Learning about how enhancing the productivity and incomes of smallholder family farmers is key to progress, according to Barbara Ekwall.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s disingenuous charity scam, our end-of-the-year round-up, and listener mail.
We delve into some positive changes to make for 2016 that can help the New Year ring in with some environmental hope in protecting our resources.
Happy New Year! Today we are closing out the year with a dope mix of all the music from this year. It’s a lot so sit tight and enjoy the show. Be safe everyone if you’re partying like me this weekend. 2016 here we come! Turn us up!!
We learn about the state of food insecurity in the world and how about 793 million people are undernourished globally, down 167 million over the last decade.
For this Best of 2015 Den I read aloud conversations with Main Attrakionz, Ava Luna and Yowler and play music from all. Plus Coneheads and Katie Dey
The US has a new name for its endless war, and listener mail.
Barbara Ekwall begins with the various ways FAO of The United Nations defines hunger and what regions are primarily focused in its initiatives.
Congress finally jettisons the punishments imposed by No Child Left Behind, and listener mail.
Ann Fensterstock is the author of the book Art On The Block. The book charts the history of the New York art world over the last sixty years. Unlike other cultural and business districts in New York, the hub of the art scene has had a tendency to pick up and move. Over the last six decades artists and galleries have moved from uptown to downtown, spread across lower Manhattan, and set up shop across the East River in Brooklyn. Art on the Block tells the story of this migration and explores why the art world doesn’t stay put.
We speak with Barbara Ekwall, Senior Liaison Officer at the North America Office of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.
In this Best of 2015 Den I read aloud conversations with John Dwyer (of Damaged Bug) and Four Tet and play music from both, Paper Gates too
Obama expands the ground war in Iraq, and listener mail.
Happy New Year! This week I predict the hottest travel destinations in 2016 and chat with map expert Jerry Brotton!
We talk about the best holiday movies and review the new action, drama, comedy ‘American Ultra’
To cut back on the food we waste, Dana Gunders gives some simple steps, like making strategic grocery lists or putting leftovers in plain sight in the fridge.
A love story about second chances, and also Merry Christmas.
Main causes of waste occurs due to poor planning and overbuying as well as from food being stored improperly, according to Dana Gunders, Staff Scientist on Food and Agriculture.
We revisit two of our favorite holiday segments, the insecure chef and a story about being a gift wrapper at Cartier.
How to spread the spirit through food conservation–the best kind of giving that we can pay forward not only to our personal communities, but to the global community too.
Happy Holidays to you and your family. Today I’m on the set for a special Xmas eve mix featuring some of the dopiest joints from 2015. Tag me in your holiday photos. If you’re on the road today let me know. I will shout you out on my Instagram today! Follow us @BreakThruRadio on our social media handles.
Practical strategies, checklists, and educational infographics on reducing waste with recipes like Sour Milk Pancakes and Buried Chocolate Avocado Mousse.
In this Best of 2015 Den I read aloud conversations with Shamir, Saun and Starr and Knxwledge and play music from all, Pink Siifu too
Jesse Myerson joins us to discuss how and why we should do away with private housing, robots who can say no to humans, and listener mail.
Dana Gunders talks with us about why she wrote the Waste-Free Kitchen Handbook and how 40 percent of food in America goes to waste.
We run down some of our favorite Christmas movies.
Hannah Barrett is a painter based in Brooklyn. Her work draws from a range of subject matter including old cookbooks, vintage fashion, 1960s advertising imagery, characters from classic literature, and really anything else that strikes a chord in Hannah’s visual imagination. All these elements are brought together in portraits, still lives, and domestic scenes that blend the surreal with the everyday and seem to imply an entire world in each painting. To me, there’s something both familiar and strange about Hannah’s paintings, and it’s a quality that allows the viewers imagination to run just as wild as I’m sure Hannah’s does when she’s painting.
Dana Gunders, staff scientist focused on food and agriculture, speaks with us about reducing food waste and her book, Waste-Free Kitchen Handbook.
In this Best of 2015 Den I read aloud conversations with TheeSatisfaction, Palberta, Zula/annex and Kamasi Washington and play music from all. Plus Nils Frahm and Little Spoon.
The got to go list and the importance of keeping the most challenging students, and listener mail on education.
This week I give you a super unique Holiday travel guide and we chat with world traveler Lillie Marshall!
We talk about the best winter time movies and review the new Michael Moore documentary ‘Where To Invade Next’
Dr. Azra Raza discusses how the FDA has created inertia as it continues to recognize these models as the gold standard for predicting the utility of drugs.
Julia Carrie Wong joins us to discuss a fatal police shooting in San Francisco, Paige Shell-Spurling joins us to discuss auto workers compensation in Colombia, and listener mail.
Dr. Azra Raza discusses her decision early on to concentrate research on freshly obtained human cells and not to rely on mice or petri dishes alone.
Ayesha Siddiqi joins us to discuss Islamophobia in the US, Britney Summit Gil joins us to discuss the empathy gap in the corporate media, and reactions to the GOP debate.
This week on Third Eye, we’re shining a light on the paradigms that the sun is setting on as well as introduce new habits that sustain a long life.
Back with another special edition as we kick off last year with this incredible Madlib edition. If you’ve been following us you should know that you can stream this show from your mobile device. If you missed this at the top of 2015 here you go! Stream and download now! Be well and be safe. Follow us on social media @BreakThurRadio.
Dr. Azra Raza speaks with us about the case of Sepsis where mice modeling proved to be a useless tactic in developing a drug for humans.
In this Best Of 2015 Den I read aloud conversations with Weird Inside, $3.33 and Krill and play music from all
Ryan Schleeter joins us to discuss the Paris Climate Summit, sex panic over a Serena Williams magazine cover, and listener mail.
Part 2 with Dr. Azra Raza, the Director of the MDS Center at Columbia University, discusses the history and standardization of the synthesized model system used in cancer research.
The final agreement from the Paris climate summit is historic but leaves much to be desired, details on the end of No Child Left Behind, and Cuomo’s task force walks away from Common Core.
Video artist Janaye Brown makes single-shot videos based around the surreal and mundane moments of everyday life. In a four minute piece called Cocktail Hour, a room filled with fog slowly clears to reveal two figures sitting awkwardly in a living room as a clock is heard ticking off screen. In another video, called Late Spring, we watch for two minutes as insects swarm around a brightly lit bell tower. The Lynchian piece Rocks, With Salt frames a blank patch of sand on the beach that appears to be breathing.
Dr. Azra Raza, the Director of the MDS Center at Columbia University in New York, NY, speaks with us about the hazard in using mouse models for drug research.
Anna Lekas Miller joins us to discuss how Syrians are reacting to Trump’s proposal to ban Muslims, former cop Daniel Holtzclaw is found guilty of sexually assault, and Donald Trump on the death penalty.
In this Best of 2015 Den I read aloud conversations with Palm, Jib Kidder and Jessica Pratt and play music from all
This week I chat with the fantastic Erik Gauger, creator of the wonderful travel site Notes From The Road.
Dan Sharp scours Toronto’s seamy underbelly after the murder of a notorious nightspot owner, and finds his own life on the line.
We talk about the best sunset scenes in cinema history and review the new documentary The Wolfpack!
The struggle to sustain quality international reporting in a digital age, yet it’s importance in understanding international leaders.
A new poll shows GOP voters overwhelmingly support Trump’s plan to ban Muslims from entering the US, a political science theory that attempts to explain xenophobia in the GOP, and white nationalists get a Trump bump.
Marvin Kalb continues the conversation on how to build future relations with Russia despite Putin’s purely nationalistic motives.
Trump’s rhetoric and the US media’s struggle to retain the veneer of objectivity.
Today’s question asks how we can reduce waste in our homes and what are the ways in which global leaders are tackling hunger abroad?
Happy Birthday to me! LOL Special pre birthday edition. I’m on the mix! I have all kinds of joints to play. Just having some fun today! I’m sure you will enjoy. Things are happening so just follow me to see what I’m up to for the birthday tomorrow. Don’t forget follow @breakthruradio during the holidays for updates!
Part 3 with Marvin Kalb on the world was stunned when Vladimir Putin invaded and seized Crimea in March 2014.
Today I play a bunch of new songs from the likes of Kiasmos, TEEN, Beacon, Plaitum and more
Maysoon Zayid joins us to discuss Donald Trump’s latest comments on banning Muslims from entering the US, our thoughts on Obama’s Oval Office speech, and listener mail.
Part 2 with Marvin Kalb, a former journalist and Harvard professor, wrote a book called Imperial Gamble: Putin, Ukraine, and the New Cold War.
Todd Miller joins us to discuss his time at the Paris Climate Summit, thoughts on Texas’ anti-Syrian refugee lawsuit, and listener mail on Divergent.
This week on the show I speak with multi-media artist Orlando Estrada. Orlando creates installations, sculptures, and performances inspired by his years living in Florida, his background in queer theory, and experiences he had growing up in a family of spiritual mediums.
We speak with Marvin Kalb, a former journalist and Harvard professor, wrote a book called Imperial Gamble: Putin, Ukraine, and the New Cold War.
The outrageous Maria Heinegg pays George a visit to discuss her active bisexual-vegan-crossfit-and-many-more-hyphens lifestyle. They talk about hangovers, Maria’s fashion sense, and celebrities that have done jail time!
Today I read aloud a conversation with Pep and play some songs of theirs. Plus music and talk about Spoon, Oneohtrix Point Never and uuum
Mariame Kaba joins us to discuss the police killing of Laquan McDonald in Chicago, Texas sues to keep the government from resettling any more refugees there, and listener mail.
This week I tell you all about my amazing vacation to Pass-A-Grille, Florida, and the Coconut Inn, then chat with Amanda Williams, creator of A Dangerous Business.
Jason Cooper is a brilliant student whose flawless academic record is jeopardized by the tribulations of pledging a fraternity. His life is further complicated by his sudden and unexpected attraction to another male student, a secret he has no intention of disclosing to his devout Christian mother. 
We share our top ten favorite films from every genre and review the new Steven Spielberg film ‘Bridge of Spies.’
Learning how LeanPath Inc. creates a technological system that addresses the food waste crisis in America.
Reactions to the mass shooting in San Bernardino, Texas sues federal government to halt Syrian refugee resettlement, and listener mail.
Part 2 with Andrew Shakman, the CEO of LeanPath, Inc., on personal ways to prevent food waste.
World AIDS Day and the continuing criminalization of people with HIV, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel fires police chief, and listener mail.
It’s type week here at BTR, and despite the roaring silence of a binary coded void, we’re here to talk about the old school types.
It’s officially the holiday season. Today I will be featuring tracks from all of the artist that I’ve either played or featured during my shows. This is a combination of 3 BTR Today shows! This track list will up lift you holiday spirits for sure. The funk is on so grab your egg nog and turn this up. Thank you all for listening it means the world to me. Follow us on social media @breakthurradio
We speak with Andrew Shakman, a food waste prevention advocate and the CEO of LeanPath, a food-saving technology service.
Today DJ Patrick K drops in to talk about the music of White Isles. Then I read aloud a conversation with recent BTR Tune Up artist East Love, and finish with new music from Deantoni Parks
Peter Cole joins us to discuss how unions can combat xenophobia, Paris clamps down on climate summit protests.
David and Austin have continued the collaborative work. Fallen Fruit began by mapping fruit trees growing on or over public property in Los Angeles.
Thoughts on the Planned Parenthood shooting, and Trump and Cruz each put forward total falsehoods.
Stephen Fan is a designer and adjunct assistant professor in the Art History and Architectural Studies department at Connecticut College. His latest project is a traveling exhibition and book called Sub-Urbanisms: Casino Urbanization, Chinatowns and the Contested American Landscape. The project studies the ways that immigrant Chinese casino workers in Connecticut have converted single family homes into multi-family communities. In his project, we see how the social and aesthetic norms of American suburban living are transformed and re-interpreted to suit the cultural beliefs and lifestyles of immigrant workers. For example, in these homes, a patio space becomes an extra kitchen for communal cooking, extra walls are added to the living room to create new bedrooms, and front lawns are repurposed as gardens for growing Chinese produce.
The collective seeks to bring reflection and activism in taking an artistic approach to agriculture in America.
Today I play a mix of music featuring Amara Toure, Helado Negro, Tink, Women, CYNE, Kool Keith and more…
We spend the hour on listener mail.
This week I tell you all about my world foods bucket list, then we chat with famous travel writer Pam Mandel, author behind Nerd’s Eye View!
Our mission is to bring students together with outstanding, well-respected educators and to repurpose collaborative workspaces, offices, and bookstores in order to create unique classrooms in intellectually stimulating environments.
We review the incredibly awful horror/comedy ‘Thankskilling’ just in time for the holidays. Look out for killer turkeys!
Part 2 with Scott Zdrazil discusses shareholder engagement with fossil fuel companies and The Accountability Project.
The most exciting activism at a recent drug reform conference, and listener mail about teaching.
Scott Zdrazil, Director of Corporate Governance at Amalgamated Bank, discusses shareholder engagement with fossil fuel companies.
John went to a surveillance conference for the third year straight, and listener mail about classroom management techniques.
Today’s podcast is about the power of reflections and how does science and art help us more deeply reflect on the mirror images we see?
Today we give thanks! I will be playing some funky electronic/house tunes today. Right on time for your Thanksgiving day get together. Tag me in your photos on Instagram let me see your plate! I’m headed straight for my aunts Collard Greens! Happy Thanksgiving to you all!
Reid Capalino coordinates and advises the firm’s work on behalf of companies seeking to make New York City more resilient and sustainable.
Today a trio of songs and a lengthy concerto in honor of Mirror Week. Plus a special re-broadcasting of the BTR Thanksgiving (circa 2011)
White supremacists are suspected of shooting five black protesters in Minneapolis, and Turkey shoots down a Russian fighter Jet.
Helen Rosenthal discusses the responsibility of public officials and calls for a financial study on the detriment of fossil fuel investments.
Natasha Lennard and Lukas Hermsmeier join us to discuss Germany’s treatment of refugees, and catching up on Trump and Rubio.
Mika Kaurismäki is the director of the new film The Girl King. The film tells the story of Queen Kristina of Sweden, who in the 17th century at the age of eighteen attempted to modernize Sweden and has become known as one of the earliest feminist figures in Europe.
We speak with Austin Young, cofounder of Fallen Fruit, an art collaboration bringing people together with fresh fruit.
The hilarious Joe Zimmerman drops in for a visit with George at the Spit Take Comedy studio. They discuss the highs and lows of the Spin Doctors catalog, as well as play and exciting game of Andrew Jackson: Did He Do That?
Today I read aloud a conversation with gobbinjr and play music off her new album manalang. New music from Invisible Circle, Nils Frahm and Olafur Arnalds
The FBI is tasked with preventing ISIS-inspired rampage shooting but not other gun violence, the media response to violence world wide, and listener mail.
This week is my super secret winter travel spots, Asia edition! After that we chat with Beth Henry, voice behind Cloud Surfing Kids.
What motivates students to learn, work hard, and persevere through life’s toughest challenges? Why is it so difficult for the world’s wealthiest and most powerful country to build good schools in every neighborhood? In Mission High, Mother Jones reporter Kristina Rizga tells intimate stories from the four years she spent immersed in one of the nation’s most diverse public high schools. She follows four teachers and their remarkable students as they struggle against closure, resist pressure to focus on test scores, and create some of the most effective classrooms in the country. The unforgettable stories in these pages offer a hopeful lesson for improving all American schools.
We review the Academy Award winning masterpiece ‘Ida’ and talk about the best shows worth binge-watching!
Cynthia Ogden, epidemiologist and expert in obesity, discusses results from a study on the prevalence of obesity in adults and youth from 2011 to 2014.
Indiana’s governor attempts to block a Syrian family scheduled to be resettled in Indianapolis, and listener mail in response to Ali Gharib’s segment earlier this week.
Part 2 with Robert Blum from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public health on the corporate and political influences in US dietary guidelines.
The increasingly hawkish US press calls on Obama to intensify war against ISIS, anti-refugee historical parallels in the 20th Century, and listener mail.
Today, we take a more expansive view of gluttony, not only of over-consumption of food, but also of technology, in this digital wave of devices.
I waited for this day all week! You are now able to stream #ontheavenue straight to your mobile device no flash player or anything else needed. With that said I’m gonna drop some funk on you with THE Dam-Funk EDITION! Featured him at the top of the year a lot of people missed this and asked for the audio. He is currently on tour trust me go check him out.
Everything from advertisement to undisclosed sugar additives in food are some of the leading causes of the childhood obesity epidemic in America.
