It's karmic retribution for the Sammy Hagar years and classic rock dads need to be less uptight about the dumb party…
Nothing can stop this brother indie duo from making the music they want.
A band started by the original Fidlar drummer—it's pop punk's softer side.
Shormey Adumuah resides in Chesapeake, Virginia, where she records her output as Shormey in her bedroom. Blending soul…
Fran gets in your face with killer jams this week.
You're going to need something to keep your energy levels high—so, listen to this playlist.
There's something for everyone in a music-savvy family to enjoy.
New York band Alpenglow is Peter Coccoma, Graeme Daubert, and Elori Kramer - joined here by Daniel Ocanto and Nico…
Is that turkey and stuffing really worth all the family drama? Here's your tool to avoid an epic freak out this holiday.…
Ali Barter with her high pitched & in-your-face vocals take the lead.
Should there be a separation of religion and top 40 music?
This time around, the band wanted more than just fun dance music.
Lisa Prank isn't taking anybody's shit in new album 'Perfect Love Song' and we love it!
Nothing like a little garage-y psych rock to play along to a twist ending.
Nick Zanca is the producer, composer, and musical mastermind behind the glitchy, heady, “nocturnal pop” songs of…
Mind-melting photos from the world's greatest psych-rock music festival.
Musicians from Johnny Cash to Justin Bieber have opened their homes to primate pals.
Get ready for a wild social media ride from this pop-punk sweetheart turned indie.
Vomit, soothe and bite are just a few of the words these two passionate musicians describe themselves with.
It's the glam punk’s final track of the year to his series of powerful singles.
A beautiful night for all the freaks of NYC to let loose with bands, dancing, a costume contest and more.
Getting spacey & sweet with the Allah-Las this week.
Let these music videos roll to have the spookiest and best musically-curated Halloween ever.
Halloween is tomorrow, but our Halloween special was last week 'cause we be celebrating Halloween since October 1st over…
Tune in to hear about the wild times of the '60s & '70s w/ pioneering psych garage rockers Flamin Groovies!
The only original member still playing from the '60s pioneering psych garage rock band tells all.
BOO! Get ready for the scariest and best tracks spun on New Vibrations this year.
This week The Music Meetup strays from its usual format to give you the spookiest Halloween playlist.
These labels will definitely keep you cool music-savvy.
It's like tripping on acid, but no possibility of a bad trip or failing a drug test.
Shane Conerty’s ambitious indie pop project, Color Collage, has come a long way since its beginnings as a solo…
We've got indie heartthrob Palehound—she wears her heart on her sleeve with her music & her last album was no…
Her recent album ‘Black Friday’ tackles her toughest body issues.
Sweet sultry vocals are on top this week from Molly Sarlé.
Agua Viva is the music project of Buenos Aires-bred, Brooklyn-based songwriter Josi Arias - blending breezy tropical…
If you're celebrating Halloween in NYC this year, are cool and into good music, then these shows are for you.
This week we start with new fast & thrashy and end on new melodic & twangy with a little new psych sprinkled in.
The Italian trio brings you fuzzed-out garage rock no matter how difficult it gets.
This week I chat with country singer Kelsey Waldon—signed to John Prine's label and just released a new album.
The country singer talks about getting personal with her music and working with John Prine.
(Sandy) Alex G slows things down with his melancholy indie tunes.
It’s time to rid kids of the impossibly perfect pop idol to live up to.
The “Stairway to Heaven” plagiarism case is alive again, but shouldn’t be.
New music every wee like I promise. I hope you guys are ready for some cool tunes. You're welcome!
Surf Curse coming in strong with their dark indie vibes to creep you out and get you rockin'.
Ryan Egan is a songwriter currently splitting his time between Paris and NYC. With a sweet and hazy sort of vibe, Egan…
Their latest album is inspired by T.S. Eliot, ‘50s rock 'n' roll and friendship.
The born-and-raised west coaster’s new album was almost more than he could handle.
Fime takes our wandering minds to a universe of miniature landscapes and sultry sounds.
