Tim Fitzgerald (@diceytroop) on livetweeting GAs & presenting OWS to a Unitarian congregation, Obama's drone program continues as Democrats keep quiet, and Fargo's international terrorism unit is beefed up and ready to save the world.
Occupy the Holidays interviews with Jeff Smith (@dontbeaputz) & Dwayne Henry (@dwayne_wins), and holiday party advice from one of our favorite characters, the Insecure Chef.
Stephen Bloom's hateful Iowa smear, How to give Bronx after school students Christmas gifts, and Ron Paul's racist newsletters are back in the news. Plus, a fully produced radio play about when John was a Cartier gift wrapper.
On the ground at the protest to save Washington Irving High School, Twitter terrorism, and a live set of the two of us telling the arrest story at Penny's Open Mic in the East Village.
Nearly 50 arrested on 3-month anniversary of OWS – including Bishop George Packard, we escape a police net with our Iowa charm, Bradley Manning's trial has begun, and Vaclav Havel is dead.
More jails stories, Molly's appearance on Countdown with Keith Olbermann, and Forbes tells black children what to do.
John spends 37 hours in jail after being arrested covering an OWS protest. Molly appears on Olbermann and writes about it for Salon. Here's the story.
Radio Dispatch is on repeat today because our own John Knefel was arrested and held for over 36 hours for documenting an OWS action Monday morning. Several other prominent OWS independent journalists were also arrested. John is okay, and his arrest along with 16 others received national media attention. He and the others were released late Tuesday night. In this ENCORE EDITION of Radio Dispatch (first aired Nov 21, 2011), Molly's conversations w Father Punk, and John's 17 hours on the ground for OWS's day of action.
Chloe Angyal joins us to discuss the awfulness of New Years Eve (the romcom), Obama's disappointing Plan B decision, and the video of Princeton students mic-checking a JP Morgan rep.
On the ground coverage of the December 6th Occupy Our Homes action, USA Today and NY Post write halfway decent stories about D6, Governor Cuomo creates new tax bracket for richest New Yorkers, and Obama refocuses on inequality.
Rev Jesse Jackson speaks at the Nation, we were there to listen in, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo plans on raising taxes on richest New Yorkers, OWS tackles home foreclosure problem head on AND Hermain Cain implodes after having a consensual affair but not 5 accusations of sexual harassment.
John gets penned in while Occupying Obama, the Levin/McCain bill expands terrorism battlefield to entire globe, and women hate all the GOP candidates.
CUNY protests kick into high gear, DoD contractors descend on Manhattan – and we're there to watch, and Molson Beer's “pre-programmed women” campaign.
Role of gender in OWS, Wikileaks wins journalism award in Australia, and the 13 Billion dollars the fed gave the banks in secret.
Allison Kilkenny on the militarization of police departments nationwide, and two stories about love, one from Maggie Ryan Sandford & one about a man named Jonah.
Fox News host calls pepper spray a food item, pepper spray cop is the Internet's new favorite meme, and Mitt Romney's anti-Obama ad is laughably dishonest.
UC Davis students shame the school's chancellor, the secret Wall Street memo from Speaker Boehner's former advisors, and the super committee fails and that's ok.
Molly's conversations w Father Punk, and John's 17 hours on the ground for OWS's day of action. More information at 00:00 Welcome to Radio Dispatch 00:28 Molly's conversations with Czech revolutionaries 27:13 John's long day covering OWS on November 17 59:07 Dry Lake - High Places / Credits 60:32 Finish Arms linked in morning 99 on Verizon building On BK Bridge
John gives his on-the-ground report of the raid of Liberty Square, aka Zuccotti Park on Tuesday morning. That, plus the significance of the 18-mayor conference call Jean Quan recently mentioned.
Short hair on girls makes them unattractive & weird, apparently, NY Times fails multiple times in multiple ways, and Occupy round up from Oakland to Seattle back to NYC.
Danny Solomon, Nick Maritato, and Robert Dean join Radio Dispatch for a very special Goodbye Goof Troop. Danny's leaving for LA, and it turns out he's got a favorite Thanksgiving dish, with bacon.
Dan Feidt on the power of live-streaming in the Occupy movement, as well as our election round up from Maine, Mississippi, Arizona, and Ohio. Oh, and Herman Cain is a trainwreck.
Recapping the Tar Sands White House protest, Bank Transfer Day is a success, and Herman Cain's “lewd” behavior. Also, John and Molly really crap all over David Brooks.
Chris Hedges talks to us about why Goldman Sachs is so awful, Jon Stewart continues his dismal OWS coverage, & Mike Bloomberg tells Occupier to eat cake.
Ethan Buckner takes us inside OWS, Karen Finerman of CNBC's Fast Money tells us what's happening with MF Global, and Rick Perry's mental degeneration continues unabated.
