Lisa Prank is the musical alter ego of Seattle-based songwriter Robin Edwards, backed by the ever-reliable rhythm section of her trusty drum machine. The Lisa Frank-nod in the band’s name hints at the colorful vibe and nostalgic touches of the music, which draws heavily on pop-punk and garage rock to convey Robin’s earnest tales. She stopped by Serious Business Music in DUBMO, Brooklyn, to pour her heart out for us in this episode of BTR Live Studio. Adult Teen is available now from Father/Daughter Records with a limited cassette release on Miscreant Records. Listen to the audio podcast for more music and interview.
Slothrust is a classic example of a band of talented artists shredding their instruments and producing some must-hear garage/indie/ rock’n’roll tunes!
Whomever said saxophone and punk rock don't go together, haven't heard Pill. The uber-creative group creates melodic tunes w/ dark undertones surely to get you swaying and praying!
Thick is a three-piece pop-punk garage band comprised of the wildest girls you’ll ever meet. We chat w/ them about music, exploding cars, and moms--hear their newest EP here!
Bye bye forever, from DJ Patrick K! At long last, this is the last-ever episode of OVERNIGHT SENSATION! After this one, that's it! You're never gonna hear from yours truly, DJ Patrick K, again. But boy, do we go out with a bang- some of the biggest hit songs from the past couple years, some true instant classics. Unforgettable toons from true visionaries like THE WORLD, LA MISMA, MISERABLE CHILLERS, CCTV, JJ DOLL, CE SCHNEIDER TOPICAL, and more and more and more. Some truly great stuff... RIP... I will be missed!      
Satan kicked them out of hell and they ended up on the West Coast playing the dark melodic tunes of heartbreak & despair we've all been yearning for--meet The Abigails!
Wow! Only two shows left (including this one)! Hard to believe it's almost over, but at least we're going out strong, playing all the hits from years gone by... And this week's episode features some true all-timers. Hard to believe all of these instant classics came out in this two-year time span! Kero Kero Bonito! The Courtneys! Yuppies! Protomartyr! Drug Pizza! Dicktations! Tony Molina...! Heavy times indeed, and you've got a front row seat. Ha ha ha!      
Only three more episodes left... Get 'em while they're hot! This week, we take another stroll through the show's past, going back to the years 2011 and 2012. In retrospect, it was a weird time for the show! Go back in the archives and see for yourself! But amongst the weirdness, we managed to play a lot of true hits that are still relevant today. Give us a listen, and see for yourself!      
I've been doing this show for almost seven years, and there's only a few episodes left! So I've decided to play some of my favorite tracks from way back... Starting with this week, with songs from 2009-2010, back when Overnight Sensation was still in its infancy! Hear early songs from now-famous groups like TWERPS! TOTAL SLACKER! DIRTY FENCES! And a ton of straight-up classics from bands that I've played over and over like NUNPARTY, SCOTT DEADELUS, and SWIMSUIT! I wish I could play even more, but so much is lost in time, you wouldn't even believe it!      
This Australian-duo has made their roots in L.A., but that doesn't stop them from touring constantly! Catch them live and you'll catch yourself saying , 'hell yeah!' by the very first note!
This week is heavy on heavy-hitters... new tunes from Overnight Sensation faves... some of the best new music you will hear all year! Music from bands like DICKTATIONS! KERO KERO BONITO! OLD MAYBE! MEGA BOG! Oh me oh my... this one's a winner!      
Meet the garage band of your dreams. Based in NYC, Dirty Fences' catchy melodies & raging guitar riffs take you back to a time when bands like The Ramones and The Clash were chart toppers!
Lots of great new tunes this week from show favorites like URANIUM CLUB, VIOLENT CHANGE, STEFAN CHRISTENSEN, and VANITY! Lots of more good new stuff from bands I didn't know before like THE POM POMS and PBOY! You're gonna get a taste of the high life... and once you get a taste, you'll never wanna go back. Only on BTRtoday.      
Friends! Welcome to this most-exceptional new episode of OVERNIGHT SENSATION on BTRtoday! We've got a lot of new hits from some of the heaviest hit-makers around! People I've been playing since the early days, like SO COW and MONOGAMY! Great new bands like CALMLY IN TENSE, ANGEL, and THE SUBMISSIVES! Re-issued classix from WILDFIRE and MnMs! It's too much to take for some, but not for my fans!      
Joe Michelini, whose much loved New Jersey-based band River City Extension recently called it quits, has launched a fresh project from his home base of Philadelphia. American Trappist is an artful punk/Americana endeavor with some epic Boss nods that we love. Joe stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to share some bare bones acoustic renditions of his new tunes. American Trappist’s self-titled debut LP is available now. Listen to the audio podcast for more music and interview.
