click! Un-real. Too fast, take one day at a time and it still goes fast. Hope you can digest some good ole hiphop from around the world. Hopefully it’ll speed up the day but slow things down at the same time, however that works. Hope u all had a good Halloween weekend. Now let’s go!!