Annie Jay, an organizer for Occupy Dubuque, joins us to talk about what Occupy in the heartland looks like. We also speak with UN Special Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty Magdalena Sepulveda about US and European austerity measures.
Occupy Oakland solidarity march gets intense (and John was there for the whole thing), NY Gen Assembly sends $20K & 100 tents to support Occupy Oakland, and Injured Iraq Vet Scott Olsen shows signs of recovery.
Oakland Police Dept creates a warzone in the streets, what does the future hold for Occupy, and does the Occupy movement have a race problem?
Tape of Cornel West at the stop stop & frisk rally in Harlem, a round up of OWS activities, & a short story from author Maggie Sandford.
OWS fills the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission hearing, and we have tape of it. Also, Mitt Romney has no idea how women's bodies work, unsurprisingly.
Gov. Gary Johnson, Presidential candidate for the GOP, joins us on today's show to discuss his party's history of marginalizing working class people, gays, and people of color. Plus, tape from the rally outside District Attorney Cy Vance's office to begin investigations into police misconduct, and our discussion of the let women die bill.
Occupy Wall Street holds a General Assembly meeting in Washington Square Park on Sunday night, we analyze Obama's MLK speech, and Dr Pepper is only for men.
Today's show is a round up of Occupy Wall Street's Thursday evening events through Saturday night. John and Molly managed to both not get arrested and bring you the best on-the-ground coverage of Occupy Wall Street you'll find anywhere.
Occupy Iowa spreads to 7 cities, Occupy Dallas stands its ground against the cops, and the GOP candidates suggest policies that would cripple the economy. All that, plus a new installment of John and Molly Fix Your Life.
Jesse Mulert of Occupy Seattle joins us to describe the OWS movement in that city, plus some tape of the General Assembly in NYC's Washington Square Park. Also, Paul Krugman and Alan Greyson lend some mainstream support to OWS.
Eye witness account of the Occupy Wall Street Union march, class consciousness is coming to America, and Slate praises Sarah Palin for being a famewhore.
Singer/songwriter Mike Milazzo bangs out some tunes, Occupy Wall Street gets Jeff Mangum, and Sady Doyle on OWS's prominence over Slutwalk.
Part II of our interview with Feministing's Chloe Angyal, as well as Molly's stories from Slut Walk and more news about the 700 arrests this weekend at Occupy Wall Street.
US citizen Anwar al-Awlaki has been assassinated, Occupy Wall Street issues demands, and Melissa Harris Perry offers a retort to her detractors. Plus, Chloe Angyal of Feministing is back for our favorite segment, That Time Of The Month!
Friday Funday is here, with new goof troop members Amber Nelson and Jake Young, as well as the returning Nick Maritato. The men agree that Ryan Gosling is the best – what do the ladies think??? Also, some of us are just about done with Facebook.
Obama is in bed with the banks, NYT's problem with false equivalences, and are white voters abandoning Obama sooner than they did with Clinton?
Troy Davis' execution and Richard Wright's Native Son, booing a gay soldier at GOP debate, and the war on workers continues by shifting the tax burden.
GOP threatens the Fed, Brit Hume wages class warfare, and DADT is done for. All that, plus Rick Santorum's Google problem isn't going anywhere.
Obama issues a bold plan – let's see if he sticks with it. Also, a HUGE installment of John & Molly Fix Your Life.
Adam Day, singer songwriter, and comedian Nick Maritato join us on today's Radio Dispatch. We also record our first outdoor segment with Jeff and Andrew, who John is with in Florida.
Henry Zebrowski and Ed Larson join us for an end-of-summer Friday Funday. Henry gets beaten up by a girl, Ed used to be hired muscle, and sometimes a man needs to be covered in powder. Also, John's girlfriend Charlotte guest hosts again!
Dan Wilbur of Better Book Titles is back to discuss his favorite summer reads, as well as books we loved as children, Young Adults (YA!), and actual young adults.
Ali Gharib, blogger for Think Progress, is back on the show to discuss the protests in Syria, mission creep in Libya, and Rick Perry's visible bloodlust. Also at the end of the show, Charlotte joins in for a discussion of music we loved growing up.
Friday Funday hits in a big way with Nick Maritato, Zach Broussard, and Danny Solomon stopping by to lament the end of Summer. Back to school memories, summer loves, and awkward junior high dance stories abound. Plus, a former GOP staffer refers to Republicans as a "cult".
The job number is zero, Obama backs down on smog regulation, and Gchat has changed the nature of discussion, according to lit mag n+1.
A storyteller at UCB confesses to rape, thinks it's funny, and we really don't, at all. And if you need some advice, we've got a nice long John and Molly Fix Your Life for your enjoyment.
