We’re wrapping our 6-year anniversary celebration of the show with more artists who started it all and ones who joined the scene since. Some old timers like moe. and Particle, plus newbies The Manhattan Project and Rubblebucket, as well as pre-teen rocker Jaden Carlson.
Clear the floor, gentleman!
Jam Session’s 6 year anniversary continues with round 2! We raise our glasses to some of the artists who helped us start it all including Widespread Panic, String Cheese Incident and Toubab Krewe.
The Alt-Country Hour on BTR!
Celebrating SIX YEARS of Jam Session this week and the rest of the month with artists who started it all, and who hopped on the jam scene since. News of side projects from Lotus, and New Years Eve shows.
Clear the floor for the ladies!
Spotlight on Portsmouth and Dover, New Hampshire!!
Touring news out the wazoo for favorites like Keller Williams, Umphrey’s McGee and Tea Leaf Green. Also, details on the new BTR holiday photo contest!
Upcoming concerts worth putting on your calendar now: Steve Kimock’s Hurricane Sandy relief show on February 23rd in NYC, and Snoe.Down in March featuring Moe. and Strangefolk. Also, we revisit Dangermuffin who we introduced last week!
Your all-female music mix!
Celebrating my birthday week with some feel good, danceable jammy tunes including Disco Biscuits, Jatoba and Rubblebucket. Also, introducing Papadosio and Dangermuffin!
Country tunes for your Sunday!
New Years Eve news for Rochester, NY and Burlington, VT that makes me really wish I still lived on the East Coast! Plus, new tunes from Rubblebucket and Ryan Montbleau Band.
Your all-female music mix on BTR!
Spotlight on the City for November 13, 2012 will feature bands and artists from Lawrence, Kansas. 00:00 Spotlight on the City-Lawrence,KS 00:32 Why?-Dan Billen 04:23 Does Anybody Ever Really See You Out-Cowboy Indian Bear 10:30 Saline-Cowboy Indian Bear 13:55 Boxmen and Bagladies (w/Jamie Lacore)–Blakey Bear 17:08 Summershine-Blakey Bear 22:51 Spotlight on the City-Lawrence,KS 23:38 The Prairie as a Sea-Heartscape Landbreak 30:15 Freckles From the Same Sun-Monzie Leo and the Northwest Two 33:43 Secrets Of The Universe-Sam Billen 36:47 Hands-Sam Billen 41:25 Spotlight on the City-Lawrence,KS 42:03 Everybody Run-Ebony Tusks 45:06 Pizza Power-Karma Vision 48:24 Mary Can Feel-South Bitch Diet 51:58 CHRISESMAS-CS LUXEM 54:43 Thought-O-Matic-Agent X-12 56:52 Spotlight on the City-Lawrence,KS 58:23 Kansas In The Springtime-Monzie Leo & The Big Sky 62:07 Finish Dan Billen photo: Dan Billen Cowboy Indian Bear photo: Valerie Skubal Nov 16, 2012 Barley Street Tavern-Omaha,NE Dec 8, 2012 Celtic Fox-Topeka,KS Dec 31, 2012 Granada-Lawrence,KS Jan 18, 2012 Record Bar-Kansas City,MO Blakey Bear photo: Blakey Bear Heartscape Landbreak photo: Heartscape Landbreak Sam Billen photo: Sam Billen Ebony Tusks photo: Alex Bonham-Carter Karma Vision photo: Karma Vision Dec 15, 2012 Jackpot Music Hall-Lawrence,KS Monzie Leo photo: Monzie Leo Nov 16, 2012 The Hair Hole-Columbia,MO Nov 17, 2012 The Magnolia Bar-Louisville,KY Nov 18, 2012 The Switchyard-Bloomington,IN South Bitch Diet photo: South Bitch Diet CS LUXEM photo: Kelly Corcoran Agent X-12 photo: Agent X-12 Dec 10, 2012 The Bottleneck-Lawrence,KS
Exploring Jam Cruise #11 this week with a playlist of all of this year’s headlining artists including Moe., Hot Buttered Rum and Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe. News on New Years Eve shows as well for everyone!
Revisiting newbie Willie Ames, whose single “Night Owl” reached #8 on the Billboard Hot Singles chart! Also, new artists The Dendrites and Kneebody.
Your all-female music mix!
Very excited to introduce you to THREE new artists this week including funk and jazz progressive rock band The Cosmopolitics and folk singer/songwriter Willie Ames. Also, in the vein of Lotus and heavy synths, out of Rochester, NY comes The Manhattan Project.
Great alt-country tunes for your Sunday!
Introducing Vermont’s acoustic bluegrass trio, Jatoba! Also, new tunes from The Vegabonds who just launched a Kickstarter to make their third album.