Meet these Nashville-based brothers who have been rockin' since they came out the womb. Jeff The Brotherhood is a punk rock/ garage band delicacy you have to hear!
Oakland, California quartet Happy Diving is, simply put, a fuzzy, crunchy, tight rock band. Wailing guitar solos, screeching feedback like a laser beam to your brain, and slacker-cool vocals to rival the great J. Mascis all add up to a super-satisfying combo of grungy fun. The band dropped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO on a recent tour to rock out for your pleasure. Electric Soul Unity is available now from Topshelf Records. Listen to the audio podcast for more music and interview.
We're taking a stroll down memory lane and playing some of the very best tunes of the 1990s! A whole decade, boiled down to an hour! Can we even do this? Well, with the help of some of the finest songs ever recorded, songs from bands like HENRY'S DRESS, THOMAS JEFFERSON SLAVE APTS, DARCY CLAY, and DON LENNON... I think we're gonna make it!      
Toronto’s Greys return to BTR Live Studio. Last time around, lead singer Shehzaad was a bit under the weather and had to have some tour buddies fill in on vocals, so for their second time around, the band brought the full rock action. With a solid foundation of hardcore and noise rock, Greys head further into post-punk territory with their latest sounds, playing with structure and melody in highly creative ways -- all without losing any of their intensity. Outer Heaven is available now from Carpark Records. Listen to the audio podcast for more music and interview.
Hello dear friends and foes! It's time for yet ANOTHER edition of OVERNIGHT SENSATION! The greatest show on BTRtoday and beyond, and boy can you hear why this week! New tracks from heavy hitters like CONNECTIONS, SLOW SPIN, and VIOLENT CHANGE? Star-making turns from CAFFEINE DRIP, CROQUE MADAME, and CARLA DAL FORNO? All that and so much more??? It's too good, and it's true.      
Rock'n'roll has always been all-inclusive--not a shy kid left behind. Especially, Toronto-based group shy kids! They've got a lively vibe, with melodic punk and ambitious indie beats.
Nice! Lots of good PUNK MUSIC records have come out lately and you're gonna hear them NOW. New tracks from some of today's brightest musical stars... Stars like PROM NITE! Like VEXX! Like VANITY! And STRANGE PASSAGE! And so many more, it'll make your head spin. I swear.      
Meet the boys from Mexico who are spreading the love of post punk synth all over the place. Listen to their newest album, "Friendship," here and catch them on their upcoming US tour!
Check it out! Now you can beat the heat with this BRAND NEW EPISODE of Overnight Sensation. Featuring hits from Henry's Dress, Solid Jackson, Dentists, Royal Trux, and many more all-time classic bands. Tune in or GET OUT!      
Meet Portland’s punk rock Sleeping Beauties. They’re not afraid to tell you to piss-off, and then grab you in with music that’ll get your heart racing and your head banging!
And once again, it's Overnight Sensation on BTRtoday, here to bring you the latest from the deep underground of lo-fi, homerecorded artpop music. There's so much good stuff, you don't even know. Stuff like BLEU VELVET, like DONOVAN QUINN, like ALL THE WEATHERS... I mean, you wouldn't even know what to do if you heard this stuff. But I do! I play it on my radio show!   All The Weathers   Bleu Velvet - Heavenly Creatures   ZZZ pop - Uncut
NYC garage rock band Rich Girls -- usually a trio led by Luisa Black, but a duo here -- brings that gritty blend of post-punk and art-rock back to the forefront. Begun by Black in London, the band has grown and changed over several releases, but kept things nice and reverby all along. They stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to share some new music with us for this session. Rich Girls’ new EP, Love is the Dealer, will be available September 2016. Listen to the audio podcast for more music and interview. Now you can watch us on your iPhone or iPad! Check out the BTRtoday App!
Ishmael Osekre is a Ghanaian-born musician and writer who has made a name for himself as an active proponent of the Brooklyn indie music scene. Along with his rowdy band, The Lucky Bastards, Osekre drives the punk-and-ska-inflected afropop tunes with his distinctive raspy voice and crisp guitar playing, earning him the distinction of being called “the Fela of punk.” The band brought their positive energy to Serious Business Music in DUMBO for this fun performance! Osekre & The Lucky Bastards Why Are You Here ? EP is available now. Listen to the audio podcast for more music and interview. Now you can watch us on your iPhone or iPad! Check out the BTRtoday App!
This week's show is GOOD. Obviously. Lots of good new weirdo lo-fi junk. Some high energy, some low energy, some right in between. We got Jepeto Solutions, we got The Submissives, we got DTCPU... We got it all, good-bye! Coach - 4 Track Demos pop idol - i egress Eliott Brooks - Silver Lining
If you're looking for some true-blue rock 'n' rollers, here they are.