BreakThru Radio takes over on Radio Dispatch. Matt DeMello, Jake Schnaidt, Thompson Davis – all BTR people – come by to talk Glenn Beck, MLK, and the ins-and-outs of the VMAs. All that, plus Obama takes it to the GOP.
Molly is back from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival! Stories from her trip, the hurricane she missed, and Matt McCarthy and Travis Irvine explain some conspiracy theories to us.
Gawker's Hamilton Nolan is back on the show to discuss the culture of gaffes, how the “re-civilize” Nivea ad could have gotten through an agency, and which part of Rick Perry is the most objectionable. Plus, John's girlfriend Charlotte fills in as super-special guest host! What happens when John and Charlotte try to fix some lives? Listen in to find out.
It's Friday Funday with goof troop members Zach Broussard and Zachary Sims. We also replay one of my favorite interviews we've ever done – it's with Vincent Shine (Danny Solomon), erotic calligrapher. Molly's still away, so John is freewheelin' on this one!
The Battle of Tripoli, the Verizon strike is over, and we talk with a baby born with a full-grown man's body. New co-host Colin Kennedy, who has previously been on to tell us facts about the lesser known presidents, helps out while Molly is away. Thanks to Dan Mirk for the Jeff the Baby tip.
Dan St. Germain, Mike Lawrence, and Danny Solomon join us for a special installment of Friday Funday, on Monday! Comedy road stories, topics that all of our parents hate, and more.
Rick Perry calls Ben Bernanke a traitor, Fred Karger beats Obama on his LGBT issues, and the incredible disappearing Ron Paul.
Michele Bachmann's submission theology explained, Rick Perry's Texas Miracle debunked, and Hilary Clinton would not have been any better than Barack Obama – it's a bad party, not a bad candidate.
On location at the Verizon wireless strike, Michele Bachmann on the nature of submission, and connecting the dots between London and Wall St. Plus a new installment of J&M Fix Your Life, with an update from a listener whose life we fixed.
Alex Pareene of on Rick Perry's bizarre front-runner status, Mitt Romney's “weirdness”, and another round of Who's More Objectionable. Plus, the stock market is a hooker says NY Post, and Diallo sues DSK.
We explain the S&P downgrade, look into Mitt Romney's abortion past, and interview Liz Hernandez Majumder, who just illegally traveled to Cuba.
Syria is going to hell, but America only wants inspiring stories out of the Middle East, Wall Street is on some kind of coke bender, swinging all over the place like an Austin Powers impersonator at a creepy sex party, and Beyonce won't call herself a feminist.
Fellow siblings Henry and Jackie Zebrowski join us for Friday funday. We talk about growing up funny to compensate for other shortcomings, and the horror of being on drugs at 6 Flags. Plus, the economy may be heading towards a double dip recession.
Congress passed a bill, we explain what it is, what it does, and how it could have been much better. Confused on what's been happening, and why it matters? This show will clear it up.
GDP numbers are in and they are bad (We explain why!), America slouches toward default, Diallo (DSK Maid) never said what you think she did. All that, plus a new installment of John & Molly Fix Your Life.
Friday funday hits in full effect, with goof troop members Jared Logan, Zachary Sims, and Zach Broussard. From congresspeople in furry costumes to Playboys for teenagers, this one is mostly about sex.
Media reaction to Norway bombing was totally racist, Nafissatou Diallo – DSK's accuser – speaks out, and a new edition of Current Headlines on CNN.
Chloe Angyal relates an overheard men's bathroom conversation about big boobs, tells us about Rupert Murdoch's wife, and “looking gay” vs “looking straight”. Plus Obama's not-so-secret desire to cut entitlements to the most vulnerable Americans.
Goof troop old hats Nick Maritato and Neal Stastny come by today to discuss the efficacy of pie in the face, if/when we're doing Google+, and we're back to muggings, again!
Page One is a bad documentary, Assange's defense team offers up some damning quotes, and anther installment of John and Molly Fix Your Life – with a question about a significant other who thinks hamsters lay eggs.
Who gets blamed if the country defaults, can feminists diet, and will Rupert Murdock lose Fox News? We answer all these questions definitively, once and for all.
Friday funday with goof troop members Laura Yaz and Danny Solomon. Danny's appendix issues, Laura's mugging issues, and are women just giant babies??? The answer may shock you.
Salon's Justin Elliot tells us why we're not at war with Iran, Rick Perry's love of executions, and what the phrase Sharia Islam really means. Also, the unintended brilliant moment of Sex and the City.
Michele Bachmann sings the debt ceiling blues, the encroaching 4 day school week, & Frank Rich has some brutal words for Obama. Also, another listener has asked John and Molly to fix their life. We are only too happy to oblige.
Friday funday is back to talk engagement, the mystery of crawfish, and the even greater mystery of Shia LaBouf. We're joined by goof troop old hats Zachary Sims and Zach Broussard, as well as new goofer Alice Wetterlund.
