The feminist zine & artist collective gives you a mix of tracks to feel empowered and take over the world.
I'm on vacation so here are some of my favorite new tracks from this year & a pic of my pup.
We'll miss you summer—listen to some of The Music Meetup's favorite featured artist from this year so far!
Squeeze the most out of your last beach parties & BBQs w/ some of the show’s hottest featured artists from the year.
Powerful yet soft female vocals reign this week.
I don’t wanna say it’s aliens, but … it’s experimental rockers’ “Aliens.”
All he had to do was bang out some power chords. Evidently he was too good for that.
They've aged like a fine wine—if that wine started as harsh house whiskey and aged into strong top-shelf bourbon.
This week we get down to new rock, pop, and punk to feel empowered and ready to take on anything!
Lapêche is a Brooklyn-based indie rock four piece led by singer/guitarist Krista Holly Diem, whose dark, melodic songs offer a…
This week we listen to new and old ones and have a chat with badass blues thrashers Thunderpussy.
A rockin' new playlist & a birthday shout out to my ma—what an exciting time! Tune in!
The weekly Sunday boogie night was extra lit this week with some of Brooklyn’s most beloved rockers.
New York could barely handle the intensity of the hard-touring Philly trio.
Blush is the solo project of Maura Lynch (formerly of Darlings) - her songs have a hazy, sweet melodic quality that’s super…
Cellphones and minds we’re lost the first night and oh, what a magical time it was.
We first met Brooklyn bassist extraordinaire Eva Lawitts when the band Citris dropped by, but she’s a musician who you’ve…
Retro rockers Alex Little & The Suspicious Minds will get you in the mood—guaranteed.
The North Carolina-based garage punkers are excited to share music that’s about more than just “sad shit.”