Your all-female music mix!
Introducing more new artists this week, including Sons of the Late DC, Aaron Williams Band, and one of the most fun groups to ever grace this show, Alma Afrobeat Ensemble. Turn it up and get some dancing room ready – this one’s gonna make you move!
The October 2012 edition of “Spotlight on the City” will feature bands and artists from Morgantown, West Virginia.
Lots of new artists to introduce you to this week, including Jameson and the Sordid Seeds, The Vegabonds, Big Something and Mike Montrey Band. Get into it, check out their tunes and tour dates, and let me know what you think!
Your all-female music mix on BTR!
New tunes and new artists this week, including Brotherhood of Groove, The Breakfast and Rose Hill Drive. Also, touring news from Roots of Creation and The Brew, BTR’s Discovery Artist this week.
The Alt-Country Hour on BTR!
A little bit of everything today, including jazz, electronic, alt-country, pop and funk. News on Barefoot Manner who’s finally coming out from hiding!
Your all-female music mix on BTR!
New tunes from ALO, Keller Williams and the Disco Biscuits. Plus, I talk smack and show my loyalty to Phish. P.S. Thanks so much for my 6-year BTR anniversary love!
You’ve just tuned into Spotlight on the City. For the month of September, I am going to feature 14 bands from Halifax, Nova Scotia!
This week we’ve got a little spotlight on RAQ to help any fans out there missing the lately low-key band. Also, tunes from one of RAQ’s side projects, Kung Fu, off their new album.
Your all-female music mix on BTR!
This week is all about Lotus, thanks to Jam Session listener Jim who made the request! (Thanks, Jim!) Some of my favorite studio and live Lotus.
The Alt-Country hour on BTR!
Lots of big touring news for the fall and winter from some of our favorite jam bands, including Gov’t Mule and Widespread Panic. Also, new live tunes from Railroad Earth and Marco Benevento.
Your all-female music mix on BTR!
Steve Kimock has announced his new quartet’s fall tour, and we’ve got tracks from their new live EP! Also, a live jam from Particle who I recently caught at the Phish after party in Long Beach, CA.
You’ve just tuned in to Spotlight on the City! For the month of August, I will feature bands and artists from Memphis, TN!!
Backwoods Pond Fest kicks off this weekend in Peru, New York with headliners The Indobox. We’ve got a full album listening party this week for their new EP “Dig Safe.”
Clear the floor, gentleman! Time for the ladies to take the stage!
Despite some summer sniffles, we’ve going to celebrate the 6th annual Camp Barefoot festival on today’s episode. Tunes from headliners including Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe, Keller Williams and more.
The Alt-Country Hour on BTR!
It’s family hour here on Jam Session! Today we chat with my boyfriend, blues guitarist and singer/songwriter Keaton Simons, on what it means to be a jam band and his experience in the jam world (don’t mind the panting and noises in the background — that’s just our dog, Bentley). Also, we listen to some tunes and jams from his recent live show at the Hotel Café in LA.
Your all-female music mix on BTR!
To all those music fans I’m very envious of, welcome back from All Good! This week we’re once again paying homage to the best festival of the year with new tunes from ALO, Railroad Earth, Tea Leaf Green and more headliners.
We’re celebrating the 16th annual All Good Music Festival, happening this weekend in Thornville, OH! Tunes from the festival’s headliners including The Bridge, ALO and Lotus.
Your all female music mix.
Spotlight on the City for July 10, 2012 will feature Lisbon, Portugal
DJ Laura Jam Session 07.09.12 The 11th annual Camp Bisco festival kicks off this weekend Mariaville, NY! We’ve got some of the festival’s headliners including The Disco Biscuits, Lotus and Brothers Past. 00:00 DJ Laura Jam Session 00:40 House Dog Party Favor – The Disco Biscuits 24:23 DJ Wynn World Wide Hour 24:36 Reaching New Heitz – Future Rock 34:42 DJ Laura Jam Session 35:26 Simple Gift of Man – Brothers Past 41:25 The Mirror – Brothers Past 47:41 Tip of the Tongue – Lotus 53:47 Bellweather – Lotus 63:34 Finish Disco Biscuits (Photo by Dave Vann) July 12 – Mariaville, NY @ Camp Bisco October 5 – Philadelphia, PA @ City Bisco at Mann Center October 6 – Philadelphia, PA @ City Bisco at Mann Center Future Rock (Photo by Chad Smith) July 12 – Mariaville, NY @ Camp Bisco July 13 – Mariaville, NY @ Camp Bisco July 14 – Lone Tree, IA @ Camp Euforia August 23 – Bartow, WV @ Camp Barefoot Brothers Past (Photo by Stephanie Figerle) July 12 – Mariaville, NY @ Camp Bisco August 24 – New York, NY @ Rocks Off Concert Cruise August 25 – Bartow, WV @ Camp Hidden Meadows August 31 – Georgetown, CO @ Look Out Below
Enjoy an hour packed full of alt-country wonderfulness.
