Journalist David Moore on the influence of corporate lobbyists on the DNC. Plus music from Mazzi & S.O.U.L. Purpose, Lotion Princess, Forever Honey, and Looms.
The president has nothing left but the racist hits that got him here.
Trump’s unique heinousness doesn’t mean Democrats shouldn’t be challenged, questioned, and pushed.
The 6 month switcheroo from praising teachers to shaming them, the prognosis for winter, and the latest on the Washington pandemic response. Photo credit: By AugusteBlanqui – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons
Economist and author L. Randall Wray explains what’s needed to deal with the economic consequences of the pandemic.
The Democratic National Committee is a private company and has an alarming number of members with lobbying experience.
Roots Action is targeting disaffected leftists leery of voting for Biden—yet doesn’t actually endorse him.
The former Vice President is polling well in states that could very well decide the election, but it’s still early.
As moratoriums on evictions end and expanded unemployment benefits expire, potential crisis looms as COVID-19 infection rates spike around the country, leaving many unable to work and now without protections. Molly and John Knefel are hosts of the longrunning progressive politics podcast, Radio Dispatch. Music featured in the episode: “Awake” by Tycho
Looming disaster as some schools are still set to reopen in the fall, and DHS ties leftists to foreign powers. photo courtesy of BreaWycker via Wikimedia Commons
Based on recent interviews, there’s no reason to think the president would perform even competently.
It might actually be nice if Biden was who Trump says he is. Sadly, he’s not.
Hauling a peaceful protestor away in an unmarked van isn’t justice–it’s a harbinger.
Suggesting an election delay is just the president’s latest attempt to sow division and chaos.
John Knefel describes the growing unrest and the cycle triggered by an escalation of Trump’s fascistic tactics in Portland and elsewhere. Molly and John Knefel are hosts of the longrunning progressive politics podcast, Radio Dispatch. Music featured in the episode: “Awake” by Tycho
A new study shows that left wing violence isn’t nearly the problem Republicans portray it as.
Frontline’s Micheal Kirk joins us to discuss his new documentary The United States of Conspiracy. Also, protests escalate beyond Portland. photo courtesy of Henryodell via Wikimedia Commons
With so many around him contracting the virus, how has the president not—and what would happen if he did?
The Arkansas Senator gave himself away by referring to slavery as a “necessary evil.”
Matt Ruby chats w/ Rabbi Avram Mlotek about Judaism and our current crises–and his new book. Plus music by Worriers and Seán Barna.
The GOP can’t get out of its own ideological way and now face the consequences of their own inaction.
Badgeless federal cops occupying cities and rounding up political enemies was always the endgame.
John gives a rundown of the overlapping, looming crises the U.S. is currently dealing with, from people losing health insurance along with their jobs to homeowners and renters are having trouble covering bills to unemployment supplements expiring soon. Molly and John Knefel are hosts of the longrunning progressive politics podcast, Radio Dispatch. Music featured in the episode: “Awake” by Tycho
Teachers unions in Florida sue Governor DeSantis over reopening schools, federal agents snatch and grab protesters in Portland, and Trump says he will send federal troops to more cities. photo courtesy of U.S. Customs and Border Protection via Wikimedia Commons
The president’s first briefing since April was a weak, self-serving attempt at humility.
Social media is how most of us get our news these days—so this community of activists is here to keep you in the loop.
The list of accusations keeps getting longer, while the label works feverishly on making a huge shift in more than just policy.
If it looks like little more than cynical ladder-climbing, that’s because it is.
Ken Cuccinelli complains “anarchists” are targeting Amazon as unidentified federal forces are snatching protestors.
We discuss new movies ‘House of Hummingbird’ and ‘Palm Springs.’ Plus music by Napoleon da Legend and NO ICE’s Jamie Frey.
Two cable news anchors discussed the president’s latest absurd photo in notably different ways.
John Knefel makes the case that, despite the left having made some concessions from Joe Biden on his immigration and economic platforms, he still needs to move on dismantling the United States’ racist carceral system. Molly and John Knefel are hosts of the longrunning progressive politics podcast, Radio Dispatch. Music featured in the episode: “Awake” by Tycho
Setting the odds for the next outlet to host the writer’s bad opinions.
James Bluemel on the new Frontline documentary “Once Upon a Time in Iraq.” Also, 5.4 million Americans lost their health insurance, and Trump and DeVos threaten to defund school districts that won’t open. photo courtesy of Ben McLean via Wikimedia Commons
The president finally wore a mask and his supporters could hardly contain their sycophantic excitement.
Journalists parroting anonymous White House sources causes more harm than good.
Fox News’ boomerific anchor thinks even the Supreme Court is in on the anti-Trump crusade.