New music is the name of the game, baby! Tune in to hear some killer new underground rock 'n' roll.
With The Cars, Ocasek breathed life into what would otherwise have been cold perfection.
Bird Streets is the musical project of NY-based songwriter John Brodeur. The moniker - a reference to a neighborhood in…
Esther Rose brings Americana to the list.
RVBY MY DEAR is the musical project of the Brooklyn-based, Australian-born musician Gabbi Coenen. Her pop songs are…
We ain’t talking scary scores. We’re talking killer tunes—beware.
There’s nothing like nudity and good tunes to really get you in the mood.
This week I chat with Coco Verde frontmant in a Bushwick dive bar—tune in!
Jay Som brings the ultimate indie vibes to the top this week.
Diane Coffee - aka the pop alter-ego of Bloomington, IN musician Shaun Fleming - has transformed since we first…
The psych rockers bravely experiment with their sound and transcend genres.
Protecting nature wasn’t enough for this Alaskan park ranger, so she created Skux.
Versus getting you in the fall mood with their newest album.
Taali - aka native New Yorker Talia Billig’s collaborative solo project - blends pop, electronic music, and a sort of…
The feminist zine & artist collective gives you a mix of tracks to feel empowered and take over the world.
I'm on vacation so here are some of my favorite new tracks from this year & a pic of my pup.
It’s been a few years since Pittsburgh songwriter Brooke Annibale stopped by our studio for a session. In that time,…
We'll miss you summer—listen to some of The Music Meetup's favorite featured artist from this year so far!
Squeeze the most out of your last beach parties & BBQs w/ some of the show’s hottest featured artists from the year.
Powerful yet soft female vocals reign this week.
I don’t wanna say it’s aliens, but … it’s experimental rockers’ “Aliens.”
All he had to do was bang out some power chords. Evidently he was too good for that.
This week we get down to new rock, pop, and punk to feel empowered and ready to take on anything!
This week we listen to new and old ones and have a chat with badass blues thrashers Thunderpussy.
The badass blues rockers talk empowerment, trademark troubles and new music.
Anna and Catherine Wolk are Verdigrls. The New York-based duo work closely, crafting dense, magical worlds of bedroom…
A year has passed since her death, and her music still rings in everyone’s ears.
A rockin' new playlist & a birthday shout out to my ma—what an exciting time! Tune in!
This week we rock out to Texan band Young Mammals! They've been around for over decade and they really know their shit.…
On their new album ‘Lost In Lima,’ the Texan rockers find the joy in disorientation.
Blush is the solo project of Maura Lynch (formerly of Darlings) - her songs have a hazy, sweet melodic quality that’s…
They’re as colorful and entertaining as the children’s toy they’re named after.
The folk rocker turned dark pop queen is here to rock your world—don’t get caught off guard.
Cellphones and minds we’re lost the first night and oh, what a magical time it was.
This week we listen to the sweet voice of Mima Good and listen to her past and newest tracks!
She’s a big fan of her therapist, ‘Breakfast At Tiffany’s’ and moving on with her life.
Retro rockers Alex Little & The Suspicious Minds will get you in the mood—guaranteed.
Dancing, partying and a little bit of acid on a beach really got everyone rocking at Rockaway Beach.
Saint Mela is an indie pop band based in NYC, founded by Steven Dewey and Wolf Weston, and bolstered by drummer Jason…
Meltasia Music Festival is THIS weekend in Upstate NY—don't miss out on the chaos. Tune in to hear the bands playing!
Palehound coming in dark and sultry with her newest album.
This week we start off fast & gritty and end slow & sultry. All brand spankin' new, of course!
Je T’aime Oh No’s lineup got together some of the fiercest vocals currently in the NYC same.
Who would’ve thought flute would be the instrument to add some finesse to hip hop?
SadGirl gives us a twinge of rockabilly in their rockin' new album 'Water' that's #1 this week.
The Puerto Rican/New Yorker activist rallies passions and opens hearts with her new music.
The U.K. garage rockers won’t let little things like below-freezing weather and snow stop their music.
