Chuck Stern
Chuck Stern writes about music, film, and social issues for BTR. He graduated from New York University with a BA in English Literature, and went on to produce comedy shows for Manhattan's public access network, MNN, where he also worked as the programming coordinator.

Chuck is a musician and composer. He scores films and web shorts in his spare time, and writes and sings for his band, Stern. He has also played in Time of Orchids, which released records on Tzadik and Cuneiform Records.

Chuck is interested in experimental and multimedia art, and the ways it fuses with technology. He's a science fiction nut (mainly '80s B movies), and is obsessed with the future, realizing more and more that we're living in it.

Conversations on "Tech Trends" relate to filmmakers, audio engineers, animators, and others at the crossroads of art and innovation.
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