Lin-Manuel Miranda’s ‘Hamilton is now more available to view than ever before, but it’s also more open to criticism of its portrayal of slaveholding founding fathers.
Despite Joe Biden currently polling ahead of Donald Trump nationally, John Knefel offers a reminder that centrist candidates do not offer a promising outcome against Trump or others who share his ideals.
Whitewashing slave-owning founding fathers seems a little more egregious in our current moment.
Breonna Taylor and gentrification, who gets to have open streets, and higher ed in the pandemic. photo courtesy of Philafrenzy via Wikimedia Commons
Most of the successful strategies put to the task have been implemented by women.
The president will stir up hatred and culture war until November.
If Democrats blow the 2020 election, it’s on them and their candidate—even if Kanye runs.
Republicans call Black Lives Matter protests & statue removals anti-American because it’s all they’ve got.
The only thing we were really missing was new Epstein-related material.
John Knefel comments on the rising number of coronavirus cases throughout the U.S. as states which have reopened must roll back their guidelines or change the way they are operating.
States that have reopened have now reclosed, and the absolute miss of pulling old movies and shows for racism rather than changing policy. photo courtesy of Charles E. Spirtos via Wikimedia Commons
Did he really think these politically vocal liberal artists would let him use their music?
Are large corporations boycotting the social media giant motivated by anything other than the market?
Even one of Trump’s favorite polls has his favorability at a near all-time low.
But without libs to troll, can right wingers truly be happy online?
Even bands w/ overtly political songs have fans confused on their hardcore stances.
Even as late night fireworks displays taper off in big cities, questions persist.
John Knefel explains how the United States’ lack of coordinated coronavirus response is going to prolong the pandemic and its negative effects.
There’s no room for kids in the coronavirus policies, and states continue to see record numbers of new cases. photo courtesy of Usernet123u via Wikimedia Commons
The genre’s fans have been coming through for BLM, but the industry has its own racist history.
Bowman and Booker prove progressive viability in high-profile congressional races.
Media coverage centered on his small Tulsa rally crowd, but mere hours before, Trump butchered his version of a Saturday Night Massacre.
He’ll say the election was corrupt, illegal, and rigged against him—even if he wins.
Ana Goñi-Lessan on George Floyd childhood home of Houston’s Third Ward. The new Spike Lee film, ‘Da 5 Bloods.’ Music by Courntey Barnett + Shilpa Ray.
Also unofficially known as Freedom Day, Jubilee Day, Emancipation Day, & Cel-Liberation Day, it’s time to make Juneteenth an official holiday across the U.S.
On Juneteenth, one demonstration hopes to unite several movements in NYC.
John Knefel explains the failure behind attempts to deradicalize activists’ efforts to abolish the police.
The Kentucky Democratic primary has gone national.
Atlanta police kill Rayshard Brooks, Mariame Kaba calls to abolish the police in the New York Times, and an activist is found dead after posting about her sexual assault. photo courtesy of John Knefel
The NYPD’s Shake Shack incident is a fresh reminder not to take police at their word on anything.
Pride Month has been an emotional roller coaster this year and the ride isn’t even close to over yet.
Andre Green joins us to discuss the current inflection point we’re going through as a nation. He also shares his personal reaction and describes the reactions he’s witnessed locally in Massachusetts.
The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone is far from the lawless, anarchistic warzone right wing media has portrayed it as.
Cities and states reopening too soon are more likely to worsen the spread of COVID-19.
It’s time for Italian Americans to invest their cultural heritage in a new historical figure.
It’s difficult not to feel hopeless and overwhelmed during a revolution, but progress is happening.
John Knefel addresses the notion that police work is purely beneficial to citizens.
The Fox News host is having trouble w/ people openly confronting racism—including a ‘Sesame Street’ character.
Week 2 of the nationwide protest for Black lives.
Your favorite local bands are fighting the good fight & you can help them.
Democrats fear “radical” phrasing even if it’s the best chance for real reform.
Biden leads Trump in several national polls, some by double digits, but there are a few factors to keep in mind.
Please support Black artists/musicians and help make their voices heard. (Helpful links included!)
Please support Black artists/musicians and help make their voices heard. (Helpful links included!)
George Floyd was murdered on Monday, May 25th. Protests followed, with police riots in response.
More than a week into nationwide demonstrations against police violence, and police are continuing the violence.
John Knefel shares his thoughts on why defunding the police is the only solution to ending police violence.
Those participating in the U.S. protests, stay strong out there—but most importantly, be smart.
The more delegates Sanders win, the more influence he’ll have over the Democratic Party platform.
It’s been a week of protests and police brutality across the country since the Minneapolis police killed George Floyd. photo courtesy of Rose Pineda via Wikimedia Commons
At a time when America could actually use a strong, reforming opposition party, Dems don’t seem up to the task.