Stef Chura gets emotional and rocks out to the top.
There's nothin' like two to five songs to give you that thirst for more great tunes.
I was born in ’92; ‘The Lion King’ came out in ‘94; Beyoncé went solo in ‘03; Now, we are one.
2019 has been a rough one, but these rockin' indie, punk, garage albums and more make it bearable.
Meg Mac is a songwriter from Melbourne, Australia, whose powerful, keyboard-driven pop has an often unexpected depth…
The NYC big boy and I drink beers and chat in the studio—tune in!
He’s a big boy in the big city making some music and flipping some burgers.
Divino Niño brings the trippy vibes and makes your soul feel the happiness it deserves.
Happy 4th! Here's a playlist of new songs that are either not in English or are unhappy w/ the government—tune in!
This indie rock quartet’s sound will bring back a craze-level similar to Beatlemania.
Lizzo’s “Boys” has raised the meme bar to the highest it’s ever been.
Anemone is the Montreal-based project of Chloé Soldevila. Blending sweet psych-pop melodies with subtle touches of funk…
French Vanilla takes the lead with their funky experimental rock 'n' roll dance party jams.
Josie Boivin is a Montreal-based musician who records under the name MUNYA. With pristine production, tasteful live…
Another round of new ones for people who wanna be cool and know about the rockin' jams being released by awesome indie…
We've got Chicago-based band The Curls talking about music, dogs & the sound of doing too much speed & acid.
We chat with the frontman about drugs, music and music that sounds like drugs.
Listen to the thrasher indie of UK's Pip Blom.
Hear the sultry sounds of the West Coast-based musician—out today on Spirit Goth Records.
It was a night filled with love, support, moshing and even a marriage proposal.
The Ohio based indie rockers aren’t afraid of a good time and pumping out the jams.
We get riffy & catchy w/ NJ-based rockers Dentist—the only appointment you need for your health, in my opinion.
They don’t really know about your teeth, but their music will drill into your head and rock your world.
Gemma bringing the pop and soul to BTR's usually rock heavy list—and we love it!
James Supercave is the LA-based trio comprised of Joaquin Pastor, Patrick Logothetti, and Andrés Villalobos (joined…
Somebody once told me, the world is gonna roll me, but I'll allow it on the 20th anniversary of "All Star."
We get hella indie this week with some new rockin' jams from some killer bands—tune in!
Strawberry Generation is an indie pop group from Providence, Rhode Island, featuring the dual lead vocals of Luk and…
A chat with Candian rockers The Beaches about new music, touring & opening for The Rolling Stones + we listen to their…
We have a gossip sesh with frontwoman Jordan Miller about all kinds of band shenanigans.
Looks like our favorite comes from '90s U.K. band Clinic this week—check 'em out!
This week we listen to some punk and some pop, with brand new tracks—some from albums not even released yet.
This week we chat with Cincinnati based rockers Leggy and listen to tracks off their brand new album 'Let Me Know Your…
The Cincinnati rockers have a love/hate relationship with horoscopes and an amazing new album.
I met up with the rockin’ mountain boys/turned city boys across the pond for a grand ‘ole time.
Antagonista is the Brooklyn-based trio of Sean Davenport, Michael Alan Hams, and Andrew Monorchio. With a dizzying array…
Fresh off their debut music video for “Eh Eh Hem,” the NYC trio is ready to rumble.
This week we're getting into some spring releases and it's warming things up—tune in!
The London rock ‘n’ roll show was a day of tension and release.
Barrie coming in hot with their emotional new album 'Happy To Be Here.'
Bedstudy is the electro-RNB trio of Peter Baldwin, David Plakon, and Ranson Vorpahl. Originating in Orlando, FL, but now…
Frontwoman Kelli Mayo admits in new song that she can’t do the ‘Dirty Dancing’ leap, but she loves to try.
Cosmonauts are currently on tour with The Dandy Warhols and they're taking our top spot.