DSK released, failure to raise debt ceiling will look like hell, the danger of progressive fables, and more. There's no such thing as left-over fireworks – and this is Radio Dispatch.
Welcome to Radio Dispatch. On today's show, we celebrate the 4th of July with a very special guest. Plus, Glenn Beck is off the air, Greece is in ruins, and Bristol Palin says something confusing, surprisingly!
Friday Funday with the Goof Troop! Marriage – would you? Culture – heard of it? Summer – how to win it? For the answers to these questions and more, listen to today's Radio Dispatch.
Gay marriage is now a MUST in New York, will LGBT activists move to the GOP?, and a new John and Molly Fix Your Life segment, with our first actual letter. That's right, we are fixing the life of a Radio Dispatch listener. You could be next.
Ben Privot, founder of The Consensual Project, joins us to continue spreading his gospel of consent, and tells us that consent should be something sexy. Also, Dilbert creator Scott Adams is a real jerk who thinks societal restrictions keep men unhappy.
Friday Funday Number 2! Today we're joined by goof troop members: Zach Broussard, Zachary Sims, and Danny Solomon. We get to the bottom of the most annoying thing about OK Cupid, and answer the question Coney Island or Governor's Island? All that, plus our continuing Libya coverage. Today's show is all over the place!
Confidence man Troy Travis joins us to discuss ways to increase our presence in difficult situations. And Walmart is given permission to treat the ladyfolk differently, Obama's lawyers say Libya is illegal – Obama says suck a lemon, and there will be no more jobs for Americans.
NY State Senator says take this job and shove it, Pizza Cain is terrified of Muslims, and a new segment called Huff or US – is the headline from Huffington Post or US Weekly?
Our first Friday Funday with our goof troop: Nick Maritato, Neal Stastny, and Robert Dean. We all go back to 5th Grade and try to remember who we were, and also we get into sexting. Like always.
First-year teacher Meredith Klein breaks down Bloomberg's proposal to lay off 4,100 teachers, and also the joys of going on a field trip. Plus Huffpo thinks women should marry ugly men, and the war in Libya might have something to do with oil, unpredictably.
Chloe Angyal returns to get to the bottom of Weinergate, the politics of sexting, and an attack against abortion providers that's sweeping the southern states.
Comedian Lee Camp on a mission to disrupt the Koch brothers, Palin stands by her history, and our new favorite segment, Current CNN Headlines.
Gawker's Jim Newell on Mitt Romney's Twilight fandom, Peggy Noonan vs Maureen Dowd, and the joy of attacking those in power. Also, an explanation of the debt-ceiling, new healthcare developments, and Storm's mother speaks out.
Brad Liening reads from his recently published poetry collection We Are Doomed, and Dustin Luke Nelson and Jess Grover of InDigest discuss the ins and outs of running a literary magazine. Plus, another edition of John and Molly Fix Your Life.
Jack Stuef, former editor at Wonkette, comes by to discuss the rules of satire, and some of the more fringe candidates he enjoyed writing about. Plus, lady arm wrestling, Libyan war is definitely illegal, and John Edward's life keeps getting worse.
Gawker's Hamilton Nolan joins us to talk NYT Op-Ed page, the laziness of framing revolutions through Twitter, and his favorite goofy trend piece. Also, the Rapture did really happen, Mitch Daniels vs furniture, and Obama's death blow to Palestinian statehood.
Alex Pareene of Salon is back to discuss Newt's meltdown, Herman Cain's unstoppability, and the always objectionable Washington Post Op-Ed page. If you're in the middle of a perp walk, your only escape is Radio Dispatch.
IMF (alleged) sex creep, OK Cupid boy's rocket blog (not good!), and Letters From the Editors, in which John and Molly answer letters written to their Iowan hometown paper. That screaming you hear is coming from inside your head – block it out with Radio Dispatch.
Feministing's newest editor Chloe Angyal returns to Radio Dispatch to talk slutwalks, HR3, and street harassment. Plus, a new segment called Current CNN Headlines.
Travis Irvine on Ron Paul's debate performance, Fashion Meets Finance meets barf, and the amazing disappearing Hillary Clinton.
Let's all start torturing again, let's release the digital head on a pike, and let's all praise Peter King for speaking on matters about which he has literally no knowledge. Also, it's teacher week and if you listen up maybe Michelle Obama will teach you how to dougie – but only because this is Radio Dispatch.
Bin Laden is dead – what to make of it, and what to make of it not. Plus a new segment of John and Molly Fix Your Life. That funny feeling in your stomach means it's time for Radio Dispatch.
Methtacular writer/star Steven Strafford takes us through the heady days of a meth addiction, birthers are still unconvinced that the American president is an American, and sluts are funnier than Stodgy White Olds.