Responsibility chains, intent-behavior gaps, local validators, and incalculable loss… but also koalas and yogurt.
While community “looters” are vilified, corporate and billionaire looters continue pillaging without consequence.
John Knefel comments on how the coronavirus pandemic was an opportunity for politicians, specifically Democrats, to address some of the much needed change in this country and how the opportunity has been squandered and any large scale change is unlikely.
The president’s crap will continue cutting through any attempt to stifle it.
A black man is killed by Minneapolis police as a white woman in New York City calls the police on a black bird watcher in Central Park.
In case you forgot what the Trump administration thinks of Americans, one White House adviser provided a fresh reminder.
Movies that speak to the experience of living through the COVID-19 pandemic. Also, music by Monteagle
The former VP’s comments Friday morning perfectly distilled his (and Democrats’) dismissive attitude toward black voters.
The former VP’s efforts to attract ardent Sanders supporters haven’t worked so far.
John Knefel comments on the lack of coordination at the state and federal levels when it comes to coronavirus relief and how this will continue to be a problem in the coming months.
Assessing the current odds of Joe Biden’s potential vice presidential picks.
Why trust in institutions is low, and how to understand the Tara Reade accusation against Joe Biden. photo courtesy of WhoisJohnGalt via Wikimedia Commons
Tired of Republicans chiming in when you roast Democrats? These are the memes for you.
The ins and outs of what it’s like for two parents to raise children during the pandemic. Also, music by Shana Falana.
Trump is trying to distract from his current failures w/ one of his most harebrained conspiracies yet.
John Knefel comments on the current economic situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and how the lack of appropriate actions from the democrats early on will continue to affect poor and middle-class Americans. Molly and John Knefel are hosts of the longrunning progressive politics podcast, Radio Dispatch. Music featured in the episode: “Awake” by Tycho
If he wins the White House, all the policy shifts he’s supposedly planning won’t mean anything.
Where the country stands in terms of lifting public health measures, the Democrats can’t quit austerity, and why the stock market is soaring — at least for now. photo courtesy of  Thomas J. O’Halloran via Wikimedia Commons  
COVID-19 response bungling. Biden’s VP options. News/media roundup. ‘Driveways’ now on VOD. BTR Live Studio w/ Honey Cutt.
John Knefel comments on how the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the inequalities that already existed between wealthy people and marginalized communities.
Jesse Myerson joins us to talk about rent strikes, and Hannah Cohen on the mental health crisis facing health care workers. Credited to the International Film Service, published by the New York Times via Wikimedia Commons
Sanders is back on the ballot thanks to a lawsuit that shouldn’t have been necessary in the first place.
Bush started a war that killed more than half a million people & then some.
No lockdown for Sweden. US economy in decline. NY cancels primary. News/media roundup. Chris Hemsworth in ‘Extraction.’ Music by Marble Arch.
John Knefel addresses the anti lockdown protests that have been taking place across the country and who is really behind them.
New York cancels its primary and slashes the education budget, and new corroboration for the allegations against Joe Biden. photo courtesy of The White House via Wikimedia Commons
States are set to pull unemployment benefits from workers who fear contracting coronavirus.
Those who felt the primary was rigged against Sanders all along have even more fuel for their fire.
The Arkansas senator flashed his Western civilization superiority complex.
A preview of the 2020 general election. New movie, Selah and the Spades. And a preview of True Dreams’ BTR Live Studio session.
If Dems don’t force mail-in voting into the next coronavirus relief bill, they will have failed.
John Knefel explains that despite the Trump Administration’s efforts to downplay the spread and effect of COVID-19, the United States is still far behind in testing and without the answers to questions about the virus, many parts of the country will need to remain in lockdown. Molly and John Knefel are hosts of the longrunning progressive politics podcast, Radio Dispatch. Music featured in the episode: “Awake” by Tycho
We talk with Miles O’Brien, correspondent for the new Frontline documentary “Coronavirus Pandemic.” photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons
The ice cream ad is bad faith and hypocritical. But Pelosi set herself up for it.
The protests seem dumb, but presidential and media encouragement could make them something more sinister.
We listened to Joe Biden’s new podcast and have thoughts. A discussion of Netflix’s ‘Tigertail.’ And a preview of GOLD DIME’s BTR Live Studio session.
John Knefel comments on the disparity between the ease of access for relief funding for large corporations as opposed to small businesses in wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.
The former president paid homage to Sanders and his progressive ideals. But does it really mean anything?
Sanders is out and has endorsed Biden, millennials don’t stand a chance, and Corona updates. photo courtesy of Dan Keck via Wikimedia Commons
While criticizing Wisconsin Republicans for forcing people to vote in-person, Biden forgot he advocated for the same thing.