Thumpasaurus is a punk-funk wild rollercoaster ride of a party machine full of aliens, tearing out of LA. With a…
Her music has a hint of twang that’s played fast and to-the-point with lyrics about realizing your crush sucks.
This week we get pop punk and straight up pop with brand new tunezzzzz. 
The freakedelic, rock ‘n’ roll psych bands got the crowd at the brand new Williamsburg venue moving.
Nashville brothers Ben Ford and Michael Ford, Jr. have returned with a fresh batch of their distinctly catchy, melodic…
This week we listen to and chat with Ex Hex—tune in.
Bassist Betsy Wright spills on their new album, touring and ‘Scooby-Doo.’
Bibio's emotional new album 'Curls' takes the top spot.
We chat with frontwoman Anna Lies and stream their debut album before its release.
This week we listen to the newest music from bands that really know how to rock—tune-in!
Bird Streets is the musical project of NY-based songwriter John Brodeur. The moniker - a reference to a neighborhood in…
The Mountain Goats are back and still killing it with their tragic indie rock.
Listen to all the new music here first, it's really great! You're oh so welcome.
The Nashville quartet’s fun vibes and groovy beats took over the Lower East Side.
The network funding the festival said they didn’t think they could do it justice.
This week I chat with Lenny of Canada-based band Lenny Bull and listen to her brand new EP Sharp Teeth—tune-in!
We chat debut EP, country music and taking accountability for being awesome.
The punk rock trio just came out with a new album and it's taken over our airwaves.
It’s been a few years since we last caught up with the Philadelphia-based orchestral indie pop band, Grandchildren.…
This week I share the EP by Australian band Greenwave Beth & a chat I had w/ them in our very own NYC studios—tune-in!
The duo comes from an indie rock background, but wanted to experiment with techno.
The Sharp Shadows is the Brooklyn-based power-pop trio of Steve Bailey, Rob Mellinger, and Zac Pless. With extremely…
Patio rocks out to the top of our list this week with their new album, 'Essentials.'
Musician and songwriter Yoni Gordon stopped by to chat with J about his great new song, “Song of the Summer.” Then…
With the weed holiday looming, here’s contemporary goodness to pull you out of your head.
Be the first to hear the NYC punk rockers’ sassy and thrashy new full-length.
The solo artist Evan O’Malley imagines an alien world created by music for you to relax to.
We can’t tell if we’re binging because of the shows or the sick music playing in the background.
Saint Mela is an indie pop band based in NYC, founded by Steven Dewey and Wolf Weston, and bolstered by drummer Jason…
The firey trio Ex Hex as taken over the top spot and are burning rock 'n' roll through your headphones.
Jocelyn & Chris Arndt are a pair of Harvard-educated siblings making a name for themselves with a polished, poppy…
The legendary NYC venue celebrated their 25th birthday with some serious shredding.
Confidence Man is playing at the Knitting Factory. Reptaliens is at Brooklyn Steel. Big Thief and Lomelda are at…
Whether you’ve got the horses in the back or not, you can’t escape Lil Nas X’s viral hit.
Spring is in the air and it's time to boogie to some new tunes—tune-in!
The Floridian rock ‘n’ roll trio just released their debut single and want you to get unruly with them.
The five-piece indie rockers have taken over BTRtoday this week—check them out!
Musician and songwriter Isaac Gillespie stopped by to chat with J about his great new song, “Tropical Climes,”…
Meg Mac is a songwriter from Melbourne, Australia, whose powerful, keyboard-driven pop has an often unexpected depth…
New music from fast punk to melodic indie—tune in for the newest best of the best!
Anemone is the Montreal-based project of Chloé Soldevila. Blending sweet psych-pop melodies with subtle touches of funk…
It has been an eventful few years for Erika Spring since her last solo release. Since then, the Brooklyn-based musician…
We’re looking back at sessions of BTR Live Studio from 2019, so far, that have featured artists from the NYC/Brooklyn…
A simpler way to enjoy the chaos of this year's SXSW.
This week I share a chat I had with indie/experimental artist Tesha about music, therapy & emotional roller…
Tesha uses music to help her get through the hard times and hopes it helps you too.