Today I read aloud conversations with Worthless and Animal Years and play music from both. Also, Jesus Jim.
Ali Gharib joins us to discuss the Paris attacks, and our thoughts on the anti-refugee aftermath.
Part 2 with a member of Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public health on the advertising strategies used by Food companies influencing obesity in children.
The US enters a new phase in the war against ISIS, Boston looks to charterize 36 public schools, and listener mail. Today’s show was recorded before the attacks in Paris.
Artist Roxanne Jackson has taken an unconventional approach to her life as an artist. Before going to grad school to study art she worked as a river guide in California, got a degree in botany and spent winters teaching snowboarding in Colorado.
Professor of Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public health discusses corporate advertising and the strategies used to influence the food choices of American children.
Today I play songs from Joanna Newsom, Deafheaven, Bitchin Bajas, The Caretaker, Dirty Beaches and Olafur Arnalds and Nils Frahm
Ryan Schleeter on Obama’s rejection of the Keystone Pipeline, the selective conservative defense of free speech, and listener mail.
This week I give you my top secret winter travel spots in Europe, then we chat with Brendan Leonard, founder of the outdoor adventure travel website Semi-Rad.
Ever wondered how to pan-fry a steak with a charred crust and an interior that’s perfectly medium-rare from edge to edge when you cut into it? How to make homemade mac & cheese that is as satisfyingly gooey and velvety-smooth as the blue box stuff, but far tastier? How to roast a succulent, moist turkey (forget about brining!)―and use a foolproof method that works every time? As Serious Eats’ culinary nerd-in-residence, J. Kenji Lopez-Alt has pondered all these questions and more. In The Food Lab, Kenji focuses on the science behind beloved American dishes, delving into the interactions between heat, energy, and molecules that create great food. Kenji shows that often, conventional methods don’t work that well, and home cooks can achieve far better results using new―but simple― techniques. In hundreds of easy-to-follow recipes with over 1,000 full-color images, you will find out how to make foolproof Hollandaise sauce in just two minutes, how to transform one simple tomato sauce into a half dozen dishes, how to make the crispiest, creamiest potato casserole ever conceived, and much more.
We review the super intense new Netflix original war film ‘Beasts of No Nation’ starring Idris Elba
Ksenia Gnedeva, from the Laboratory of Sensory Neuroscience at Rockefeller University , on research into super-fine ear hair restoration.
Catching up on the GOP debate, and listener mail.
Part 2 of our interview with Allen Gibbs who has been conducting an unusual series of studies on obese fruit flies.
Dave Zirin joins us to discuss the protests at the University of Missouri, the Senate torture report is in a bizarre limbo, and listener mail.
This week we explore the extraordinary and remarkable feats of super-strength herbivores as well as research into obesity.
Today we are celebrating the release of Koncept & J57’s The Fuel EP which drops next Friday. Playing a couple joints off the EP as well as some previous cuts from their other projects. Also check for the track that we did together with the rest of the Brown Bag Allstars crew!
Allen Gibbs, a professor of Life Sciences at the University of Nevada who has been conducting an unusual series of studies on obese fruit flies.
Today I play a bunch of new songs from White Isles, McQueen, Oneohtrix Point Never, Rival Console, Palm, Nils Frahm and Olafur Arnalds, JEFF The Brotherhood, DJ Paypal and The Lavender Flue
The student protest at Mizzou forces top school two administrators to resign, and the ethics of media interacting with protesters.
Part 2 with Blaire van Valkenburgh, a paleontologist, on how hyper-carnivores, such as the sabre-tooth tiger, used their super-strengths to regulate herbivores.
MSF releases its investigation into the US bombing of its hospital in Kunduz, a tasteless Bronx is Burning party in the south Bronx, and listener mail.
Photographer Carolyn Russo has been traveling the world photographing the architecture of air traffic control towers. These essential, but often overlooked, structures are the subject of Carolyn’s new book and National Air and Space Museum exhibition Art of the Airport Tower.
Valkenburgh uncovers Pleistocene-era teeth and examines them to determine exactly how these giant predators survived.
I’m sick and my throat hurts so it’s an all-supergroup mixtape today in honor of Super Week on BTR. Tune Up coming Wednesday…
Parker Molloy joins us to discuss a loss for trans rights in Houston, and the ethics of autonomous machines.
This week I give you the top five best secret travel spots in the U.S., plus we chat with Justin Ames, editor-in-chief of The Velvet Rocket, an online travel magazine dedicated to exploring unique cultures!
You should get the gold medal for your diet and exercise efforts. You’ve done it all – juice cleansing, vegetarianism, raw foodism, gluten-free, Paleo™. You have a designated spot in your yoga class and on alternate days you’re committed to Spinning®, Pilates and Zumba®. So why is the body you’re hoping for not manifesting? Before you blame genetics for not looking the way you want (and you’re positive you’ve done everything possible to drop those pesky pounds), maybe there’s something you’ve missed. Fitness and nutrition expert, Danielle Pashko’s surprising insights may astonish you when you discover what you’ve been overlooking.
We review the highly-acclaimed new thriller ‘The Gift’ starring Joel Edgerton, Jason Bateman, and Rebecca Hall.
Part 2 of our interview with Matthias Ruth on NASA-sponsored study that points to the interrelated factors that cause human civilizations to collapse.
The continuing disgrace of family detention, the similarities between de Blasio and Bloomberg on school segregation, and listener mail.
It’s (almost) spring!! While we are technically still one week out according to the calendar, the snow has started to thaw, grass is showing, and the sun is shining, so we here at BTR are celebrating! And what better way to ring in the spring than with some beautiful, beachy fashion? Brooke Goldman launched her lineDISTRICT Collection three years ago, and in that short time, her label has grown to be synonymous with flirtatious, fashion-forward styles that are incredibly versatile. It’s no wonder that Blake Lively is counted amongst Brooke’s fan base – Brooke’s designs offer effortless elegance. On today’s show, Brooke will talk about discovering her fashion path while majoring in anthropology, the insights she gained while working in buying and merchandising that helped her build a successful brand, the DISTRICT aesthetic, her textile-driven creative process, and more.
Matthias Ruth is speaking us about a new study partly-sponsored by NASA that highlights the unsustainable human-nature dynamics that lead to a civilization’s collapse.
Sarah Leonard and Atossa Abrahamian join us to discuss austerity, Greece, and buying and selling citizenship.
We hit you this week with another classic On The Avenue episode. The Jamla is The Squad edition. Beats from 9th Wonder & Khrysis. It’s amazing how much love I’m getting for the episodes. Here go! Subscribe for the automatic downloads! Jump on social media and share with your friends. Turn it up. Classic.
Kathryn Morris, a chemical ecologist at Xavier University, speaks with us about her study of interconnected fungi.
Today I read aloud a lengthy chat with Joanna Newsom and play music off of her new album Divers. Plus new music from Honey_Ear
Will Potter joins us to discuss CMUs, otherwise known as Little Guantanamo Bay prisons, restarting negotiations on how to end the Syrian Civil War, and listener mail.
Part 2 of our interview with Dr. Eran Tauber on the potential in finding a synergy of how ancient DNA sequences influence animal behavior during seasonal changes.
Frontline’s AC Thompson joins us to discuss his investigation into a string of murders in the 1980s that targeted Vietnamese-American journalists, and Success Academy’s “got to go” policy.
Jenni Olson is the director of the new film, The Royal Road. She describes the film as a cinematic essay, and it’s structure is simple: patient static shots of urban California landscapes captured on 16 mm film, and a voiceover narration written and spoken by Jenni.
We speak with Dr. Eran Tauber on his research into 700 million year-old DNA sequences from ancient animals and how they influenced modern species.
recorded in: Today I talk about and play music from Heirophants, milo, Porches, Mieux, Bitchin Bajas and Natural Information Society 00:00 Latola (music by Ohbliv) 03:54 Nervous Tic – Heirophants 07:23 Latola (music by Barnaby Carter) 12:42 Conspiracy Theory – Heirophants 15:24 Latola (music by Candy Claws) 19:47 rabblerouse – milo 20:56 souvenir feat. Hemlock Ernst – milo 24:42 Latola (music by Captain Murphy and Malcangrejos) 29:53 an encyclopedia – milo 34:58 Latola (music by The Caretaker) 36:54 Technotrap – Mieux 41:53 Latola (music by The Caretaker) 43:20 Hour – Porches 46:26 Latola (music by The Caretaker) 51:00 On No Fade – Natural Information Society and Bitchin Bajas 70:24 Finish Parallax Error Heirophants so the flies don’t come milo 10 Years of Jazz and Milk Mieux Hour Porches Automaginary Information Society and Bitchin Bajas
Anna Lekas Miller joins us to discuss Turkey’s crackdown on the press and leftists in advance of the election, the US releases Shaker Aamer from Guantanamo, and listener mail.
This week we chat about canyoning in Interlochen, Switzerland, plus chat with travel writer, sketch artist and illustrator Candace Rardon, author of The Great Affair.
Brave Girls: Raising Young Women with Passion and Purpose to Become Powerful Leaders is the story and the science behind this endeavor. After interviewing hundreds of high-achieving businesswomen, Dr. Radin discovered that even the country’s most accomplished female professionals were often hampered by insecurity and afraid of being considered too aggressive in a business world run largely by men. She is dedicated to uncovering the inherent strengths, value, and skills of young girls.
This week on The Hash, hosts Molly and Dane are joined by Samantha Spoto to chat about grammar and online dating. Then, the three analyze what the number of sexual partners we’ve had says about us. The show wraps with an in-depth discussion between Molly and Dane regarding the three most recent episodes of FXX’s ‘You’re the Worst.’
This week we review the Patrick Brice horror film “Creep” just in time for Halloween!
We look into the potential benefits of electronic health services for chronic diseases and the future of healthcare.
The GOP debate leaves all of us a little worse off, the secret story of how four lawyers gave the OK on the bin Laden raid, following up on a NYC school diversity story, and listener mail.
This week on Sew & Tell, I’m joined by Taylor Johnston, a horticulturist at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston who, dissatisfied by the lack of stylish, durable workwear available for women, took matters into her own hands and created the perfect solution: Gamine Co. Today on the show, you’ll hear from Taylor about how fashion legend Bill Cunningham played a role in the creation of Gamine Co.; the practical and aesthetic considerations behind each Gamine Co. piece; the label’s production process, which honors historic American manufacturing; some of the exciting new projects ahead for Gamine Co., and more.
Listen to part 2 of our interview with Dr. Abdel-Kader, an assistant professor of Medicine at Vanderbilt University.
The DOJ opens an investigation into a school officer’s assault of a young black woman in a South Carolina high school, SXSW succumbs to a heckler’s veto, the Senate passes CISA, and listener mail.
What is it that drives people to put themselves in frightening situations? Why do we enjoy being scared?
We salute DJ/Prodcuer DJ Raous on today’s show. This Guys is responsible for jump starting my career. A musical genius to me the way he selected his records. Today all the tracks are inspired by him today. Follow us on social media @BreakThruRadio! R.I.P. to my girl Colleen Evans.
Listen to part 1 of our interview with Dr. Abdel-Kader, an assistant professor at the school of Medicine at Vanderbilt University.
Today Patrick K drops in to talk Halloween and help intro a set of songs that have one thing in common – organ, as it seems to be the most Halloweeny instrument…
A school cop assaults a child in a South Carolina high school, Jim Comey repeats allegations of the so-called “Ferguson Effect,” and Obama weighs deepening troops’ mission in Iraq and Syria.
Listen to part 2 of our interview with Vanessa Mason, founder of Riveted Partners, on the need for more diversity in digital health development.
Frontline’s Martin Smith joins us to discuss his new documentary Inside Assad’s Syria, the Obama administration decides it will move to limit testing, and listener mail.
Photographer Brian Ulrich has spent the last 15 years photographing the landscape of American consumerism. After 9/11, when the Bush administration encouraged all of us to go shopping, Brian travelled the country making images of big box chains, thrift stores, and later the abandoned shopping complexes that started popping up as the economy slid into the Great Recession.
We speak with Vanessa Mason, a digital health product strategist, on how e-health products can help underserved communities.
Today I read aloud a conversation with Hypoluxo (which you can read yourself right here on BTR) and play some songs of theirs. Plus new music from The Lavender Flue and $3.33
Climate change is threatening the security of Iraq, Clinton testifies before the Benghazi committee, and more listener mail on wheelhouses.
This week I give you my top five most mysterious places in the world, then we chat with Denise, founder of a tour company that plans mystery vacations!
Social networking has grown into a staple of modern society, but its continued evolution is becoming increasingly detrimental to our lives. Shifts in communication and privacy are affecting us more than we realize or understand. Terms of Service crystallizes this current moment in technology and contemplates its implications: the identity-validating pleasures and perils of online visibility; our newly adopted view of daily life through the lens of what is share-worthy; and the surveillance state operated by social media platforms—Facebook, Google, Twitter, and others—to mine our personal data for advertising revenue, an invasion of our lives that is as pervasive as government spying.
This week on The Hash, hosts Molly and Dane feature a full show of Relationships in the Digital Age segments. The first segment covers relationship problems caused by social media. Then, the pair delves into revenge porn and what PornHub is doing to combat it. The show wraps with an analysis of the recent Twitter scandal surrounding IHOP’s insensitive and offensive tweets.
We review James Ponsoldt’s new film about the tragic life of writer David Foster Wallace called “The End of the Tour,” starring Jason Segel and Jesse Eisenberg
Allison Sutter, a certified coach, best selling author, and entrepreneur talks with us about overcoming the fear of public speaking.
Cora Currier on the Kill Chain and the Drone Papers, fact checking MSNBC’s apology for its Israel map, and the difference between gentrification and integration.
Join me this week for a conversation with Jenny Wu, an architect with Oyler Wu Collaborative and designer behind a new line of jewelry called LACE. Jenny’s beautifully intricate necklaces, earrings and rings have incredible drama and delicacy, and are created entirely through the process of 3-D printing. On today’s show, Jenny talks about the shared aesthetic and approach to design between her architecture and LACE pieces, the innovation 3-D print technologies are bringing to every field and industry, the materials and process she uses to create LACE, and more.
Listen to part 2 of our interview with Dr. Edward Day, Chair at the Department of Sociology at Chapman University on Americans and their fears for 2015.
PBS runs a story critical of Success Academy, Benjamin Netanyahu blames a Palestinian mufti for the holocaust, and listener mail.
Today we explore the dynamics in some of the breeding grounds of fear and how we can shed light on mitigating the fear as we watch the horrific news of the day.
Amazing SB called in to check with the show to talk about his projects and how he go started. One of the most humble cats that I’ve gotten a chance to talk to doing this show. Hear what we had to say right here. Shout out to Queens, NY. GO METS!!
Dr. Edward Day, Chair at the Department of Sociology at Chapman University talks about his study into the top fears of Americans for 2015.
Today DJ Patrick K drops in to report on the new and long-awaited Steam Controller. Plus new music from Gnoomes and The Mantles
Ryan Devereaux joins us to discuss Operation Haymaker and the Drone Papers, a defendant in the 9/11 trial at Guantanamo wants to defend himself, and another school integration battle in NYC.
Part 2 of our interview with David Altheide on how much of the fear around us is unwarranted.
Frontline’s Michael Camerini joins us to discuss his new documentary on immigration reform, a US drone strike kills an al Qaeda figure in Syria, and listener mail.
This week on the show I talk with filmmaker and anthropologist J.P.Sniadecki about his new documentary The Iron Ministry. J.P. spent three years traveling through China by train, and in the film, he weaves countless trips into one impressionistic journey of people, sound, and clanking metal. We talk about trains in China, non-narrative documentary, and what it’s like to make a documentary on a train.
Professor David Altheide speaks with us about fear-mongering in American media.
Today I read aloud a conversation with Illa J and play music off his new, self-titled album. Also, beats from Potatohead People
Obama’s delayed drawdown in Afghanistan means the next president can scale back up, NYPD cop gets felony for lying about arrest of NYT photographer, Success Academy wants that sweet city money with no oversight, and Molly’s triumphant return.
This week tune in for the five creepiest places on Earth! Then we chat with freelance writer Vera Marie Badertscher, creator of A Traveler’s Library!
The Best American series is the premier annual showcase for the country’s finest short fiction and nonfiction. Each volume’s series editor selects notable works from hundreds of magazines, journals, and websites. A special guest editor—a leading writer in the field—then chooses the best twenty or so pieces to publish. This unique system has made the Best American series the most respected—and most popular—of its kind.
