We have two big blocks of music for you in this episode. One features BTR Live Studio session tracks from Lumps, The Duke of Surl,…
TOP Nachos is the duo of Eli Frank (guitar) and Kenny Hauptman (drums). Hailing from New Paltz, NY, and playing what they call…
So much cool music that can't stop and won't stop. Prepare your ears for greatness! 
Even though they’re all over the world, they won’t stop rockin’.
On the night their fans came out to say R.I.P., Big Ups ripped it up.
Though Plaid Dracula hails from Brooklyn, NY, they could just as easily be from Transylvania in an alternate universe where the…
They love to drink and they love to rock, meet the skate punks who won’t give up.
A bill with Bambara, A Deer A Horse and Gnarcissists meant nobody was safe from punk rock.
This week we chat with Nashville D.I.Y. garage rocker Jamie aka Microwave Mountain.
Nashville by way of Utah, Jamie Timm created Microwave Mountain to stick it to the man and make his own tunes.
Coming into the new year hot with tons of brand new tracks—most from albums that aren't even out yet. You're welcome.
The punk rock mayhem got people thinking they weren’t in Kansas anymore.
Glass Slipper is a garage-punk band from NYC, where garages are actually kind of hard to come by. Less hard to come by is the…
These are songs from the best interviews from 2018—they’re all awesome & everyone needs to check them out.
The Dirty Nil is a trio from Ontario, Canada, who play fun, trashy, riffy, punk-inflected rock ‘n roll. The band dropped by…
Dawn in the new year w/ this part two round ups of THE TOP SONGS of 2018—the only good thing to come out of last year.