The sweet & sultry sounds of sass queen Julian Jacklin are taking over this week.
Zenizen is the project of Opal Hoyt, whose music reveals her journey from her roots in Alaska through Vermont, Jamaica,…
It was an extra chaotic SXSW this year—I really don’t know how I survived.
I'm back from SXSW and excited to share new tunes with all you listeners—press play & let your worries melt away.
Samia, the band, is the musical project of 21 year old NYC native Samia Finnerty. With a powerful voice and uncanny…
A peek into BTRtoday music writer Elena Childer's week in Austin.
The NYC indie rockers make upbeat catchy music, but they’re not afraid to face the hard stuff.
This week I chat with the catchy pop-punk rockers Deep State & listen to their most recent album 'The Path To Fast…
Balthazar brings an edge to the top of BTR's charts.
This episode has nothing but singles… from Pile, DEHD, DOOMSQUAD, Ibibio Sound Machine, Jackie Mendoza, Pottery, and…
It’s that time of the year again—whether you’re at the Texas music festival or not, make sure to check out these…
The U.K. indie rockers make their U.S. debut at this year’s SXSW festival in Texas.
These are a few of her favorite things—plus, we talk new album and musical evolution.
Elder Island takes on the lead with their colorful new album 'The Omnitone Collection.'
On the 45th anniversary of Pink Floyd’s magnum opus, the question arises: is it actually any good?
L’FREAQ is the musical project of Lea Cappelli. The rising Brooklyn and Los Angeles-based artist crafts dense and…
Cass McCombs takes the lead with his powerful & emotional rockers.
What’s better than pairing visual aid with one of your favorite songs?
It has been an eventful few years for Erika Spring since her last solo release. Since then, the Brooklyn-based musician…
Mariya May bringing a fresh air of bubbly indie to the top spot.
Get romantic, without sacrificing your musical integrity with these unconventional love songs.
The sweet & sultry voice of Liz Brasher will help you get through your toughest days—tune in!
They’re both very demanding jobs, but also both extremely rewarding.
This week Tallies takes the lead with their debut self-titled album!
New music every Wednesday for your listening pleasure. You are oh so welcome.
The song combines his love for art and philosophy with his conflicting feelings for social media.
Bedstudy is the electro-RNB trio of Peter Baldwin, David Plakon, and Ranson Vorpahl. Originating in Orlando, FL, but now…
Mel Parsons takes over with her sultry and emotional vocals.
The ‘Lord of the Rings’ director seems ready to leave The Beatles’ fights on the cutting room floor.
We have two big blocks of music for you in this episode. One features BTR Live Studio session tracks from Lumps, The…
She’s been busy working on her solo project, her indie band and just published a poetry book.
Foxwarren takes the #1 spot this week for their new self-titled album.
This week I chat with Ian, aka Tonks. His music is sultry and touching and is perfect for a rainy day. Tune in!
Jane Church's unique indie rock/pop steals the top spot this week with his new album 'Calimocho Molotov!'
The Sharp Shadows is the Brooklyn-based power-pop trio of Steve Bailey, Rob Mellinger, and Zac Pless. With extremely…
Nehiyawak takes the top spot by storm with their new EP 'Starlight.'
Pearl & The Oysters is the French pop duo of Juliette Davis and Joachim Polack, who somehow landed in Florida and ended…
Music nerds & people alive during the height of Bowie know all about him, but Gen-Zs are just starting their obsession.
Coming into the new year hot with tons of brand new tracks—most from albums that aren't even out yet. You're welcome.
These are songs from the best interviews from 2018—they’re all awesome & everyone needs to check them out.
Miley, Beyoncé and JT are just a few of the pop stars experimenting with some classic cowboy melodies.
Chicago's electro-indie Grapetooth has taken BTR's first top 30 in 2019.
Dawn in the new year w/ this part two round ups of THE TOP SONGS of 2018—the only good thing to come out of last year.
The upbeat indie rockers sing about tragedies but their music will get you up and dancing.