DJ Laura Jam Session 07.02.12 The 22nd annual High Sierra Music Festival kicks off this weekend in Quincy, CA! We’ve got some of the festival’s headliners including The Slip, ALO and STS9. 00:00 DJ Laura Jam Session 00:44 Even Rats – The Slip 06:11 We’re Using Time For Fun – Marco Benevento ft Matt Chamberlain & Reed Mathis 14:12 Caywood – Lotus 23:24 Equinox – STS9 32:04 DJ Laura Jam Session 32:46 Kolomana – ALO 47:18 Marcus Parks Portrait of a Comedian 47:40 Joelle – Surprise Me Mr. Davis 54:42 The Cuckoo – Railroad Earth 63:53 Finish The Slip (Photo by Zack Smith) July 5 – Quincy, CA @ High Sierra Music Festival STS9 (Photo from STS9) July 5 – Quincy, CA @ High Sierra Music Festival July 21 – Bridgeport, CT @ Gathering of the Vibes August 25 – Saratoga, CA @ Mountain Winery ALO (Photo by Jay Blakesberg) July 6 – Quincy, CA @ High Sierra Music Festival July 20 – Thornville, OH @ All Good Music Festival July 21 – Stroudsburg, PA @ The Sherman Theater July 22 – Bridgeport, CT @ Gathering of the Vibes July 23 – New York, NY @ The Rocks Off Concert Cruise
Your all-female music mix on BTR!
This week we talk about the Catskill Chill Music Festival featuring Particle and Lotus. Also, details on Steve Kimock’s summer touring including some collaborations and a trip to Japan.
We’re doing a recap of this year’s Bonnaroo festival complete with live tracks from Umphrey’s McGee and ALO. Also, news of moe.’s Halloween show and summer tour.
Your all female music mix on BTR!
DJ Laura Jam Session 06.11.12 Hooking you up with more Surprise Me Mr. Davis and Skerik’s side project, Syncopated Taint Septet. As always, feel free to send me your requests and comments to 00:00 DJ Laura Jam Session 00:25 Sissyfuss – Surprise Me Mr. Davis 04:30 I’m No Good At All – Surprise Me Mr. Davis 07:29 Emily Green – Surprise Me Mr. Davis 11:32 Home Away From Home – Surprise Me Mr. Davis 16:09 DJ Lottie Thursday Show 16:23 Sweet New England – Strangefolk 30:24 DJ Laura Jam Session 31:13 The Third Rail – Skerik’s Syncopated Taint Septet 37:48 Taming The Shrew – Skerik’s Syncopated Taint Septet 46:44 Two More O’s – Skerik’s Syncopated Taint Septet 54:00 Gypsy Tea Improv – Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey 62:36 Finish Surprise Me Mr. Davis (Photo by John Chapman) July 4 – Quincy, CA @ High Sierra Music Festival June 5 – Quincy, CA @ High Sierra Music Festival July 6 – Quincy, CA @ High Sierra Music Festival Skerik (Photo from Skerik) June 22 – Schuylkill Haven, PA @ Jibberjazz Mad-Summer Meltdown #3 Strangefolk (Photo from Strangefolk) August 11 – Burlington, VT @ Waterfront Park
Sunday’s Alt-Country Hour with DJ Emily! Enjoy tunes from GPGDS, These United States, Wilco and MORE!
Welcoming Surprise Me Mr. Davis to the show! If you dig Jam Session favorite The Slip, you’ll love this side project. Catch them next month in Quincy, CA at the High Sierra Music Festival.
Your all female music mix this Sunday on BTR!
Got my favorite live Particle jam for you this week from May 22, 2012 at Winston’s! Also, news on Kyle Hollingsworth, The Pimps of Joytime and a new artist you need to know about.
Reviews are in from Umphrey’s McGee’s UMBowl III in Chicago, declaring it one of the best live performances to date! Also, news on a groovy electronic festival this weekend in California, Lightning in a Bottle.
Gather round for great tunes from talented female musicians!
Checking back in with The Fundimensionals, as well as Joshua Tree’s own Bingo. New early summer tour dates from ALO!
This week, eeling most connected to who I am with Lotus, and giving credit where credit is due to Fundimensionals. Big thanks to all of the lovers and supporters – this show is dedicated to you! Stay connected with me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! (, @redbootpr)
Your all female music mix on BTR!