This week on The Hash, hosts Molly and Dane discuss surprising statistics about sex. Then, the pair delves into the importance of selfies for young women in response to a Huffington Post article. The show wraps with an in-depth conversation about The CW’s new show, ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.’
We review Ridley Scott’s new movie ‘The Martian’ starring Matt Damon and talk about our favorite friendship-based movies
Listen to part 2 of our interview with Zi Jing Wong in creating a scalable invisibility cloak for potential military use.
Anna Lekas Miller joins us to discuss the worsening Syrian refugee crisis in Lebanon, the Intercept publishes a new set of leaked documents on the drone war, artists sneak anti-Homeland graffiti onto the set of Homeland, and listener mail.
Between NYFW and last Sunday’s Oscars, the fashion world has been saturated with glamour over the last couple weeks – but nothing compares with the mind-bogglingly intricate work of Minnesota-based bead collector and designer Gail Be. What started as a handful of classes in beaded jewelry grew quickly into a lifelong passion for beadwork, and eventually manifested in the stunning, full-length, all-bead garments that Gail creates today. Lady Gaga wore one of her designs on the cover of “Cheek to Cheek,” her recent collaboration album with Tony Bennett, but its Gail’s latest project that has been turning heads all over the globe: Fantasy, the world’s largest beaded wedding gown. Join us today as Gail shares the incredible story behind her work, the process of building Fantasy, her passion for vintage beads, and her plans for new designs.
Listen to Zi Jing Wong speak about the breakthrough research at UC Berkeley in creating a scalable invisibility cloak.
Meredith Clark joins us to discuss the first Democratic presidential debate, catching up on the violence in Israel and Palestine, and listener mail.
This episode we explore these various bonds and ask how they facilitate a sense of peace in our lives.
Today we celebrate the 1 year anniversary release of the Deluxe edition album You’re Dead by Flying Lotus. I put together a classic mix for my On The Avenue listeners earlier in the year. This was one of the most popular episodes. For all those that missed this here you go. With that said enjoy it and share with your friends. Thank you for you continued support of this really cool show. Follow us on social media @breakthruradio.
Listen to our interview with Dr. Steve Croft from the SETI Center at UC Berkeley and his work on advanced radio telescopes to survey the sky.
Today I talk about all the fantastic bands playing BTR’s CMJ showcase at the Cake Shop in New York City TODAY YOOOO we got Worriers, Diet Cig, The Ghost Ease, Palehound, Sweet Spirit, Beverly and Gramma’s Boyfriend yall
The wife of a jailed Saudi blogger speaks out against her husband’s imprisonment, and listener mail.
Listen to part 2 of our conversation with professor Ann Ross, an anthropologist at North Carolina State University on forensic anthropology.
GOP in disarray after leading replacement for Boehner drops out of speaker race, and listener mail.
Rodney Asher is the director of the new documentary, The Nightmare. The film tells the stories of eight people who chronically suffer from a terrifying disorder called sleep paralysis. During sleep paralysis sufferers wake up to find themselves unable to move or speak, and many experience extremely vivid and frightening visual and auditory hallucinations.
Listen to our conversation with professor Ann Ross who led a forensic-anthropological study on fingerprints.
Today I talk about Hypoluxo and Palehound and play music from both. Then I read aloud an interview with reigning BTR Tune Up artist Animal Flag.
A Guantanamo Bay art exhibit goes where Obama fears to tread, activists claim potential Internet domains for Eva Moskowitz, and listener mail.
This week i give you the five coolest places to dine in the world, then chat with expert travel hacker Clint Johnston, author behind the popular!
New music from Ms. John Soda, Introverted Dancefloor, Strange Talk, and Small Black.
Stephanie Abrams and Courtney Spritzer knew even in the earliest days of Facebook the undeniable truth of today’s business world – social media could be your greatest marketing tool.  In Like, Love, Follow, these two entrepreneurial and technology-savvy women teach readers how to take a business or brand to new heights.  This book is a slice of their personal triumphs and serves as a small effort to pay-it-forward to their strong network of supporters, as well as to empower a new age of entreprenistas.
BTR Eatopia: Mobile Week Edition
This week on The Hash, hosts Molly and Dane analyze the relationship between Lindsay and Edgar on FXX’s You’re the Worst. Then, the pair chats about how to make friends as adults. The show wraps with an in-depth discussion about Nancy Meyers’ films, her career, and what she thinks about women in the film industry.
We review the new Boston gangster film ‘Black Mass’ starring Johnny Depp and talk about the best tech-based movies
Solutions on mending a system of many holes as our justice system by Sean Arthurs, Harvard Professor.
Mike Konczal joins us to discuss free college, Afghanistan is the deadliest country in the world for aid workers, and listener mail.
What if you could wear your favorite yoga pants to work, and still look beautifully polished, professional, and commanding? That’s exactly what Lisa Sun, founder and CEO of Project Gravitas, has set out to do with her new line of women’s wear. Not only are Project Gravitas pieces comfortable and well-constructed classics, the designs are created with a variety of body shapes and sizes in mind. (Imagine that! A line of clothes for women, actually *designed* for more than one woman!)
Part 2 of speaker Sean Arthurs, a Doctoral Candidate in the Education Leadership Program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.
US keeps changing its story on how it bombed a hospital in Afghanistan, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan is leaving the Obama administration, and listener mail.
The word is the homie Nottz is going to be releasing new heat this year into next. I decided to put this show almost year to date. This is the producer edition featuring some of Nottz dopiest tracks. I can’t wait to hear some of the new joints he’s cooking up. If his Instagram post are indication of what’s to come you better beware! For the latest BTR updates follow us on social media @BreakThruRadio.
A discussion on the many existing cases of the U.S. federal government’s policy of preemptive prosecutions of innocent people.
Today I read aloud a conversation w/ Illa J and play songs off his new self-titled LP. Plus new music from lee (asano+ryuhei)!
Obama waives sanctions for the sixth year for countries that use child soldiers, and advice from one listener to another about leaving an unfulfilling job.
Listen to part 2 of Harvard Law Professor on the faults in America’s justice system and recounting stories of false incarcerations.
A parable about integration in Dumbo, Brooklyn, thoughts on the mass shooting in Oregon, and the US bombs a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Afghanistan.
Michael Madsen is an artist and filmmaker. In his new documentary The Visit, he tackles perhaps one of the biggest questions of all: What would happen if intelligent life from another world landed on Earth?
Seán Arthurs, a Doctoral Candidate at Harvard Law School, discusses the problematic holes in America’s justice system.
Today I read aloud conversations w/ Tall Juan and Juan Wauters and play music from both
Anna Therese Day and Mouaz Moustafa join us for Radio Dispatch Live to discuss the war in Syria and the resulting humanitarian and refugee crisis.
This week we talk about what to expect when you’re getting ready for a big trip (or any other huge life change), plus chat with professional skydiver Mike Burgess!
This spooky mix from DJ Wynn features booming thunderclaps from The Dap Kings, Viet Cong with the stench of Death, Land Lines tearing you asunder, and Thee Oh Sees with big bad intentions.
Too many Americans die each year as a result of preventable medical error — mistakes, complications, and misdiagnoses. And many more of us are not receiving the best care possible even though it’s readily available and we’re entitled to it. The key is knowing how to access it.
This week on The Hash, hosts Molly and Dane start off by discussing five ways people might be slut-shaming women. Then, the pair delves into the debate over Justin Bieber’s most recent hit, “What Do You Mean?” and whether or not the song condones rape or promotes consent. The show wraps with the hosts joined by Samantha Spoto and the three chat about friendships and work relationships.
We review M. Night Shyamalan’s new thriller ‘The Visit’ and talk about ten movies that are supposed to be good but really suck
Makers at the faire explain their showcases of different technology, from funky piano synthesizers to different fun gadgets to toy with using technology.
Victoria Law joins us to discuss the lack of prenatal care in prisons, Russian airstrikes target rebels instead of ISIS, and listener mail.
It’s Pop Week here on BTR, and who better to feature on today’s show than Leesa Evans, stylist and costume designer behind such pop culture comedy classics as Bridesmaids, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, This Is 40, Trainwreck, and the upcoming Zoolander 2? Not only is Leesa a talented stylist and costumer designer, she is a totally lovely person who was an absolute delight to speak with! Leesa has some wonderfully thoughtful, insightful things to say about the process of costume design and cultivating style, so join us as she shares a bit about her experiences. You’ll hear from Leesa about what she learned as the daughter of a fashion designer, the joy she takes in the collaborative nature of costume design, some of the nuanced details and decisions that go into a film’s overall style, dressing the lovely ladies of Bridesmaids, her own go-to Halloween costume, and more! And for my parting playlist: a mix featuring some of my favorite pop tracks from recent years, including songs from Lia Ices, Sylvan Esso and The Mynabirds. Come join the pop fashion fun with Leesa Evans on BTR’s Sew & Tell!
We speak with a host of scientists, engineers, and innovators on cutting edge technology at the Maker Faire in Flushing, Queens.
Laurie Penny joins us to discuss Jeremy Corbyn’s election to head of the Labour party in Britain, a Congressional hearing on Planned Parenthood illustrates the GOP’s continuing war on women, and listener mail.
We’re going to take a look at pop in its many forms, from popular philosophy to the popularity of the Maker Movement.
Wake up! It’s the first of the month! On today’s show I will be celebrating our increasing awareness on social media. Thanks to our listeners and a special thanks to the BTR team and their hard work. So Today I will be playing a mixture of new tracks from artist you should be aware of. Cheers to all of you for support.
We speak with a host of scientists, engineers, and innovators on cutting edge technology at the Maker Faire in Flushing, Queens.
Today I read aloud a conversation with Wand and play music off their new album 1000 Days. Plus new songs from both Palm and Gemma.
Ryan Devereaux joins us to discuss the latest developments in the disappearance of 43 students from a school in Mexico, and police pre-crime units spread throughout the country.
We speak with representative of Google’s drone-delivery system and learn a bit more on the advancing technology of laser cutting machines.
Artist Rithika Merchant’s new series, Luna Tabulatorum, tell a story inspired by the moon. In the paintings human-like figures, animals, plant life, and other strange beings interact in symbolic rituals that evoke both religious and folk art tradition as well as the work of painters like Frida Khalo. Myths and Folklore inform a lot of the imagery in Luna Tabulatorum and Rithika is drawn to the fact that moon has played a significant role in the stories of gods, creation and the universe in ancient cultures from Greece to India. Rithika’s series is on view now at Stephen Romano Gallery in Bushwick, and last week Rithika joined me via Skype from Barcelona to talk about her work, the moon, and ways that woman and femininity are portrayed in art and mythology.
Ben Carson and Jeb Bush show their true selves, and a Brooklyn story about how gentrification works.
We speak with the president of an Italian digital company creating some of the fastest 3D printers and also developing a 3D printer for smart phones.
Today I read aloud interviews with Steve Hauschildt and The Winter Passing and play songs from both. Plus new music from vhvl!
We spend the hour catching up on listener mail.
This week we chat with Zach Schepis about his trip to Thailand!! Tune in for some of the best travel stories you’ll ever hear!
This week it’s the FINAL SPORTS SHOW OF ALL TIME. That’s right—it all comes down to this, or some other sports cliché. For the last-ever show, we reminisce about the origins of the show, how we all met and were brought together and some of our favorite memories over the years.
It’s not that he’s just not that into you—it’s that there’s not enough of him. Using a combination of demographics, game theory, and number crunching, financial and tech journalist Jon Birger explains America’s curiously lopsided dating and marriage market—and what every single, college-educated, heterosexual woman needs to know.
We review the harrowing disaster movie ‘Everest’ and talk about our top ten favorite movies to watch when we’re feeling stressed
Check out people spilling the details on what makes them the most stressed and the tactics they use to mitigate that stress.
Obama has promised to allow ten thousand Syrian refugees into the US in the coming year, police response to the arrest of Ahmed Mohamed, and listener mail.
Stressed about style? This week’s guest is here to help! George Brescia is a celebrity stylist, red carpet critic, media fashion expert, and author of the recently published Change Your Clothes, Change Your Life: Because You Can’t Go Naked, a guide to complete personal transformation through your closet. Join us today as George talks about his fashion career, the role of a stylist, some guidelines for looking great on or off the red carpet, a few of his favorite looks from Sunday’s Emmy Awards, his own go-to style staple for fall fashion, and more. Plus, I’ve got a great mix of music featuring songs from Florida’s Surfer Blood, experimental art pop diva My Brightest Diamond, and up-and-coming Wisconsinites PHOX. So stick around and unwind in style, with George Brescia on BTR’s Sew & Tell!
Listen to people from New York City explain the greatest stressors in their life and give helpful tips on how to manage stress.
Newspaper editorial boards criticize the opt-out movement, and listener mail.
Today we’ll be talking about some of the common stresses that we face and some alternative methods to alleviate them.
Today we catch up with Lyric Jones! Glad to have her back on to talk about her latest project called Gems From The Cubicle! Tight raps and banging beats. She explains how it all went down only on BTR Today! Get at me on Instagram @djwayneski. Let’s ride!
Listen in to part 2 of our interview on the uses of neurological research to create wearable technology that relieves stress.
Today I read aloud a lengthy conversation with Myke Bogan and play music off his new album Casino Carpet
Black children get fewer painkillers in the ER than white kids, Matt Damon is wrong on the importance of black directors and showrunners, and listener mail.
We speak with representatives of Thync, the first wearable technology to influence how you feel.
A Slate piece on the first-person essay economy, thoughts on Biden, Hillary, and Bernie, and listener mail.
For the several years photographer Daniel Cronin attended The Gathering of the Juggalos, an annual festival for die-hard fans of the horrorcore rap group The Insane Clown Posse. In his photographs, Daniel depicts Juggalos of every stripe, likening his approach to that of early 20th century German photographer August Sander who made egalitarian portraits of his countrymen. These photographs have been published in a book by Prestel, and I spoke with Daniel over the phone from Portland about his experiences at Gathering, misconceptions about Juggalo culture and some of his other projects.
We speak with Lee Rainie, the director of internet, science and technology research at Pew Research Center.
The delightful Maeve Higgins pays a visit to the Spit Take Comedy couch to discuss living in NYC, her prowess at pranks and the best Summer jams of 2015. George also reveals Maeve’s amazing psychic abilities in a segment called “Does Maeve Higgins Have Psychic Powers?”
Today I read aloud interviews with Guerilla Toss and reigning BTR Tune Up Artist Ruckzuck. Plus a news update on Viet Cong…
Alexis Goldstein joins us to discuss the second GOP debate, and Molly’s latest story on how what happened to Ahmed Mohamed.
This week we explore travel through history and chat with art historian Julika, author of the blog Sateless Suitcase! Plus I give you my top five most historically relevant world destinations!
This week for Fall Week as the penultimate show we look back and revive some old features to see what—if anything—we’ve learned over the years. We also weigh in on the opening week of the NFL season as football hits the ground running us into Fall.
Constance Kopp doesn’t quite fit the mold. She towers over most men, has no interest in marriage or domestic affairs, and has been isolated from the world since a family secret sent her and her sisters into hiding fifteen years ago. One day a belligerent and powerful silk factory owner runs down their buggy, and a dispute over damages turns into a war of bricks, bullets, and threats as he unleashes his gang on their family farm. When the sheriff enlists her help in convicting the men, Constance is forced to confront her past and defend her family — and she does it in a way that few women of 1914 would have dared.
We review the terrifying new Austrian revenge horror thriller ‘Goodnight Mommy’ and provide a list of the best Autumn flicks
Climate change activists share stories of protesting and demand the building of a renewable future.
Jeff Abbott joins us to discuss the latest developments in Guatemala, a round up of the second GOP debate, and listener mail.
On this week’s show, I’m joined by model Rebekah Marine, who walked in last weekend’s FTL Moda show during NYFW. Known as the “Bionic Model,” Rebekah was born without a right forearm. Now equipped with the newly developed i-limb quantum prosthetic arm, Rebekah has achieved the dream she held as a young girl: a career as a model. In addition to her modeling work, Rebekah is a spokesperson for the Lucky Fin Project, a non-profit that mentors individuals with upper limb differences, and the face of Touch Bionics, the creators of the i-limb quantum. Join us as Rebekah talks about her path into modeling, how she prepared for this week’s FTL Moda show, what makes the i-limb quantum unique, a few of her own fashion and beauty favorites, and more. Plus, I’ve got a playlist of indie music that will provide the perfect soundtrack to your pumpkin spice latte: you’ll hear songs from sister folk duo Lily & Madeleine, folk band Arc Iris, and singer-songwriters Marketa Irglova and Farao. So join us for an hour of groundbreaking fall fashion, with Rebekah Marine on BTR’s Sew & Tell!
