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The social media platform is known for its hate, racism and misinformation. So we wrote about it a lot.
The social media giant had a rough time 2018 and we couldn’t be happier
Taking a look back at 2018, a big year for making machines that make music.
Short answer: No. Shorter answer: a GIF of Danny DeVito shaking his head "no."
YouTube thought that since I watched ContraPoints I’d love Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson.
A new study finds that the video game may help people cope with stressful waiting periods.
The latest Facebook revelations make a sequel to the 2010 Facebook movie seem like something that has to happen.
After meeting New Jersey's governor at the Hoboken train station, I'm wondering if he can make the trains run on time.
FICO isn’t great but at least it allows for wiggle room. A new credit rating would get rid of it.
The voice synthesizer looks incredibly powerful. Let's hope it's used responsibly.
At the most recent Cat Camp, BreakThruTV’s Chelsea White spoke with cat behavior specialist Dr. Mikel Delgado to get a better sense of just what’s up with her own two cats.
Google finally shuttered their little used social media site after a minor league data breach.
The site wants to make you feel bad for declining to spend two seconds click-congratulating someone you barely know for something you don’t care about.
Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are almost certainly getting more out of you than you’re getting out of them.
Apple is making the once universal audio connection a dead technology and the world will be a slightly worse place for it.
Observers of the movie subscription service say the future looks bleak for the flailing company.
When you connect a buttplug to a voice-activated home assistant, complications will inevitably arise.
While they haven't made an official comment, Apple may be quietly trying to fix the problem.
The jet that couldn't shoot straight cost U.S. taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars. So maybe free college is NBD.
The Megaupload founder is more comfortable on the internet than almost anyone else alive.
The scandal-plagued Theranos CEO’s social media account says very little but explains a lot.
The happy grandpa of anxious millennials lulls you into slumber with talk of happy trees and beautiful phthalo blues.
#E32018, the hashtag of this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo, told a story of breathtaking banality.
Can the BTRtoday editorial staff play Korg’s musical devices without training or instruction? (Spoiler alert: yes)
A coalition of consumer protection and left-wing groups are urging the Federal Trade Commission to break up Facebook.
Can’t find the right guitar video? Don’t fret. LOL. That’s a guitar joke. Guitars have frets. But seriously, we can help.
The keys on the latest MacBook Pro are fragile as a teen goth poet. But don’t worry, you don’t need to type to use a computer.
Stop treating the Tesla CEO like a real life superhero and see him for what he is: Trump for nerds.
In honor of 4/20, we’re looking at innovations in weed technology. In honor of the chronic lateness of marijuana smokers, we’re publishing it on 4/21.
Smartphones are making workplaces dumb. How can we get people to look away from their devices long enough to do their jobs?
We don’t need our sex toys to be smart. We need to be smarter about our sex toys.
While new research casts doubt on the health benefits of early day eating, it’s still the most important meal of the day for athletes.
After Facebook's data breaches were made public, I started deleting my social media history—but it wasn't easy.
Crave mobile sex toy lab is touring America now. Are you ready to create your own pleasure?
The bluetooth posture tracker alerts you of computer slouching in real time.
When is it okay to charge someone on the money app? And what can you do about weirdos that don’t have it?
The analog percussion machine could take a lifetime to master its options and setting. But also it’s fun right out of the box.
People young and old are going under the knife to improve the looks of their lobes. But it's more than a matter of simple vanity.
The once-shuttered local news site Gothamist is back. Should we use public money to make sure it and sites like it never go away again?
Will The satellite of tomorrow be a fleet of airplanes?
The smart car of the future will be drivers, navigators and personal robots. Just don't get too attached to them.
The same technology powering cryptocurrency could soon offer a new view into your chicken.
The annual instrument makers’ showcase offered hints to the future of music tech.
Death By Audio Arcade & The Sheep's Meow present the Skybridge Arcade in Elsewhere
Can drum machines make a comeback in a laptop world? New percussion devices from big names are making a strong argument.
LegalFling makes consent legally binding. So what’s the problem?
The tech industry aims to disrupt the way we make coffee and poop.
Changes to Facebook shows the social media network doesn’t understand people
Studies suggest that sharing food fosters connections between people—even when they don't speak.