DJ Laura Jam Session 04.30.12 Live jams this week from moe., The Disco Biscuits and Particle! Stay connected with me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! (, @redbootpr) 00:00 DJ Laura Jam Session 00:30 Nterstellar – moe. 18:42 DJ Citizen Radio Promo 18:56 House Dog Party Favor – The Disco Biscuits 42:40 DJ Laura Jam Session 43:16 The Golden Gator – Particle 69:29 Finish Moe. (Photo by Joseph Vala) May 25 – Chillicothe, IL @ Summer Camp June 22 – Asbury Park, NJ @ The Stone Pony Summer Stage June 27 – New York, NY @ Beekman Beer Garden Beach Club The Disco Biscuits (Photos from Disco Biscuits) July 12 – Mariaville, NY @ Camp Bisco Particle (Photo by Sarasoko Photography) May 7 – Denver, CO @ Quixote’s True Blue June 22 – Ferguson, NC @ Mantra Bash
Since the world is without live Widespread Panic shows this spring, we’re bringing them to you! Live from 2008’s Bonnaroo. Stay connected with me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! (, @redbootpr)
Music from Lissy Trullie, Alex Winston, and more on today’s all-female music mix!
I’m on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!, and @redbootpr. This week we’re checking out some live Tea Leaf Green from last spring at the Blind Tiger in Greensboro, NC.
A great mix of alternative country tunes is ready for you today on BTR!
Spotlight on Houston, Texas.
Checking in with Acorn Project, Particle, Perpetual Grove and some other Jam Session favorites. Also, news from LA’s Truth & Salvage Co. about a Nashville residency.
Move over gentleman! The ladies are taking the floor for this all female music mix!
As a follow up to last week, we’re finishing up Tea Leaf Green’s live show from Crown Room in Crystal Bay, Nevada on February 3rd, 2012. Also, big touring news including an All Good Music Festival headlining slot.
Checking out set one of Tea Leaf Green’s live show from Crown Room in Crystal Bay, Nevada on February 3rd, 2012. Also, news from their performance at SXSW and upcoming tour dates.
Talented female musician take the floor for this hour long mix on BTR!
This week we’re featuring the late jam band The Bridge with 60 minutes of some of their best tunes. I share my Bridge stories, experiences and what turned me on way back in the day.
An hour of fabulous Alt-County music on BreakThru Radio
Spotlight on the City! For the month of March, I will feature San Diego, California!
Perpetual Groove’s original keyboardist Matt McDonald is back with the band, and they’re going on tour! We’re celebrating this big news this week with 60 minutes of some of the best P Groove tracks, studio and live.
Enjoy a new edition of Ladies Skate Only, your All-female music mix this Sunday on BTR!
Lots of touring news this week for ALO, STS9 and Marco Benevento. We’ve got 20-minute sets from each artist covering tracks from some of their best albums.
Introducing to Jam Session past BTR Discovery Artist, The Fundimensionals! Plus, news from Umphrey’s McGee on UMBowl III and The Big Up Festival.
Your all-female music mix, Ladies Skate Only on BreakThru Radio!
This week we have tunes from all of the major headliners of this year’s Wakarusa festival! Don’t miss the live jams from The Motet, Railroad Earth and Umphrey’s McGee.
Spotlight on Salt Lake City,Utah.
Checking out a live concert from Toubab Krewe, who recently rocked the Jam Cruise. They’ll be performing at the Some Kind of Jam festival in April, and have a two-night run at the Brooklyn Bowl in May.
Your all-female music mix, Ladies Skate Only on BreakThru Radio!
Kyle Hollingsworth has announced he’s teaming up with Breckenridge Brewery to collaborate on a new beer, available at his BrewSki Tour throughout Colorado next month. This week it’s all about Kyle!
Riding high from last week’s live Strangefolk show, we’re kicking things off this week with some of the encore performance from that particular show. Also, new tunes from New Monsoon and Perpetual Groove.
Enjoy your all-female music mix this Sunday on BreakThru Radio!
Strangefolk is reuniting for a few shows in March! This week we’ve got a live show of theirs recorded from the Gathering of the Vibes festival from back in 2006.
The Alt-Country hour on BreakThru Radio!
Focusing our attention on Lotus and Papa Grows Funk this week; both bands have some big new tour dates coming up. Lotus kicks off their 24-date winter tour on February 4th in Denver and Papa Grows Funk is all over their home state of Louisiana.
Festival season announcements are starting! This week we pay homage to Camp Barefoot, happening August 23-26 in Bartow, WV. Headlining artists include Jam Session favorites The Motet and Brothers Past.
Ringing in the New Year this week with some live tunes from the Steve Kimock Band. The legendary guitarist is now on tour, and will be on this year’s annual Jam Cruise departing January 9th.