We hear from a senior climate change activist who shares stories about protesting with in Washington DC.
Texas police officers arrest a Muslim teenager for building a clock, the Assad regime continues to bomb the suburbs of Damascus, and predictions for the second GOP debate.
This week we’re honoring one of our favorite seasons by talking with three distinct guests that pay homage to different interpretations of fall.
Today we catch up with the homie MeRCY! His hard work and passion comes through in his music and he had a few things to share. Check out a joint we did together “Count My Wrongs” produced by me! Hit me up today I’ll be commenting on Twitter today @djwayneski. Follow BTR Today and share this with all of you people. Peace.
We learn from the Climate Change rally the greatest obstacles towards using renewable energies and how to combat them for the future.
Today I read aloud a conversation with Shannon and the Clams and play music off their new album Gone By Dawn. Plus a taste of the new Tommy McCook reissue
Anna Lekas Miller joins us from Turkey to discuss the refugee crisis, the Seattle Teacher Strike enters its second week, and the Assad regime continues to indiscriminately bomb suburbs of Damascus.
Bill McKibbens and Naomi Klein lay out the calculations on fossil fuel’s damage to the environment and how July was the hottest recorded month in history.
New study says age of criminal responsibility should be 21, are top officials cooking the books on airstrikes against ISIS, and listener mail.
Fred Ritchin is an authority on the future of photography. He’s written several books on the subject, and his newest, Bending the Frame: Photojournalism, Documentary and the Citizen, is published by Aperture. In the book Ritchin takes a critical look at the state of documentary photography and visual journalism in the twenty-first century media landscape. Richin wonders, do photographs still have any power in a world where billions of images are made, shared, linked, and liked every day? Bending the Frame also asks the question: how can photojournalists and citizens use photography to help solve some of the world’s problems, rather than just document them?
Hear from Bill McKibbens and Naomi Klein on the global movement in demanding climate change action from world leaders.
Today I read aloud conversations with Modern Merchant and Petite Noir and play music from both
Obama promises to accept 10,000 Syrian refugees in the coming year, Biden goes on Colbert for an emotional interview, and Molly saw the new Black Panther documentary.
This week I share my recent trip to the Connecticut shoreline with you including where to get the best lobster roll in the States, then we chat with Penny Sadler, Italy-lover and author behind the blog Adventures of a Carry On!
This week for Open Week we hear about Kristy’s struggle to get past security at the US Open and her love for the tournament, welcome the NFL season with a string of football-related quick-hits and take a short quiz on the upcoming Rugby World Cup.
When Mark Zuckerberg announced to a cheering Oprah audience his $100 million pledge to transform the downtrodden schools of Newark, New Jersey, then mayor Cory Booker and Governor Chris Christie were beside him, vowing to help make Newark “a symbol of educational excellence for the whole nation.” But their plans soon ran into the city’s seasoned education players, fierce protectors of their billion-dollar-a-year system. It’s a prize that, for generations, has enriched seemingly everyone, except Newark’s children.
We review the new Beach Boys Brian Wilson biopic ‘Love and Mercy’ and share our top ten most mind opening movies!
Check out part 2 of our interview with Brian Nosek about how open source software connects scientists like never before.
Nearly a decade and a half after 9/11 it’s clear bin Laden changed the US forever, update on the citywide Seattle teachers’ strike, Trump mocks Fiorina’s face, REM blasts Trump and Cruz, and Walker says no more Syrian refugees.
For BTR’s Open Week, Sew & Tell goes meta! I had the great opportunity to speak with Rob Sanchez and Pavan Bahl, two-thirds of the dynamic host trio behind Fashion Is Your Business, a great new podcast focused on the intersection of fashion, business and tech. In addition to hosting the weekly show, both men are entrepreneurs in the fashion field themselves: Rob just launched his own innovative menswear label, Ralph & Remington, while Pavan is the founder of a unique community and fashion/tech incubator called Open Source Fashion. On today’s show, you’ll hear from Rob and Pavan about their own individual projects, the development of Fashion Is Your Business, how the radio format can serve as a unique platform for fashion, a few of their own favorite fashion pieces, upcoming events and developments for Open Source Fashion and Ralph & Remington, and more! And in the mix I’ve got a great playlist of indie tracks for you, featuring new work from electro-pop artists like Painted Palms, Brika, and The Mynabirds. So open yourself up to the business of fashion, with Fashion Is Your Business on BTR’s Sew & Tell!
Learn about the Center for Open Science with Executive Director, Brian Nosek and the changing transparency in science.
Obama’s drone policy gets adopted by Britain and Pakistan, schools in NYC propose an integration plan, and listener mail on how gender gets expressed in all kinds of different ways.
We’re going to be exploring some of the ways that open sourcing and openness can provide more opportunities in the sectors of community politics and science.
NFL Kick Off tonight!! Guess who’s back? Sharee Graham i where to tell us about her move to New York or is it New Jersey? We talk about what in the world is going on and our NFL picks for this week!! Follow her @s2nfl on social media and like BreakThru Today on our Facebook Fanpage!
Listen to part 2 of our interview with Jason Hibbets on the possibility of an Open Source City.
Today I read aloud a recent conversation with reigning BTR Tune Up artist Abdu Ali. Plus new music from Timothy J. Elliott and BZ KT
David Petraeus’s weird, wild plan to defeat ISIS, white people on Trump, the wrong ways that coupled people talk to single people, and listener mail.
Listen to our interview with Jason Hibbets, a senior community evangelist in Corporate Marketing at Red Hat where he is a community manager for
Secretary of Defense Carter is tepid on closing Guantanamo Bay, a historic victory against indefinite solitary confinement at Pelican Bay prison, and a liberal argument for charter schools falls short.
Photographer Ryan Spencer spent about two years watching dozens of disaster movies. As he went he photographed stills from these epic-destruction fests using black and white film and a polaroid land camera.
Listen to our Labor Day Special episode as Lisa Autz hits the streets of NYC to learn about the best and worst jobs out there–everything from Lobster fishing on a boat in Maine to working in Finance and cleaning up nasty burger grease.
Today I play music from reigning BTR Tune Up artist Abdu Ali. Plus music from Amara Toure, John Talabot, Fela Kuti and more.
It’s back to school season! We finally get to Jelani Cobb’s beautiful New Yorker article on the history of a recently shuttered New York City high school. Also, lots of fun listener mail!
This week I am giving you my top five most terrifying destinations in the world, plus we’re chatting about the best UNESCO World Heritage sites with traveler and ESL teacher Julio Moreno
This week for Labor Week we look ahead to the fall—at long last!—discuss the Tom Brady verdict, plus the US Open, Little League World Series and other news stories from the week that was.
1973. That’s fourteen years of prison time after Delpha Wade killed a man who was raping her. She’d wanted to kill the other one too, but he got away. It’s hard to find a decent job, but Delpha’s persistence pays off. She lands a secretarial job with Tom Phelan, an ex-roughneck turned neophyte private eye. Delpha is smart, prison-wise, and together the two stumble into the dark corners of Beaumont, a blue-collar, Cajun-influenced town dominated by Big Oil. A mysterious client plots mayhem against a small petrochemical company — why? Searching for a teenage boy, Phelan uncovers the weird lair of a serial killer. And Delpha — on a weekend outing — looks into the eyes of her rapist, the one who got away. The novel’s conclusion is classic noir, full of surprise, excitement, and karmic justice.
Due to Wes Craven’s recent passing (RIP), we decided to honor his legacy by reviewing his debut ‘Last House on the Left’
Listen to part 2 of our interview with Eileen Appelbaum, Senior Economist for the Center for Economic and Policy Research, on the overall benefits of fair wage for both employers and employees.
Mike Konczal joins us to discuss the ups and downs of the stock market, Obama’s legacy with Dodd Frank, and the presidential candidates’ economic platforms. Also, John has a funny story he’s wanted to read Molly since yesterday, and listener mail.
Re-broadcast, originally aired 2/10/12. I know that NYC is still celebrating the Superbowl hardcore, and I hope you fully enjoyed the amazing, nail-biting win… BUT. Let’s be serious. The Superbowl of Style is just around the corner – NY Fashion Week! So we’re gonna get down to business and talk fashion today. And speaking of business – I have the honor of highlighting an incredible organization and business venture on today’s show. Awamaki is a non-profit based in Peru, that works with local women to preserve indigenous weaving techniques, and to further their skills as craftspeople. Towards that end, Awamaki recently launched a design residency program, spearheaded by Annie Millican. The Awamaki Lab residency offers young designers an opportunity to create a collection of clothing, built around these beautiful traditional Peruvian textiles. Awamaki Lab just celebrated the launch of its second collection, F/W 2012, designed by collaborators and fellow Parsons grads Andria Crescioni and Courtney Cedarholm. The pieces are timeless yet modern, with references to menswear that retain a thoroughly feminine sensibility. On today’s show, Andria and Courtney talk about their experiences in Peru, learning about local fibers and natural dyes, and how anthropologists and explorers from the turn of the century led to these gorgeous garments. Plus, tons of great new music today from Dr. Dog, Sharon Van Etten, of Montreal, Young Magic and more! So prep yourself for Fashion Week with your first collection of F/W 2012… *Note: In the broadcast, I mention that the first Awamaki Lab Collection was designed as a collaboration between Annie Millican and Nieli Vallin. This is incorrect; Annie facilitated and created the residency, but Nieli was the sole designer. You can see images of Nieli’s Awamaki Lab designs here, in a slideshow published by Ecouterre. 00:00 DJ Marie (Underneath: Soaring – Shigeto) 03:05 Interview with Andria Crescioni and Courtney Cedarholm of Awamaki Lab 09:44 DJ Marie 10:19 Lonesome – Dr. Dog 13:30 Skin and Bone – Heartless Bastards 17:24 Leonard – Sharon Van Etten 21:05 DJ Marie 22:13 Interview with Andria Crescioni and Courtney Cedarholm 28:14 DJ Marie 29:22 Light Year Girl – The Phantom Family Halo 33:14 We Will Commit Wolf Murder – of Montreal 38:44 The Dancer – Young Magic 42:25 DJ Marie 43:34 Interview with Andria Crescioni and Courtney Cedarholm 50:21 DJ Marie 52:58 Always On The Run – Yuksek 56:42 Finish Selections from Awamaki Lab Collection 2, F/W 2012 (Designs by Andria Crescioni and Courtney Cedarholm, Photos by Kate Reeder) Dr. Dog (Photo by Jason Nocito) Sharon Van Etten (Photo by Kristianna Smith) of Montreal (Photo by Patrick Heagney, courtesy of Pitchfork)
Check out our interview with Eileen Appelbaum, Senior Economist for the Center for Economic and Policy Research, on employee turnover costs and the role minimum wage plays in benefitting both employer and employee.
Jeff Abbott joins us to explain the latest protests in Guatemala and the political scandal that preceded them. Also, keeping up with Kanye, and listener mail.
We delve into the labors of work, health and reporting on today’s podcast to discover how to find happiness and balance in it all.
We had a chance to chop it up at the top of year with recording artist Vstylez. Great artist that has a passion for the history and the craft. Here’s your chance to hear straight from the man himself. He is currently working on a new project we can’t wait to hear how it sounds. Detroit stand up!
Listen as we speak with people on the streets on NYC about raising the minimum wage to $15/hour.
Today DJ Patrick drops in to talk Destroyer and afterwards I read aloud a recent interview with Dan Bejar. Plus new music from Pink Siifu and Ohbliv post-Destruction
Hocine Dimerdji joins us to discuss the protests in Beirut and the history and context behind them. Also, John and Molly watched the VMAs and feel 150 years old.
Check out part 2 of our interview with Willy C. Shih, professor of management practice at Harvard Business School’s technology and operations management unit.
Yana Kunichoff joins us to discuss the Dyett hunger strike for a public school in Chicago, homelessness amongst NYC’s children surges, and listener mail.
This week we speak with Jane Brown, editor of the new photo book Both Sides of Sunset. The book examines how photographers have documented the geography, landscape, architecture and people of Los Angeles.
Check out our interview with Willy C. Shih, prof. of management practice at Harvard Business School, on the changing landscape of manufacturing and the effects of wage rates.
Comedian, writer, and rock aficionado Dave Hill gets his mettle AND metal tested as he and George discuss the soothing power of candles. They also play a game of “Metal Or Made Up” and dissect Black Sabbath album covers.
Today I read aloud a conversation with reigning BTR Tune Up artist Whitewash. Plus music from Quelle Chris and Yowler
Ryan Schleeter joins us to talk about the intersection of the environment and social justice, checking in on the migrant crisis in Europe, and homelessness amongst NYC students is at an all time high.
Tune in this week for my top ten last minute Labor Day getaways, plus walking from Edinburgh to London with Hannah Ranken!
This week for Surface Week we welcome Kristy back at long last! We also run through an extended quick-hits, learn some new words and a bit about playing surfaces.
What if instead of trying to avoid the pain and uncertainty of labor, we asked what we could learn from it? In telling the intimate birth stories of her three children and miscarriage, Julia shows us how giving birth can be one of motherhood’s (and life’s) greatest teachers. Rather than giving advice on how to labor or how to parent, this book consistently offers the message that a woman can grow through the challenges that life presents her and learn to trust herself. For women who share a tendency for “getting it right,” this honest and unguarded memoir is a reminder that the pretense of control is no match for the freedom of letting go.
Find out why we thought the new Avengers: Age of Ultron kicked ass and hear our list of the best mindless movies!
We speak with Dina Dicenso, owner of a vegan tattoo shop called Gristle, on the entire vegan process in tattooing and more about ethical tattoo ink.
The journalist who Donald Trump kicked out of a press conference was Univision host Jorge Ramos, a horrific shooting in Virginia on live television, and listener mail from great friend of the show Hocine on the protests in Beirut.
It’s Surface Week on BTR, and fashion celebrates surface with print and pattern. On today’s show, I’m joined by dynamic entrepreneur Jesse Finkelstein who, along with his sister Meredith, is behind the creation of two unique design platforms: Print All Over Me and Byco. Print All Over Me (or PAOM) offers its users the opportunity to create digital patterns, then order garments or accessories printed with that design. Byco is a one-stop shop for designers who want to take their ideas from paper to production. Both sites put the power of creativity and fashion design into, well, YOUR hands, and serve as invaluable resources for independent designers. On today’s show, Jesse will talk about the formation of Byco and PAOM, the production process behind both concepts, the components of a successful design, Print All Over Me’s overnight success, Byco’s recent collaboration with ELLE, upcoming projects, and more. And I’ve got a playlist filled with fresh indie releases, including the latest from Wilco and The Mynabirds, along with tracks off the debut albums from “musical pranksters” Silvertron Youth Choir and up-and-coming British electro-artist Georgia. So get your surface ready for a stylish fall with Sew & Tell on BreakThru Radio!
Part 2 of our interview with Bruce Klitzman, senior director of Duke’s Kenan Plastic Surgery Research Laboratories, about his invention of a new tattoo ink called Freedom-2.
It’s our first show without a guest all month, so John and Molly can catch up on the news. Also, there’s always more listener mail!
Today’s podcast is about the paradox in how the seemingly superficial, on-the-surface workings of our world have greater impacts than we image.
Today I drop a few lines on the state of this political “race” or how it looks to me like it’s the same dog and pony show. I’ll give you my opinion on Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush and the rest of the reality show cast from the presidential race. I will also give you my review on the movie Straight Outta Compton as well as some new music for you to check out. Have any questions or comments hit me on Twitter @djwayneski.
We speak with surgeon Bruce Klitzman about his development of a less harmful tattoo ink alternative.
Today Patrick K stops by to talk about Joanna Newsom a bit. Plus new music from Ohbliv, GRNDMS and Noah
David Banks joins us to discuss the Atlantic’s tired, tired cover story on supposedly coddled college students and why everyone is wrong. Also, catching up on all the news we missed last week, and listener mail.
Listen to part 2 of our interview with Monona Rossol, chemist, artist, and industrial hygienist, on the health hazards of inking up your body.
Justin Tyme joins us to discuss his project “I Wore Lipstick,” which invites people of all genders to share their stories and experiences with makeup. Also, our belated conversation about marking the year since the US started war with ISIS.
Marc Fischer is the administrator of Public Collectors an online archive dedicated to preserving cultural artifacts that don’t get attention from libraries, museums and other collecting institutions. Marc is known for organizing events and exhibitions around the Pubic Collectors archive, but even if you’re stuck behind a computer screen the collection of digital images and PDF scans of weird books and zines is truly one of the gems of the internet. I’ve spent many an hour looking at stuff like photo collections of vandalized cacti, an erotic comic about amputees, and a heart wrenching book of drawings of by atomic bomb survivors.
