We’re looking back at sessions of BTR Live Studio from 2019, so far, that have featured artists from the NYC/Brooklyn…
A simpler way to enjoy the chaos of this year's SXSW.
This week I share a chat I had with indie/experimental artist Tesha about music, therapy & emotional roller coasters—tune in!
Tesha uses music to help her get through the hard times and hopes it helps you too.
The sweet & sultry sounds of sass queen Julian Jacklin are taking over this week.
Zenizen is the project of Opal Hoyt, whose music reveals her journey from her roots in Alaska through Vermont, Jamaica, Washington…
It was an extra chaotic SXSW this year—I really don’t know how I survived.
I'm back from SXSW and excited to share new tunes with all you listeners—press play & let your worries melt away.
Samia, the band, is the musical project of 21 year old NYC native Samia Finnerty. With a powerful voice and uncanny ability to…
A peek into BTRtoday music writer Elena Childer's week in Austin.
The NYC indie rockers make upbeat catchy music, but they’re not afraid to face the hard stuff.
This week I chat with the catchy pop-punk rockers Deep State & listen to their most recent album 'The Path To Fast…
Balthazar brings an edge to the top of BTR's charts.
This episode has nothing but singles… from Pile, DEHD, DOOMSQUAD, Ibibio Sound Machine, Jackie Mendoza, Pottery, and Orouni.…
It’s that time of the year again—whether you’re at the Texas music festival or not, make sure to check out these bands.
The U.K. indie rockers make their U.S. debut at this year’s SXSW festival in Texas.
These are a few of her favorite things—plus, we talk new album and musical evolution.
Elder Island takes on the lead with their colorful new album 'The Omnitone Collection.'
On the 45th anniversary of Pink Floyd’s magnum opus, the question arises: is it actually any good?