Listen to Monona Rossol, chemist, artist, and industrial hygienist, speak about the researched dangers of tattoo ink.
Today I read aloud conversations with Mexican Slang and Battles and play music from both. Plus new Dope Body and Barnaby Carter yall.
Todd Miller joins us to discuss the Republican and Democratic presidential candidates’ immigration policies, as well as the sociopolitical, economic, and environmental reasons for migration. Also, it’s been a year since the war on ISIS began.
This week we chat with Ann Morgan, who read one book from every country in the world in just one year!
This week for School Week we get ready for the school year, the unofficial start of the year in many ways, by looking back at three of our favorite segments from the year so far.
He was more than just a cowboy. He was the top male motion picture box-office star, 1933-34-35, as selected by Motion Picture Herald; member, Aviation Hall of Fame, International Polo Hall of Fame, most widely-read syndicated newspaper columnist by 1935; wrote more than 4,000 daily and weekly newspapers columns and dozens of articles for nationally distributed magazines; wrote six books; anchored America’s first coast-to-coast radio hookup in 1928; star of highly popular Sunday evening radio program of commentary and entertainment, 1933-1935.
This week on The Hash, hosts Molly and Dane begin by taking a look at a list of do’s and don’ts for the first week of college in honor of School Week. Then, the pair delves into athlete and celebrity sexual assault charges and reads “Why I choose to believe accusers.” The show wraps with an in depth discussion on Vanity Fair’s commentary regarding Tinder’s impact on hook up culture.
We talk about if comedy and action can mix in Marvel’s newest adaptation ‘Ant Man’ and review the top ten best school flicks!
We talk with your average gym-goer and fitness instructors on the effects of soda on the body when working out.
Michelle Chen joins us to discuss how childcare and early childhood education workers are undervalued and underpaid. Also, Netflix workers get selective parental leave, and listener mail.
BTR is heading Back To School, and Sew & Tell’s got the latest looks in campus fashion on today’s show, courtesy of Her Campus! Her Campus is the premier global community and incredible resource for college women, founded by Harvard students Stephanie Kaplan Lewis, Windsor Hanger Western, and Annie Wang. Join me this week for a conversation with Annie Wang, the CPO and Creative Director for Her Campus, who will share the story of how Her Campus began, her current role at Her Campus and how its grown, what it takes to be a Her Campus contributor, some hot fashion looks for the fall semester, a few practical tips on how to build a solid college wardrobe, details about October’s upcoming College Fashion Week, and more! Plus, you’ll hear a playlist chock full of brand new music to carry you through the fall, with fresh tracks from Los Angeles band The Mynabirds and Colorado’s Land Lines, as well as songs off the debuts from electro pop duo Fake Tears and Seattle singer-songwriter Briana Marela. So study up in style with Her Campus on BTR’s Sew & Tell!
Part 2 of our interview with Niraj Naik who explains what soda does to the body and healthier alternatives.
Parker Marie Molloy on Caitlyn Jenner, inclusive language around reproductive rights, and what happened with the journalist who wrote the disturbing Dr. V story. Also, a super belated venting about Trump, and listener mail.
Experimental new teaching methods, DIY schools, and more creativity are all becoming staples in an institution badly in need of reform.
This week we get a lesson in expert blog creation with Marko Saric, author behind How To Make My Blog!
Gearing up for my event this Saturday at Fresthetic in Brooklyn. We caught up with store runner Carlos from Classic Material. Saturday I will be spinning with the legendary DJ Doo Wop to celebrate his 95 Live Snapback release. Rocking some fresh tunes today so tell your friends. Enjoy.
We speak with Niraj Naik, former pharmacist and holistic health practitioner, on the pervasive addiction to sugar drinks.
Today I read aloud a recent interview with Deradoorian. Plus music from Abdu Ali and The Coneheads
Anna Lekas Miller on the Lebanese diaspora, mixed identity as identity, and the Syrian refugee crisis in Lebanon. Also, Molly is channeling her inner beach bum, and listener mail.
We speak with Anahad O’Connor, NY Times writer on health, diet and nutrition, about his latest article on the details of Coca-Cola’s scientific funding.
Sarah Jaffe joins us to discuss why politicians are not our friends, a beautiful Guardian essay on how the victors are the authors of history, and listener mail.
Photographer Meryl Meisler grew up on the South Shore of Long Island, and in the 1970s she began photographing her family, friends and neighbors around her suburban home town. As a photographer, Meryl is drawn to the antics of everyday life, and in her intimate and often hilarious photos we’re treated to scenes like a man juggling cardboard boxes after the prom, her young cousin grimacing at the camera from atop a toilet seat, or an amazing image of a couple smiling to the camera from a bedroom decked out in butterfly print wallpaper and matching bedspread.
We speak with Marion Nestle, expert nutritionist at NYU, on Coca-Cola funding scientists to shift the blame for obesity away from sugary drinks.
The dazzling Becky Yamamoto visits George to show off her German accent, talk about her award-winning web series, Uninspired, and weigh in on the show’s latest sponsor: bacon.
Today I read aloud a conversation with Flower Girl, whom you may have read about recently on BTR. Plus amazing new / old music from $3.33. Curren$y.
Sarah Jeong joins us to discuss her new book The Internet of Garbage, tech, law, and Lenny Kravitz. Also, so much listener mail.
This week I give you my top five things that might surprise you about studying abroad plus chat with relocation specialist Kate Yu about choosing the right country for yourself and travel in North Korea!
This week for Excess Week we grapple with some mid-August nostalgia whilst getting slightly excited about baseball for once and take a look at some of the most shocking numbers in sports.
Marvel and a Wonder is a darkly mesmerizing epic and literary page-turner set at the end of the twentieth century. In summer 1995, Jim Falls, a Korean War vet, struggles to raise his sixteen-year-old grandson, Quentin, on a farm in southern Indiana. In July, they receive a mysterious gift—a beautiful quarter horse—which upends the balance of their difficult lives. The horse’s appearance catches the attention of a pair of troubled, meth-dealing brothers and, after a violent altercation, the horse is stolen and sold. Grandfather and grandson must travel the landscape of the bleak heartland to reclaim the animal and to confront the ruthless party that has taken possession of it. Along the way, both will be forced to face the misperceptions and tragedies of their past.
This week on The Hash, hosts Molly and Dane discuss the ways in which men and women respond to breakups. They also take a look at Type A- vs. Type A and how people convey laughter on social media.
We review the Argentinian black-comedy ‘Wild Tales,’ which was nominated for the Best Foreign Film Oscar
We speak with an environmentalist on the EPA disaster in the Colorado river.
Sarah Leonard joins us to discuss the debt crisis in Greece, why austerity doesn’t work but won’t die, and how Greeks are showing solidarity with one another. Also, listener mail.
This week’s show is all about Jordan! My guest is sneaker and Air Jordan expert Calvan Fowler, owner of the recently opened Jordan Heads shop in Brooklyn, and creator/director of the upcoming Jordan Heads documentary. Join us for a chat about sneaker culture, what makes Air Jordans and the Jordan brand unique, how the internet has changed the sneaker shopping and collecting experience, the Jordan Heads film, and more!
We speak with an environmentalist on the recent Gold King Mine defunct that has lead to a massive contamination of the Animas River and Colorado River.
Kambri Crews on her community space in Astoria Queens offering “after-school for grown ups,” This American Life takes on school segregation, and listener mail.
We speak to a researcher on the influence of satire news, a pharmacist on how to wean off sugary drinks and a video game designer on a new immersive virtual reality.
Peace BTR Family. I’m sure you all are aware of the passing of Sean Price. I had a show lined up for today but decided to play all Sean Price today. A couple of people asked me if I would do a show but i wasn’t sure if I was going to. I decided to pay my respect to a artist that have supported on BTR since my very first show in 2008. It’s only right.
The Thursday Mix for August 13, 2015 brings you a brand new album by Wilco. Their latest release and 11th studio album is called Star Wars and is available for free via their website. You’ll also hear tracks by Brooklyn outfit Soda Shop, Boston based group, Vundabar, Flo Morrisey, Kissing Cousins and more! Email me at
Activists discuss some of the greatest polluted waterways in America.
With waves crashing in the background I read aloud the Missed Connections of New York City and pair posts with apropos songs
Emily Schorr Lesnick joins us to discuss diversity in comedy, talking about racism as a white person, and teaching anti-racism to youth. Also, protests in Ferguson on the year anniversary of the killing of Mike Brown, and listener mail.
Part 2 of our interview with Christopher Swain, an activist that has been swimming and advocating for our waterways since 1996.
Josh Eidelson joins us to discuss where unions stand so far in the presidential race, Molly has an essay on sports, of all things, up at the Toast, and de Blasio starts a new effort to address homelessness in New York City.
This week on Art Uncovered I talk with artist Sarah Rothberg. Her virtual reality installation Memory/Place: My House is part of the exhibition Memory Burn, on view now at Bitforms Gallery in New York.
We speak with environmental activist, Christopher Swain, whose been swimming and advocating for our waterways since 1996.
Today I read aloud a conversation with reigning BTR Tune Up artist PWR BTTM. Plus an update on Zula and their summer tour.
Will Potter joins us to discuss the recent decision ruling Idaho’s AgGag laws unconstitutional, a teacher sues New York State over value added evaluation methods, and Molly watched some of the Kids Table debate before we started recording.
This week I’m teaching you my travel light tree, plus we’re chatting urban exploration with Dr. J of Sidewalk Safari!
This week for Happiness Week we lament Kristy’s absence once more as she’s off at Twins’ Fest, run through an extended quick hits, and ask if it’s really worth it to be a sports fan in terms of one’s overall happiness.
No substance on earth is as hotly debated as marijuana. Opponents claim it’s dangerous, addictive, carcinogenic, and a gateway to serious drug abuse. Fans claim it as a wonder drug, treating cancer, anorexia, AIDS, chronic pain, glaucoma, arthritis, migraines, PTSD, and insomnia. Patients suffering from these conditions need—and deserve—hard facts based on medical evidence, not hysteria and superstition.
This week on The Hash, hosts Molly and Dane discuss how they stay happy. They also review Veronica Chavez’s piece “Explaining Happiness,” and apply the ways to stay happy to their own lives. Then, the pair reads through an AskMen piece about online dating mistakes. The show wraps with an analysis of office temperatures. The hosts are joined by Jess Goulart and Samantha Spoto to talk about the viral New York Times piece “Chilly at Work? Office Formula Was Devised for Men.”
We give our spin on the Judd Apatow comedy ‘Trainwreck’ starring Amy Schumer, Bill Hader, and LeBron James
Lara Aknin, professor of psychology at Simon Fraser University whose research focuses on generosity, money and happiness.
Melissa Gira Grant joins us to discuss Amnesty’s new recommendations to support the human rights of sex workers, and the celebrity backlash against it. Also, John’s last story from Beirut about art therapy for refugee children, a teacher sues New York State over the teacher evaluation system, and the NYPD releases a video about drugs that isn’t about the drugs it says it was about.
It’s Happiness Week here on BTR, and there’s almost nothing in fashion that makes me happier than a beautiful linen garment. Today’s guest, Zach Weinstein, is the Sales Director for CP Shades and son of the label’s founder David Weinstein. CP Shades is a collection of beautifully-crafted classic styles made in California from natural fibers like linen, silk, and cotton. It’s one of my personal favorites, and I don’t get much happier than when I can slip into a CP Shades piece! So join us today as we hear the engaging origin story of this unique brand from Zach Weinstein, who will also tell us a bit about the challenges of working with linen fabric, their unique production facilities in San Francisco, and the delicate balance they strike between offering their customer the familiar and the fresh. Plus, a playlist filled with some of my favorite tracks from 2015 (and the end of 2014), including songs from Emmy The Great, Copeland, and Mike Pace and the Child Actors. So join us for an hour of pure indie fashion + music bliss, with Sew & Tell on BreakThru Radio!
We hear from Peter Stearns, a professor at George Mason University who researches the historical culture of happiness.
Andrea Grimes joins us to discuss attacks on Planned Parenthood and abortion access in Texas and across the country, the NYPD asks a woman who was sexually assaulted if she was a “party girl,” and Peak Chait comes to us in a debate about office air-conditioning.
Today’s podcast looks at the science, history and attributes to happiness.
We’re back with another installment On The Avenue. Celebrating my 1 year anniversary of the show and our 10th bday! First thank you all that came out for Wu-Wednesday last night in NYC! I chopped it up last week with Miss.She.ill about recording some new music! We ready to go back in the lab. Check us out as we talked about her last project right before the new year. I’ll be back in NY next week with! Follows us on our social media handles!
Learning through positive psychologists the ability to balance work-life and happiness.
Today I talk about and play music from Gemma, ThinLips, Aphex Twin, Circuits des Yeux, Fly Anakin, The Cleer Consortium, Falty DL and Palehound
Chepe joins us to discuss reform versus revolution, connecting social movement in the United States to movements in other Western countries, and when to be skeptical of police reform. Also, John’s got a new hussle, and listener mail.
We hear part 2 of our interview with Sonja Lyubomirsky on building an architect of sustainable happiness.
Collier Meyerson and Ned Resnikoff join us for the live show.
If you lived in Romania in the 1980s and happened to catch a government sanctioned screening of a foreign film or TV show, your viewing experience would have been much different than someone watching in the West. Anything deemed western was cut: scenes with swimming pools, depictions of too much food, marital infidelity, freedom of religion. Even kisses could only last for three seconds on screen. The 80s were some of the harshest years for communism in Romania and the dictator Nicolae Ceausescu was considered one of the most brutal in the soviet bloc. The secret police kept tight control over all aspects of Romanian life and cinema was no exception.
Dr. Lyubomirsky speaks with us about her research on developing a science of human happiness.
Only a guest like Jacqueline Novak would have the zest for living that would inspire her to lie, rather than sit, on the Spit Take Comedy couch. Listen as she and George discuss pizza, depression and their hair.
Today I read aloud a conversation with Evan Stephens Hall of reigning BTR Tune Up artist Pinegrove. Plus a live set from Alex G I recorded yesterday.
A federal judge says the US can continue to hold an accused Taliban member at Guantanamo, NYC millionaires donate millions for ed reform, and Molly has an announcement.
This week I give you my top five tips for being happy at home, plus chat with world wanderer Mac Fox, who currently teaches English in Japan!
This week for Buzz Week we do our best to make up for Kristy’s absence with a rapid-fire run through the quick-hits and discussion on what topics should or should not be buzz-worthy at the moment.
Born out of a global expedition fearlessly undertaken by a young woman, Project Animal Farm offers a riveting and revealing look at what truly happens behind farm doors.
This week on The Hash, hosts Molly and Dane discuss The Emotional Bodyguard, a new trope in romcoms. Then, the pair delves into a Jezebel piece that comments on exes. The show wraps with a reading of BuzzFeed’s dating tips for introverts.
Tune in to hear a review of the super creepy Skype horror film “Unfriended” and our list of the most buzz-worthy flicks!
Uber is getting a lot of heat for it’s aggressive disregard for the existing yellow cabbies, but how are they treating their own drivers?
Alexis Goldstein on financial regulation, two animal rights activists are charged as terrorists under a terrible 2006 law, Bloomberg still exerts a disturbing amount of influence over NYC schools, and listener mail.
This week’s guests are the curator’s behind one of this year’s buzziest fashion exhibits, The Museum at FIT’s “Global Fashion Capitals.” Ariele Elia and Elizabeth Way organized the exhibit around the history of the four best established fashion cities – Paris, New York, Milan and London – and the emergence of sixteen up-and-coming hubs, including Johannesburg, Shanghai, Mumbai, Lagos, Berlin, Mexico City, and Copenhagen. Join us today to hear Ariele and Liz discuss the organization of the exhibit, some of the challenges facing these cities as their fashion industries grow, how technology has and will continue to facilitate the globalization of fashion as industry, art, and commerce, and more. Plus, a playlist featuring some of my favorite recent tracks from international indie artists, including Iceland’s Lay Low, New Zealand singer-songwriter Liam Finn, and Puerto Rican garage rocker AJ Davila. So come and discover a world of new fashion, here on BTR!
We hear from the New York Taxi Workers Alliance on their strategy to fight Uber.
New York Magazine puts 35 women who have accused Cosby of rape on their cover, the Trump show continues unabated, and the FBI is accelerating their investigations into alleged ISIS sympathizers.
We learn about the science behind deja vu, 3D printed Donald Trump butt-plugs and a Wet Hot Brooklyn Summer talent show in today’s buzz week episode.
Celebrating our 10th birthday this year we hit the rewind button to when I had a very interesting conversation with Hasan Salaam. Listen for yourself to hear how ground this MC is. We talk about the world and music. Make sure you let your people know via your and our social media handles @BreakThruradio. You can find me @djwayneski. Enjoy
Javaid Tariq, NYC yellow cab driver of more than 20 years, struggles to maintain his only source of income in face of Uber.
Today I read aloud interviews with A Winged Victory For The Sullen and Ava Luna. In between I play songs from both.
Indiana authorities shut down a holographic performance of Chief Keef, Cleveland police pepper spray activists outside a national Black Lives Matter conference, and a principal commits suicide after her schools test scores come under investigation.
Part II with Sarah Lacy focuses on the questionable morals of Uber’s culture in impacting the larger culture of Silicon Valley.
A deputy sheriff’s lies lead to a SWAT raid that injured a baby with a flashbang, NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo’s has to reveal his disciplinary history, and listener mail.
This week on Art Uncovered I sit down with artist Eileen Maxson. Her new solo show at Microscope gallery in Bushwick is called I was really gonna be something by the age of twenty-three, and it’s a collection of videos, objects, and installation pieces based on the classic 90s film Reality Bites. In our interview we talk about Eileen’s experience growing up in Houston, where Reality Bites is set, and how the film’s central conflict of corporate culture vs. authentic artistic expression has manifested itself in the 21st century.
Sarah Lacy, founder and editor of PandoDaily, speaks with us about the cautionary culture of Uber as one of Silicon Valley’s most successful start-ups.
Today I read aloud a conversation with Jeanette Wall of Miscreant Records (courtesy of Jess Goulart). Plus music from Miscreant bands such as Nicholas Nicholas, PWR BTTM and Daniel Klag. Band Practice too. L’Orange and Kool Keith to boot.
Jesse Myerson joins us to discuss the reasons why Bernie Sanders should run as a proper Socialist, a white man commits a mass shooting at a theater in Louisianna, and coverage of the death of Sandra Bland continues to veer into the absurd.
This week we chat with one of my all-time favorite travel writers and winner of last year’s National Geographic Traveler of the Year Award: Dalene Heck.
This week for Roots Week we hear about Kory’s trip north and Kristy’s surfing adventures, run through a packed quick-hits and take our favorite sports back to their very roots, albeit not without some debate and controversy.
What if you woke up with the alarming suspicion that you were being watched?
This week on The Hash, hosts Molly and Dane celebrate the show’s two-year anniversary. The episode begins with a discussion on the meaning of likes on social media, as explained by Mic. Then, the pair discusses Lane Moore’s piece on “8 Signs You’re Not Getting the Love You Deserve.” The 104th episode wraps with a conversation about men who lose in video games and how it correlates to harassment.
We go back to our roots this week with a review of one of our favorite comedies ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’
We hear the ideas of a re-imagined city that cares better for the soil, ecosystem and environment.
Maya Schenwar on Obama’s prison visit and mass incarceration, an essay by Lindy West on being a fat bride, and listener mail.
This week’s guest will help you put your best fashion foot forward, with a little help from the stars! Kimberly Peta Dewhirst became fascinated with the Zodiac at a young age, and on her blog Star Sign Style, Kimberly focuses her lifelong love of astrology around her passion for style and beauty. Star Sign Style is an invaluable resource for the astrologically curious fashionista, offering insights into your signs, Zodiac-based style tips and inspiration, red carpet star style, beauty tips, and more. On today’s show, Kimberly talks about her passion for astrology and its nuanced study, the basic characteristics of each sign and their style tendencies, why she launched Star Sign Style and how she hopes to help readers, her current astrological travels and her fascination with Astro Mapping, and more. Plus, I’ve got a fun (belated!) birthday-themed playlist for you featuring songs of sweet celebration and new beginnings from Lia Ices, Alvvays, Find the Others, The Melodic, and Typhoon! So join us and learn how to let the stars be your stylist, with Sew & Tell on BTR!
We hear part 2 of our interview with Starhawk, author and permaculture designer and teacher and director at Earth Activist training.
New disturbing video in the Sandra Bland case, state guidelines for how schools should protect trans students, Obama’s attempts to close Guantanamo continue to stall, and listener mail.
Today we learn and ask: What are the roots that make us who we are and sustain us?
Celebrating the release of the homie Maticulous LP and release party this Saturday! I’m playing all joint by Maticulous today On The Avenue. I will be on the set at release party in Brooklyn, NY alongside DJ Skizz & the legendary DJ Eclipse at Frestheitic store. In NY? Come thru!!!
We hear from Starhawk, author and permaculture designer and teacher and director at Earth Activist training.
Today I read aloud an in-depth piece with Thundercat and play music of his both new and old including work with Flying Lotus and Kamasi Washington
A website that facilitates affairs gets hacked, Gen Wesley Clark calls for a new round of internment camps, efforts to desegregate NYC public schools, and new state guidelines for protecting trans students.
DJ Wynn matches the summer heat with steamy numbers from Gypsophilia, Fantastic Tchico, Helado Negro, and Sekou Kouyate.
Today we hear part 2 of our interview with Claudia Joseph on perma-design techniques and it’s importance in an urban space like Brooklyn.
Black Lives Matter protesters interrupt Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley at NetRoots, Gawker posts and then retracts a story outing a married man, and listener mail.
Michael Kamber is a veteran photojournalist and founder of the Bronx Documentary Center. His is also co-curator of the BDC’s new exhibition Altered Images: 150 Years of Posed and Manipulated Documentary Photography. The show comes at a time when Michael says the photojournalism profession faces a “crisis in credibility,” as illustrated by numerous high profile incidents of photographers staging images or manipulating their pictures excessively in photoshop. Just last year judges of the prestigious World Press Photo competition disqualified 20% of their semifinalists for altering their photographs. In this years competition the photographer Giovanni Troilo was disqualified for staging a photo of his cousin and his girlfriend having sex in a car.
Founder and Director of New York Permaculture Exchange, Claudia Joseph, talks with us about permaculture and sustainable living.
The fashionably bespectacled and hilarious Luke Thayer swings through the Spit Take Comedy studios to chat with George and use the bathroom. They discuss how to manipulate Siri, CVS customer service, and whether George is a racist or not. He assures you, he’s not.
Today I read aloud a conversation with reigning BTR Tune Up Artist Heat. Plus new music from Rsmg and La Luz.
Early thoughts on the shooting at two military offices in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Angela Merkel makes a Palestinian girl cry, and David Brooks would like you to shut up and believe in the American Dream.
This week for Reality Week Kristy tells us about covering the Women’s World Cup parade in New York City, we fail miserably to get excited for the MLB All-Star Game and Homerun Derby, make some predictions for future sporting realities and discuss sports reality shows and how we as fans relate to them.
For more than 25 years, Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader has helped readers amazing things they didn’t know (and amazing things you didn’t know you didn’t know). Now, Uncle John’s tackles one of the world’s best loved and — fastest growing interests — beer.
This week on The Hash, hosts Molly and Dane begin by discussing the recent addition of verified profiles to Tinder. Then, the pair looks into Aziz Ansari’s book ‘Modern Romance’ and the topics that it explores. The show conclues with an in depth discussion on Molly’s article regarding the television show ‘UnREAL.’
We review the Australian thriller ‘Strangerland’ starring Nicole Kidman, Hugo Weaving, and Joseph Fiennes
The discussion gets into the complex cultural tensions in the neighborhood of Brooklyn and importance of public debate.
Ryan Devereaux joins us to discuss the escape of drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, Molly’s new piece about Fun, and Caitlyn Jenner’s amazing speech at the ESPYs.
When you think about most reality TV shows these days, it seems as though there’s very little “reality” involved. But this week’s guest is using the vehicle of reality television to pull back the curtain on the fashion industry and reveal the often terrible truths behind our clothes. Anne Kari Garberg is the creator and co-producer of Sweatshop: Deadly Fashion, a new Norwegian reality series that offers viewers a glimpse of the garment industry in Cambodia through the eyes, experiences, and discoveries of three Norwegian teenagers. On today’s show, Anne talks about the concept for Sweatshop, the casting process and how they found their three lead subjects, what her experience of Cambodia was like and how it changed her own fashion habits, what she hopes viewers will take away from the series, plans for Sweatshop Season 2, and more. Plus, I’ve got a real dose of indie music for you in today’s mix, including songs from Beach House, Tweedy, Sean Rowe, and brand new material from UK pop artist Little Boots. So join us as we expose the reality behind fast fashion’s shiny facade, here on BTR’s Sew & Tell.
We hear part 2 of our interview with Olasov on elevating civic conversation in Brooklyn with Brooklyn Public Philosophy.
Katie Klabusich joins us to discuss the efforts to affirmatively protect abortion rights, a doctored video of Planned Parenthood causes a manufactured scandal, and Julia Carrie Wong tweets other on-demand economy information at us.
We speak with a master-concerto, an astrologer and a poet about how our passions help dictate the reality of the world us.
Special summer edition today. All the dope track from Pete Rock’s Petestrumentals collection. Celebrating the newly released Petestrumentals 2. The dope instrumentals with a couple of verses from CL Smooth, Nature, Th UN & Bumpy Knuckles. Follow us on social media and pass this along.
We speak with Ian Olasov, the founder of Brooklyn Public Philosophy, on bridging academia and public philosophy.
Today I play a somewhat random selection of snippets from over 10 years of recordings at BTR
Ali Gharib joins us to discuss the historic Iran nuclear deal, the US military takes steps to allow trans people to serve openly, and a new report finds the American Psychological Association was complicit is facilitating torture during the Bush administration.
Part two of our interview with Jonah Minkoff-Zern brings to light the realities that public debate has in terms of bringing ideas and opposing views into attention.
Frontline’s Edward Watts joins us to discuss his new documentary Escaping ISIS, the American Federation of Teachers endorses Hillary Clinton, and a new deal for Greece looks worse than ever.
Artist Danielle DeJesus was born and raised in Bushwick. About ten years ago, when she was in high school, she realized her neighborhood starting to change, starting to gentrify. She noticed “bodegas turning into swanky bars, supermarkets blaring english rock music instead of salsa”, and her mom was getting calls from landlords offering her cash to move out of her apartment.
We speak with Jonah Minkoff-Zern, co-director of Public Citizen’s Democracy Is for People campaign.
Today I read aloud a conversation with reigning BTR Tune Up artist Scout Boys. Plus music and a look at a Amara Toure.
Above-board weed delivery comes to California, Greece takes steps toward austerity, debating Hillary Clinton’s brand of feminism, and listener mail.
This week for Birthday Week we break down and celebrate the US Women’s World Cup victory, discuss history and etiquette at Wimbledon, try in vain to get excited for the MLB All-Star Game and see how well Kristy and Kory know their own teams’ histories.
Twenty-one-year-old Lizzie Adler had everything a young woman could want: she was beautiful, bright, and had both a faithful best friend and a handsome boyfriend with whom she was deeply in love. In one fell swoop; calamity strikes, stripping Lizzie of all that she holds dear. While driving with her best friend, Nan, en route to a party, Lizzie collides with another car.
This week on the Hash, hosts Molly and Dane discuss the upswing in babies given gender neutral names. Then, the pair reads through a Bustle piece on love advice from classic literature. The show wraps with a conversation about the cons to online dating.
We review the not-so-special new Disney flick ‘Tomorrowland’ starring George Clooney and talk the best and worst reality show spin offs
Part two of our interview with the host of Shanghai Mermaids in NYC leads to a discussion on the reflective enjoyment of celebrating an era of the past.
Jeff Sharlet on a police killing on Skid Row in LA, FBI director Jim Comey testifies before the Senate Intelligence Committee, and the great Glitch of July 2015.
**Encore broadcast, originally aired on 4/22/11** Ever wondered what the world would be like without clothes? This week on Sew & Tell, in honor of BTR’s Vice Week, we talk with a photographer who investigated that question on the streets of New York City. After shooting fashion week coverage one year, Erica Simone got thinking about the industry’s obsession with image and appearance. This eventually translated into Nue York a project of self-portraits she did in common, everyday New York situations… totally nude. On today’s show, Erica answers a few of the billion questions that come to mind when you see her images (“What was it like??”) and discusses the questions she aims to address with this work. Plus, we’ve got another great track off The Kills’ latest album this week, as well as music from Sweet Soubrette, Bell X1, Iron & Wine, and a gorgeous, symphonic piece from The War On Drugs. Stick around for some soul-searching here on BreakThru Radio…
We speak with a woman who has managed to host extravagant, underground parties throughout NYC.
New York City will offer non-bail options for non-violent offenses rather than sending every arrestee to Rikers, released documents show Cosby admits to drugging women, additional thoughts on Greece, and listener tweets.
We talk with the founder of the Leap Year Day Society, BTR’s Jess Goulart about birthdays abroad, and Isabel Allende about graceful ageing
It’s Birthday Week here at BreakThru Today so today we will feature the show where our friend to station from Video Music Box Lord Nez checked in. Originally interview on August 14th of 2014. Make sure you share with your friends. Once again Happy Birthday to everyone here at BTR Today!
We speak with an 81 year-old yoga instructor who has been flexing her limbs for years to retain youth.
Today DJ Patrick K and DJ Wynn drop in to reminisce about 10 years of BTR Yesterday
Parents share their experiences with Success Academy, US law enforcement agencies have a shady relationship with a spyware company called Hacking Team, and listener mail.
Part two of our interview with Isabel Allende gives us a perspective in how attitude and health have the greatest impact on passionate living at older age.
Greek voters reject austerity in weekend referendum, the ed reform origins of stressing grit and perseverance in classrooms, and Maria from Sesame Street leaves the show.
In Japan 3/11 refers to the earthquake, tsunami and meltdown off the Fukishima nuclear power plant that occurred on March 11th 2011. That day the deadly tsunami wave killed more than 15000 people and radiation from the nuclear plant has left large swaths of land uninhabitable to this day. In The Wake explores how Japanese photographers have addressed the large scale death and distruction, as well as the impact it’s had on the Japanese psyche. The images in the show range from annonymouse family photographs, to images that speak to Japan’s complex history with nuclear energy.
We speak with Isabel Allende, a Chilean writer who has given speeches about living more passionate lives as people age.
Comedian Abbi Crutchfield takes a break from her hosting gig at People Now to fill George in on her favorite celebrity encounters, tweeting strategies, and how she shows R-E-S-P-E-C-T to the great Aretha Franklin.
Today DJ Patrick K and DJ Madalyn drop in to reminisce on 10 years of BTR
The UK government has admitted to spying on Amnesty International, less weigh on standardized tests meaning more students passing to the next grade, and listener mail.
This week for Made in the USA Week we discuss all, or at least what interests us, of the sports happenings in the world, run through the quick-hits and take a quiz on just what is and isn’t made here in the US.
Before he collided with a limousine, Gabriel, an Anna’s hummingbird with a head and throat cloaked in iridescent magenta feathers, could spiral 130 feet in the air, dive 60 miles per hour in a courtship display, hover, and fly backward. When he arrived in rehab caked in road grime, he was so badly injured that he could barely perch. But Terry Masear, one of the busiest hummingbird rehabbers in the country, was determined to save this damaged bird, who seemed oddly familiar. During the four months that Terry worked with Gabriel, she took in 160 hummingbirds, from a miniature nestling rescued by a bulldog and a fledgling trapped inside a skydiving wind tunnel at Universal CityWalk, to Pepper, a female Anna’s injured on a film set. In their time together, Pepper and Gabriel form a special bond and, together, with Terry’s help, learn to fly again. Woven around Gabriel and Pepper’s stories are those of other colorful birds in this personal narrative filled with the science and magic surrounding these fascinating creatures.
This week on The Hash, hosts Molly and Dane analyze a new app called Binder that facilitates breakups. Then, the pair discusses the 2014 film ‘Life Partners’ featuring Leighton Meester, Gillian Jacobs, and Adam Brody. The show wraps with an in-depth conversation about sexual harassment on subways.
We review Paul Feig’s action-comedy film ‘Spy’ starring Melissa McCarthy, Jason Statham, Jude Law, and Rose Byrne
We speak with Matt Schultz, founder of the Generator, a manufacturing hub for artists and large-scale architecture.
JW Mason joins us to discuss the on-going financial chaos in Greece, the fight for marriage equality for people with disabilities is far from won, and listener mail.
Few things are more iconic in the history of American fashion than the denim jean. First assembled for miners in 1853 by none other than Levi Strauss, blue jeans are woven into the fabric of our country, and no other garment is a better fit for US manufacturing than our national wardrobe workhorse. Thankfully, a few labels have started to realize the importance of maintaining denim’s history and integrity within American culture, and have started to bring the industry back home. Raleigh Denim, founded in 2007, is one such brand. Victor Lytvinenko and Sarah Yarborough are the visionaries behind this Raleigh, NC-based line of jeans, and their men’s and women’s styles are known for impeccable tailoring, thoughtful construction, and durability. On today’s show, Victor shares the story of how he and Sarah became obsessed with denim, the vintage machines they use to create each pair of jeans, what “selvedge” means, some care tips that will help ensure a long life for your favorite jeans, and more. Plus, I’ve got a great playlist of music featuring new material from Sharon Van Etten and up-and-comers Ancient Warfare, as well as Sufjan Stevens and Arcade Fire. So join us as we celebrate all-American style here on BTR’s Sew & Tell!
We are looking into Part 2 of our interview with Steven Barrison about the specific policy work being made to support local job growth.
The US remains vague on the status of a detained ISIS widow, Cuomo and de Blasio trade barbs over control of city policy, and listener mail.
Can we produce more within the borders of our country, or is sourcing from other countries part of an inevitable economy and future?
Setting off 4th of July weekend with new tracks and out guest Sharee Graham from Inside Wire Sports. The NBA free agency sweepstakes have started and we will took about who will end up where. We also have breaking news regarding Sharee as her journey will bring her to NYC!
We talk with the Small Business Congress on how they are working to develop more domestic jobs in New York City.
Today I read aloud an interview with Main Attrakionz and play songs off their new album 808s and Dark Grapes III. Also DJ Wynn drops in to help intro the show, which finally ends with a new song from Katie Dey.
The Supreme Court rules that unreliable drugs can still be used to execute death row inmates, data mining children, returning to CNN’s ISIS dildo story, and listener mail.
Today we continue our conversation with Willy Shih on the paradigm shift of US manufacturing into highly technical production.
Frontline’s Karen O’Connor joins us to discuss her new documentary Growing Up Trans, two New York Times columnists write regrettable columns, and CNN’s ISIS/dildo story is too hilarious for words.
This week on the show, artist Jessamyn Lovell talks about photography, surveillance and what it was like tracking down the woman who stole her identity. Jessamyn’s work is currently on view at CENTER in Santa Fe and SCA Contemporary in Albuquerque. Her new book, in which she chronicles her efforts to find her identity thief, is available now from SF Camerawork.
We will be speaking with Harvard professor, Willy Shih on his perspective and skepticism in the urge to bring manufacturing back home.
Today I read aloud an interview with reigning BTR Tune Up Artist Gizem Gokoglu and play some of her original compositions. Plus new music from White Reaper and Knxwledge.
Moira Meltzer-Cohen and William Eric Waters of Just Info join us to discuss how they’re providing legal information to communities most likely to be targeted by the criminal justice system.
DJ Wynn takes this mix on the road with hiking music from Fleet Foxes, smooth horns from Menahan Street Band, Arcade Fire’s car maintenance tips, and an adrenaline boost from Hudson Mohawke.
This week for Fan Week we recap a fun, wild weekend of sports, turn the page into summer and slow down and try to get excited about baseball, plus ask a few questions about what it means to truly be a fan.
Cam Scott resents his mother for uprooting him from his home in Ottawa and relocating to Vientiane, Laos, and is determined to never let her forget it. Over time he adjusts to the land and culture, but just as he has found friendship and love, tragedy strikes and he is at the mercy of a stranger to clear his name for a crime he didn’t commit.
This week on The Hash, hosts Molly and Dane begin by discussing this piece on feminism from The Mary Sue. Then, the two divulge stories of their own about staying friends when it comes to being a sports fan. The show wraps with an analysis and conversation in response to the Huffington Post piece “The 8 Things All Genuine Friendships Have In Common.”
This week we review Pixar’s new animated film ‘Inside Out,’ with voice-overs from Amy Poehler, Phyllis Smith, Bill Hader, Louis Black, and more!
Today we wrap up the week understanding the instability Puerto Rico faces throughout these challenges.
Today we wrap up the week understanding the instability Puerto Rico faces throughout these challenges.
The ACLU argues for more drone memos before the appeals court in lower Manhattan, Obama backs off his promise to move the drone program from the CIA to the military, and listener mail.
It’s Fan Week here on BTR, and this week’s guest is truly fan-tastic! (Sorrynotsorry). Holly Shortall is an illustrator from Ireland whose fresh, fun fashion art gained global attention when Kim Kardashian re-posted one of Holly’s portraits of her. Not long after that, Cosmopolitan commissioned a series of drawings from Holly, and her work was launched into the virtual stratosphere. On today’s show, Holly talks about her early love for drawing and how it’s evolved; what it takes to be a freelance artist in today’s global media landscape; some of her favorite stylish celebrities from the 90’s and today; her own go-to style staple, and more. Plus, a variety-packed playlist with something for every music fan, featuring songs from cross-Continental duo AM & Shawn Lee, Scottish indie vets Teenage Fanclub, and the latest single from the electro-pop duo that can do no wrong, Sylvan Esso. So come celebrate your inner fashion fangirl with us: it’s Sew & Tell on BreakThru Radio!
We look at the crippling dependence of Puerto Rico on US currency and goods.
We look at the crippling dependence of Puerto Rico on US currency and goods.
Collier Meyerson joins us to discuss her reporting from Charleston, Gov Andrew Cuomo fails to raise the age in New York, and listener mail.
What are some of the ways that fans take their reverence to the next level, to further not only themselves but to bring other people together?
Back On The Ave. today!!! So much to talk about in the world we will do our best to cover it. The racial divide continues to rise. What should we do? Ho should we react to South Carolina? The NBA Draft is tonight! Come on Knicks! Follow me on Instagram @skicode. Let’s talk.
Today on we hear about the history of US colonization and why freeing Oscar Rivera is so monumental.
Today on we hear about the history of US colonization and why freeing Oscar Rivera is so monumental.
Today I read aloud words from John Dwyer and play songs off the new Damaged Bug album, Hot Cold Plumbs. Plus music from Girl Band.
South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley calls for state legislators to bring down the Confederate flag, Obama’s interview on Marc Maron’s podcast breaks the media, and listener mail.
Today we hear stories of Puerto Rican war veterans fighting for the US without representation.
Today we hear stories of Puerto Rican war veterans fighting for the US without representation.
Frontline’s Andres Cediel joins us to discuss his documentary Rape on the Night Shift, catching up on the shooting in Charleston, and listener mail.
Carla Gannis, The Garden of Emoji Delights, 2015 This week on the show, Brooklyn multi-media artist Carla Gannis talks about some of her new projects. One is an interpretation of Heronimous Bosch’s 16th century painting The Garden of Earthly Delights made with emojis. The piece is on view at the Hudson River Museum. The second project is a series of self portraits that Carla calls “selfie drawings.” In our interview we touch on the language of emojis, the “gothic internet”, the singularity, and growing up in Appalachia. Hieronymus Bosch, Garden of Earthly Delights, circa 1450–1516 Selfie Drawing 33 “Dreaming the Singularity” Selfie Drawing 24 “AKIN” Playlist 00:00 Intro 00:50 Carla Gannis 03:10 Emoji Delights 06:40 Transcription 12:01 Discrete Emoji 13:31 Selfie Drawings 17:47 Singularity 21:45 Appalachia 24:35 Making Art 26:26 The Future 33:03 Finish
Today on we hear from protesters in front the UN asking for the release of Oscar Rivera and the independence of Puerto Rico.
Today on we hear from protesters in front the UN asking for the release of Oscar Rivera and the independence of Puerto Rico.
Shalewa Sharpe drops in at Spit Take Comedy to talk about 90’s slang, record store sexism, and recording her new live album. Things take a real turn for the saucy, though, when she reviews the best emoji stand-ins available for genitalia in a fun round of “Sext or Text.”
Today I read aloud interviews with Winstons and Four Tet and play music from both
Julia Carrie Wong joins us to discuss the on-demand economy, a report from Amnesty International finds that not a single US state complies with international law regarding police using deadly force, and listener mail.
This week for Relationship Week we talk Stanley Cup and NBA Finals, squeeze in whatever else is going on in the sports world and consider our own, often flawed, relationships to the teams and athletes that we follow.
In this powerful debut novel, three American soldiers haunted by their actions in Afghanistan, search for absolution and human connection in family and civilian life. Wintric Ellis joins the Army as soon as he graduates from high school, saying goodbye to his girlfriend, Kristen, and to the backwoods California town whose borders have always been the limits of their horizon. Deployed in Afghanistan two years into a directionless war, he struggles to find his bearings in a place where allies could, at any second, turn out to be foes. Two seasoned soldiers, Dax and Torres, take Wintric under their wing.
This week is a special one here on BTR as it’s Relationship Week. The Hash hosts Molly and Dane begin by discussing Millennial weddings and later are joined by BTR’s own Kenneth Miller, who penned “Becoming Monogamish,” and Jess Goulart, who wrote “Play Me A One Night Stand.”
Feminism, genetic engineering, and Chris Pratt being a badass? Check out our review of ‘Jurassic World!’
Today we finish our week-long investigation into fracking with a conversation with Dr. Ingraffea about a greener tomorrow.
The top AQAP commander is killed in a US air strike, Israel’s weird video criticizing foreign media’s coverage of Gaza, and listener mail.
Some iconic fashion labels have couples at the helm – Kate Spade, Calvin Klein, and The Row, just to name a few – and often owe the strength of the brand to the strength of the relationship at their center. Karen Stewart and Howard Brown of Stewart + Brown are just such a stylish pair, proving that two heads are better than one. The husband and wife are pioneers of the sustainable style movement who founded their women’s wear brand in 2002 before sustainable style was on anyone’s radar. Leading by example, they showed fellow indie designers that sustainable can be synonymous with fashion-forward style, and ethics and aesthetics can co-exist. On today’s show, you’ll hear from Karen and Howard about how the fashion industry has changed since they launched their line, the WGSN award they received for “Most Sustainable Brand,” how they hope to inspire the next generation of indie designers, the unique fabrics and textiles they use in their line, and more. Plus, I’ve got a playlist dedicated to the highs and lows of relationships, featuring tracks from Swedish artist Loney Dear, Sufjan Stevens, Portland’s Pure Bathing Culture, and She & Him. So grab your bff, your SO, your pet, or whoever else might be the Dolce to your Gabbana, and join us as we examine relationships from a fashionably forward perspective.
We hear from Dr. Anthony Ingraffea, a civil and environmental engineer who examines the environmental detriment of shale rock drilling.
Ned Resnikoff joins us to discuss class war in Iceland, the relative danger of right-wing terrorism compared with Islamic terrorism, and listener mail.
Today on Third Eye we are looking specifically into the relationship of old-time nostalgia with some of our favorite bars.
This week we feature DJ/Producer the great KERRI CHANDLER!! Timeless classic and new music will be featured today! Heading into the weekend with Wayne Ski on the tables. Follow us on our social media handle and enjoy the set.
Today we get an inside perspective of worker conditions and safety on oil rigs and fracking sites.
Today I read aloud an interview with Hudson Mohawke and play songs off his new album Lantern. Plus new songs from Shannon and the Clams and Low Life.
More on Rachel Dolezal, and listener mail on the history of the word gender and deadname.
We end on a discussion about how the EPA and other oil companies are working to undermine the hazardous effects.
David Banks on Reddit banning a disparaging subreddit, and thoughts on Rachel Dolezal.
Sharon Shattuck’s father came out as transgender and changed her name to Trisha when Sharon was in middle school. As a kid just wanting to fit in in a small mid-western community, adjusting and understanding Trisha’s new identity proved difficult. It was also hard for Sharon’s straight-identified mother Marcia. In Sharon’s new documentary From This Day Forward she sets out to create a portrait of Trisha and to understand how her parents marriage endured such radical change.
Today we look into the work of NYPIRG in helping to ban fracking in New York State.
Today I play music and read aloud conversations with Concrete Waves. Plus music and banter about Paper Gates. Then a little more reading aloud.
We devote the hour to listener mail. That’s it. Nothing but listener mail.
Monday’s Mix features new music from Wild Yaks, Hudson Mohawke, Cayucas, and FFS.
This week for Rain Week we are thrilled to have Kristy back with us with a new slew of adventures to tell us about as we catch up after a two-week break in which pretty much everything went on in the sports world.
Allan Ageman is a highly dedicated and ethical professional leader with the ability to quickly and effectively implement solutions to the long term and day-to-day business challenges that are a constant in the staffing business. Allan Ageman firmly believes that he could not have achieved all of this without a great partner, Richard Bachrach, and an outstanding management team and staff that share the same vision as he does.
This week on The Hash, Molly and Dane begin by discussing tests for female representation in media. The tests were designed to apply to movies, but Molly and Dane analyze how they apply to books as well. Then, the two hone in on plastic surgery for men in response to an AskMen piece. The show wraps with a celebration of Lauren Conrad’s move to ban words like “skinny” from her website.
We review ‘Tangerine’–the first film ever to be shot only using iPhones! We also interview Moondog Labs, who made it all possible
Today on the Daily Beat we wrap it up learning about the humanitarian art of journalism and it’s ability to build a community.
Cora Currier joins us to discuss the powerful friends of David Petraeus, initial thoughts on the case of Usaama Rahim, the importance of playing for kindergarteners, and listener mail.
Rain, rain, don’t go away! This week’s Sew & Tell guest will have you hoping for the next drizzly day: Yurika Nakazono and Marie Saeki are co-founders of TERRA NEW YORK, a the first fashion label dedicated exclusively to creating stylish, cutting-edge rain wear. The TERRA NEW YORK designs are sleek, sophisticated garments and accessories, built for endurance but created with incredible elegance. On today’s show, Yurika joins me to talk about the start of the label, the unique biodegradable plastics used for TERRA NEW YORK pieces, the practical and aesthetic considerations behind each design, some exciting new projects on the horizon for the line, and more. Plus, I’ve put together a mix that reflects the rain, indie-rock-style; you’ll hear from legendary Tex-Mex-folk band Calexico, Swedish experimental electro-pop songstress Jenny Wilson, and Brit noise pop group Evans The Death. All that and more this hour, so put away that sad, drippy umbrella, pull up a chair, and learn how to stay stylishly dry like a pro with Sew & Tell on BTR!
Today on the Daily Beat we continue to discuss the benefits and disadvantages of freelance work and the importance of civic journalism.
FBI intrusion into defense teams at Guantanamo further delays the 9/11 trial, an education reform spokesperson says testing is important for property values, and a teacher test in NY is deemed racist.
There’s a lot more than meets the eye behind something we take for granted like rain and we’re about to tune our third eyes onto why.
Today On The Avenue we welcome back our sports reporter Sharee Graham from Inside Wire Sports. Will the Cavs rule over Golden State in the NBA finals? What’s up with the 49ers? We will talk about it today and play some funky tunes for ya! Make sure you follow the BTR family! Let’s go!
Today on the Daily Beat, we discuss some of the blurred boundaries of journalism in the technological age.
Today I read aloud interviews and play music from Lotic, Winstons, Chazz French and Jamaican Queens
Mychal Denzel Smith joins us to discuss a recent video of Dallas police assaulting black teenagers at a pool party, and a young man held at Rikers for 3 years prior to trial has committed suicide.
Today on the Daily Beat Molly Knefel discusses her work in writing about the US juvenile justice system and how to use new media to help fuel research.
Mychal Denzel Smith joins us to discuss a recent video of Dallas police assaulting black teenagers at a pool party, and a young man held at Rikers for 3 years prior to trial has committed suicide.
In his book, Disappearance of Darkness: Photography at the End of the Analog Age, Robert Burley documents the infrastructure that for nearly 100 years supported film photography. Robert was granted access to shuddered film factories to photograph the massive machines and interior spaces where thousands of workers once made film in total darkness. He visited Dwanye’s photo lab in Kansas: the last photo lab in the world to process Kodak’s iconic Kodachrome film. And, for the most dramatic pictures in the book, Robert photographed the demolitions of film manufacturing buildings at Kodak’s headquarters in Rochester New York.
On today’s episode, we dissect some of the in-depth reporting that has beat the odds by the day’s journalistic standards.
The sharply dressed and sharp witted Colin Burgess pays a visit to Spit Take Comedy to chat with George about his unusually tiny baby and what he is and isn’t willing to put on his pee pee. Things really get rowdy when a forced argument breaks out, though all ends well.
Today I read aloud interviews with Babewatch and No Joy and play songs from both
It’s the two year anniversary of the Edward Snowden revelations, a ridiculous New York Times debate on whether police accountability has increased crime, and listener mail.
DJ Wynn has new music from Eternal Summers and Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, along with pleas to go outside from Cults, organic titles from Sonny & The Sunsets, and a somber Fourth of July with Sufjan Stevens.
This week for Throwback Week we run through a timeless quick-hits, look ahead to the summer of sports nearly upon us, and discuss which throwback sporting trends we miss the most as well as those we’re glad are gone.
PHOEBE TROUP – I was at an all-dayer gig recently, and as is usual with these things, they often involve sitting through a lot of rubbish acts. Well, this one was no different, and so when this young girl took to the floor I didn’t know what to expect, and was blown away by her voice, her songs, and her ease for being in front of an expectant crowd. I was then going to grab her and book her for a session, but she left before I had the chance. It was then a task to find out her name, search her out online, and bring her to you in digital form, here on Live @ Old School Studios. Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let’s Radio!
Today he is the inspiration for fiction adaptations, blockbuster movies, hit television shows, raucous Twitter banter, and thriving subcultures. More than a century after Sherlock Holmes first capered into our world, what is it about Arthur Conan Doyle’s peculiar creation that continues to fascinate us? Journalist and lifelong Sherlock fan Zach Dundas set out to find the answer.
This week on The Hash, hosts Molly and Dane discuss a ‘Cosmo’ piece on how to get a boyfriend. Then, the pair analyzes a Jessica Valenti piece that talks about sexism as it pertains to the media we consume. The show wraps with Molly and Dane divulging the stories of their first relationships.
Is ‘Mad Max – Fury Road’ a feminist conspiracy or a kickass action movie? Tune in for our review!
Today’s break down: We wrap up our week-long discussion with Steven Weinberg on the future of the evolving modern scientific method.
Faiza Patel joins us to discuss the recently approved NSA reform known as the Freedom Act, class trumps ability when it comes to graduation rates, and listener mail.
It’s Throwback Week on the station, and no one does vintage style better than the late, great Mad Men. In honor of the series finale, I’’m joined by BTR’s DJ Dane, co-host of The Hash and resident food behind Dish + Drink. Together, we dissect the finer points of the finale and the impeccable fashion on the show, and I share my close encounter with the lovely Christina Hendricks (!!) And there’s a slew of great Mad Men fan resources on today’s playlist page – scroll down for quizzes, blogs, articles and more! Plus, I have a fun playlist featuring some of today’s best vintage-inspired indie artists – you’ll hear tracks from Cali duo Best Coast, Brooklyn’s own soul singer Charles Bradley, Argentinian trio Capsula, and funky experimental psych outfit Foxygen. So celebrate some “old fashioned” style with us, here on BTR’s Sew & Tell!
Today’s break down: We hear about the complicated interplay of science and religion during the scientific revolution by physicist, Steven Weinberg.
Mike Konczal joins us to discuss the war on higher education and the new rules for the economy, the USA Freedom Act becomes law, and listener mail.
This week we look at nostalgia and vintage nods to yesteryear in a generation that seeks the past to define the present.
Today is a special 10th year of BTR Today show as we dig into the very first On The Avenue Show. I went in the Wayne Ski Vault and found the first show with special guest artist Lyric Jones! We started this journey May 8th 2014 and we’re steady rocking today! Enjoy the show and remember to follow BTR on social media.
Today’s break down: We learn about the scientific methods of the golden age of Alexandria compared with New York City.
Today I talk about, play music from and read interview excerpts with Friendzone, Jesse Futerman and Gnod
Dave Zirin joins us to discuss the ongoing FIFA scandal and the reelection of Sepp Blatter, Molly’s latest story on how Obama’s police plan effects schools, and listener mail.
Today’s break down: Steven Weinberg speaks about some of the greatest ideas we had to “unlearn” in order to develop the modern science we know today.
Murtaza Hussain of The Intercept and Danny Gold of Vice join us for our latest Radio Dispatch Live, in which we talk about the war in Syria, the rise of ISIS, and the role of the US in both.
My guest this week is Antwerp-based photographer Jan Kempenaers. Jan broke out on the photography scene in 2010 when he published a book called Spomenik. The book documents the giant geometric sculptures that were built across the countryside of the former Yugoslavia in the 60s and 70 as monuments to various sites and battles from World War Two. Jan traveled to these isolated sites to photograph these alien-looking sculptures. Before Jan’s project these monuments were largely unknown except to the people in the small towns where they’re located.
Today’s break down: Steven Weinberg begins us on a the journey of human scientific thought with the pre-socratic era of the scientific hypothesis.
Today I talk about, read interview excerpts with and play music from Fireships, Pink Siifu, Mieux and Knxwledge
Jamil Smith joins us to discuss the rampant police abuse in Ohio, going beyond the simplistic reactions to trigger warnings, and listener mail.
This week for Vacation Week we welcome the unofficial start of summer, run through some quick hits and ask if it wouldn’t be such a bad thing to take a year off from watching sports.
Before his life went totally off the rails, Patrick O’Neil was living the punk rock dream, working at San Francisco’s legendary Mabuhay Gardens, going on to become a roadie and then the road manager for such seminal bands as Dead Kennedys, Flipper, Subhumans, and T.S.O.L. But that was before his heroin addiction veered totally out of control. A junkie for eighteen years, O’Neil, the educated son of intellectuals, eventually turned to a life of crime, ending up the ringleader of a group of armed bank robbers, all in an increasingly out-of-control attempt to keep himself and his girlfriend in drugs. Now, after a stint in prison and fourteen years clean off drugs, O’Neil takes a look back at the experiences—moving, calamitous, and at times both hilarious and terrifying—that led to his downfall and recovery. Told in sparse prose and graphic detail, GUN, NEEDLE, SPOON examines the long road to redemption, and the obstacles along the way, demystifying the “criminal life” so often depicted in film and fiction, but seldom written about from the first-hand point of view of those who have lived it.
This week on The Hash, hosts Molly and Dane discuss a ‘Cosmo’ article about significant others and social media. Then, the pair shares advice on traveling as a couple. The show wraps with an in-depth conversation about street harassment. Molly and Dane are joined by fellow BTR staffer Samantha Spoto and the three share personal stories regarding harassment and catcalling.
Find out why we’re terrified by haunted mirrors in our review of the new horror movie ‘Oculus’ (available on Netflix)
Today’s break down: Listen in to Sara Chipps, developer and entrepreneur creating interactive jewelry with LED lights and helps high schools program drones.
Jason Leopold joins us to discuss his latest stories on the CIA’s internal torture report, Molly trolls herself with some exciting new thought-leaders, we finally deliver on the crap cannon, and listener mail.
Haven’t you heard? Hemp is the new cotton! It’s Vacation Week on BTR, and this week’s guest has designed the *perfect* t shirt to pack for the beach. Robert Jungmann launched his hemp-based label, Jungmaven, after spending time in Costa Rica where he learned about natural dyeing techniques. Now, Jungmaven offers a variety of beautifully crafted 100% hemp and hemp-blend designs, the line is carried in shops from Urban Outfitters to Zady, and Robert is on a mission to see everyone in a hemp t shirt by 2020. Join us on today’s show as Robert talks about his introduction to hemp as a textile and its incredible, unique properties; why hemp could be the sustainable answer to the future of farming and manufacturing; a few of his own favorite vacation spots; some upcoming projects and collaborations for the brand, and more! Plus, a vacation-centric playlist with new music from The Milk Carton Kids, Hot Chip, and Heartless Bastards, along with tracks off the debut albums from Bent Denim and Guts Club. So join us this hour as we take a vacation from the cotton t, with Sew & Tell on BTR!
Today’s break down: We hear from women CEOs on starting their own tech and media companies despite obstacles.
John’s latest story from Beirut on the LGBT Syrian refugees who often wait months or years for asylum in a third country, Cleveland police will no longer taser people’s genitals at will, and listener mail.
What ways can we take a break from the daily grind and lose ourselves to a sense of vacation with new adventures?
Welcome to super producer/remixer Dennis Ferrer edition. With timeless house & dance music songs today we feature some of my favorite records produced by the one and only. Turn this all the way up. Make sure you jump on social media and share this one. Enjoy!
This week theme on the Daily Beat: We are checking out all things digital and tech at The Internet Week Festival.
Today I poll some of my fellow DJs & co-workers at BTR about what kind of music they fancy whilst on vacation. Plus music from Sharp Veins, Sheer Mag, Ali Farka Toure, Patrick Watson and more
John’s first major story from Beirut examines the crisis of Syrians born in Lebanon without proper identification and the risks that statelessness carries, Ohio cop Michael Brelo is found not guilty after police shot and kill two unarmed African Americans, and listener mail.
This week theme on the Daily Beat: We are checking out all things digital and tech at The Internet Week Festival.
Frontline’s Martin Smith joins us to discuss his new documentary on the Obama administration’s response to the Syrian civil war, the NYT’s decision to name CIA agents, and listener mail.
When photographer Patrick Gookin moved to Los Angeles he found himself spending a lot of time in the car. Driving to work he began to notice how strange and out of place the pedestrians looked. Often alone, these figures seemed totally enveloped by an urban environment designed primarily for motorists.
This week theme on the Daily Beat: We are checking out all things digital and tech at The Internet Week Festival.
The charming comedian and writer Alison Leiby swings by the Spit Take Comedy studio to discuss her self-help parody books, cooking shows, and how to train your child to kill you.
Today In le Den a special 114 minute mix of music for Memorial Day
Alexis Goldstein joins us to discuss the negotiated plea deal that will keep individual bankers out of jail despite admitting to felonies, the six cops involved in Freddie Gray’s killing have been indicted, and listener mail.
BTR Sports with Sam, Kory and Kristy is a sports show focusing on more than just the results and Brett Favre. Each week we take an in-depth look at a topic from the world of sport from a broader, cultural angle. This week for Blacklist Week we do our best without Kristy to break down the news from around the sporting world, including NBA and NHL playoffs, Deflategate and run through a list of athletes who have lied or cheated and debate whether or not they should be black-listed.
Why would we ever want to prohibit literature from young people? Rather than banning books and the written word in our schools and libraries across the country, wouldn’t we be better off to share controversial text and teach students how to read and think critically instead? Today on Book Talk we look at why books are blacklisted by the American Library Association; which books have been or are currently banned; and what we should do about it.
This week on The Hash, DJs Molly and Dane begin by taking a look at an AskMen piece called “Confronting Male Stereotypes.” Then, the pair talks the importance of a #SelfieClass that is taught at the University of Southern California. The show wraps with an in-depth discussion about Hollywood’s sexism problem. The hosts analyze a BuzzFeed piece that brings to light an ugly encounter with actor Paul Johansson, which opens up the conversation on broader issues.
We review the Tribeca Premiere of ‘The Adderall Diaries’ starring James Franco, Amber Heard, Ed Harris, and Christian Slater!
This week theme on the Daily Beat: We are looking at New York’s next healthcare revolution with technology, digitization and affordability.
Jeff Abbott joins us to discuss protest and corruption in Guatemala, five international banks plead guilty to felonies for rigging currency markets, and the president of Columbia doesn’t shake Emma Sulkowicz’s hand at graduation.
What if you could wear your favorite yoga pants to work, and still look beautifully polished, professional, and commanding? That’s exactly what Lisa Sun, founder and CEO of Project Gravitas, has set out to do with her new line of women’s wear. Not only are Project Gravitas pieces comfortable and well-constructed classics, the designs are created with a variety of body shapes and sizes in mind. (Imagine that! A line of clothes for women, actually *designed* for more than one woman!) Project Gravitas is just two years old, but in that time, the label has been featured in top fashion publications including InStyle, Marie Claire, Elle, and Women’s Wear Daily, and has made multiple appearances in the O Magazine, after being selected as one of Oprah’s favorite things. An impressive resume, to say the least! Join us for a wonderfully inspiring, engaging talk with Lisa Sun, as she shares about the moment that ultimately led her to launch a new fashion label, what makes Project Gravitas designs unique, and some of the brand’s exciting new projects ahead! And to go along with this empowering style, I’ve got a playlist full of empowering indie women. You’ll tracks in today’s mix from Neko Case, Sharon Van Etten, Beach House, Sylvan Esso, and Lia Ices. So join us for a Friday fashion happy hour and enjoy a shot of confidence, with Project Gravitas on BTR’s Sew & Tell!
This week theme on the Daily Beat: We are looking at New York’s next healthcare revolution with technology, digitization and affordability.
The increasingly revised history of the build up to the war on Iraq, restorative justice in NYC schools, and listener mail about creeping Sharia.
What are some of the people, items, events, and even ideas that are being casted away from the mainstream?
On with Sharee Graham of Inside Wire Sports. A lot of surprises in sports!!!
This week theme on the Daily Beat: We are looking at New York’s next healthcare revolution with technology, digitization and affordability.
Today I talk about, play music from and read interview excerpts with Faith No More
Obama plans to limit transfer of some military weapons to local police departments, belated thoughts on the Tsarnaev death penalty sentence, and climate change is going to kill us all.
This week theme on the Daily Beat: We are looking at New York’s next healthcare revolution with technology, digitization and affordability.
Frontline’s Michael Kirk joins us to discuss his new documentary on secrecy and torture, ISIS captures a key city in Iraq days after a US raid in Syria, and Obama will limit transfer of some military weapons to local police departments.
Jonathan Monaghan makes short films that combine high end computer animation, with surreal and fantastical scenes drawn from religious themes, popular culture and history. In one of his pieces we watch a polar bear that resembles one of those from the popular coca-cola ad campaign, slowly staggering around in a shapeless black space, only to realize after three minutes, that we’ve been watching the bear as it slowly dies. Another piece, which Jonathan discusses on the show, features a lion, a black eagle, some medical devices, and a beheading. His piece Escape Pod was shown as part of a solo show at Bitforms Gallery here in New York.
This week theme on the Daily Beat: We are looking at New York’s next healthcare revolution with technology, digitization and affordability.
Today I talk about, read interview excerpts with and play music from Shamir and reigning BTR Tune Up artist Sick of Sarah. Plus new music from King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard
Families respond to Hillary Clinton’s criticism of mass incarceration, Jeb Bush waffles on Iraq war, and Marco Rubio loves Taken.
BTR Sports with Sam, Kory and Kristy is a sports show focusing on more than just the results and clichés. Each week we take an in-depth look at a topic or two from the world of sport from a broader, cultural angle. This week for Hazards Week we catch up on our last two weeks in the both the sporting and our own worlds, talk “Deflategate” and predict what hazards sports will face down the line.
Through historical data, typewritten letters, chapter challenges and personal accounts, The Joy of Missing Out, leads us on a unique exploration of the modern world, revealing how present-ness, intentionality and limited connections are the keys to our joy.
This week, DJs Molly and Dane talk about awkward situations and how to survive them. They also discuss stay at home moms, feminism, and what not to do on a first date.
We review the harrowing suicide tale ‘Bridgend’ and interview ‘Game of Thrones’ actress Hannah Murray and director Jeppe Ronde!
This week theme on the Daily Beat: We are looking at violence and the city and investigating the nature and effects of various types of urban warfare.
Thoughts on Sy Hersh’s blockbuster account of the untold story of the raid that killed Osama bin Laden, a tech castle is the new epitome of ridiculousness, and listener mail.
This week, I’m honored to have as my guest Kelly Holmes, founder of Native Max, the first fashion magazine focused on the Native American community. Armed with passion, determination and ambition, Kelly launched the magazine when she was just twenty years old, and it has grown to reach a global audience in four short years! But that comes as no surprise: Kelly and her team have created a polished, high-end publication with substantive editorials and engaging features, offering an invaluable venue for Native fashion talent. On today’s show, Kelly will talk about the moment that led her to launch Native Max; some of the other Native American women leading the way in contemporary fashion; the misrepresentation of Native culture within the larger fashion industry; the changes she hopes to effect through Native Max; and more. Plus, I’ve got a playlist full of brand new music, including tracks from Montreal’s experimental Patrick Watson, Dutch multi-instrumentalist Jacco Gardner, and Swedish folk troubadour The Tallest Man On Earth. So join us as we learn more about the exciting, innovative fashion work coming from Native American communities, this week with Sew & Tell on BreakThru Radio!
This week theme on the Daily Beat: We are looking at violence and the city and investigating the nature and effects of various types of urban warfare.