As ‘Bernie or Bust’ supporters voice their discontent, pundits have begun blaming the left for Joe Biden’s potential loss to Donald Trump.
Dr. Lynn Jiang, 1 of 2 doctors who began an Instagram account to document health workers on the frontline. Ryan Cooper on Gov. Cuomo. New gerrymander documentary ‘Slay The Dragon.’ And music by Parlor Walls.
Reflections on working from home, thinking of others unable to do the same, and the society that’s failed them.
John Knefel comments on the Democrats’ poor response to the coronavirus outbreak.
As he exits the Democratic primary, it’s clear Sanders’ political impact is generational.
Trump finally admits this is going to be very very bad, medical workers and other essential employees don’t have protective equipment, and more reporting shows how much time was wasted in the US response. photo courtesy of NIAID via Wikimedia Commons
Memos confirm the administration has known about the virus’ potential impact since January. They’ll spend the next several months lying about it.
Matt Ruby on COVID-19. J. McVay and Jacqueline Soller on new movie, ‘Swallow.’ Plus a preview of Workman ong’s upcoming BTR Live Studio session.
John Knefel comments on how the Trump Administration’s poor response to COVID-19 has impacted Americans and will continue to do so in the coming months.
The former VP wants no part of Sanders on a debate stage.
Instacart and Amazon workers stage strikes, Congress’ awful bailout, and what the future might look like. photo courtesy of the U.S. National Guard via Wikimedia Commons
The former VP isn’t changing his tune on universal healthcare, even as COVID-19 overwhelms America’s healthcare system.
Rumors about the New York governor and the Democratic favorite have swirled for a couple weeks.
Joe Virgillito chats with Prof. Gerald Friedman about COVID-19 and the case for Medicare For All. J. McVay and Jacqueline Soller discuss 2011 movie, ‘Contagion.’ Plus a preview of Scoville Unit’s upcoming BTR Live Studio session.
Sanders’ diatribe against Republicans helped keep important unemployment protections in the Senate’s coronavirus relief bill.
John Knefel explains that despite moderates who say otherwise, the power of the left is growing and is the future of the democratic party.
An economist and former Bernie Sanders advisor explains why universal healthcare is the answer to future public health crises.
Our second coronavirus show, as more cities go on lockdown and Trump says we need to restart the economy. photo courtesy of The White House via Wikimedia Commons
The president’s renewed coronavirus skepticism proves he and Congressional Republicans value profit more than human lives.
The presumptive Democratic nominee’s last public appearance was Tuesday. Over the weekend, Twitter users openly wondered why.
Joe Virgillito is here to discuss the Democratic primaries and COVID-19. Also, we discuss new movie, Lost Girls.’ Plus a preview of Activity’s upcoming BTR Live Studio session.
The Hawaii representative finished her campaign as confusingly as she ran it.
John Knefel comments on how the coronavirus has disrupted our economy and who will suffer most should the U.S. face another recession.
Means testing only adds inefficiency to coronavirus relief. And it gives GOPers like Mitt Romney a lane to the Dems’ left.
The coronavirus is a global pandemic rapidly impacting the United States. photo courtesy of Gideon Oliver
The Democratic Party cares more about stifling Sanders than public safety.
As the coronavirus closes venues, bars and cancels tours—as a fan, you can help.
Sunday could be the primary’s final debate, so might as well send it off with a drink. Or several.
Joe Virgillito is here to discuss why Sanders shouldn’t drop out, the effects of COVID-19 on current politics, and more. Also, we discuss new movie, ‘Onward.’ Plus a preview of Momma’s upcoming BTR Live Studio session.
John Knefel comments on the Trump administration’s response to coronavirus and how those actions will continue to negatively impact the United States as we deal with this pandemic.
The uncertainty surrounding Joe Biden is more than enough reason for Sanders to keep fighting.
It’s our first show since Super Tuesday and coronavirus emergencies in the US. photo courtesy of CDC via Wikimedia commons
The former Bush advisor only believes civility should exist in one direction.
Joe Virgillito is here to discuss Super Tuesday and beyond. Also, we discuss new movie, ‘The Invisible Man.’ Plus a preview of Church Girls’ upcoming BTR Live Studio session.
The Massachusetts senator’s first presidential came to a disappointing end Thursday.
John Knefel explains why billionaires in politics are contrary to our democracy.
Beto, Amy and Pete made it onto some Joe merch. But Biden’s got other people to thank, too.
We spend the hour on the centrists coalescing against Bernie Sanders. photo courtesy of Jackson Lanier via Wikimedia Commons
News organizations are using lazy stereotypes when tweeting and reporting on the virus.
If Warren cares about a progressive agenda, backing Bernie is her best bet.
The Trump administration is terrifyingly ill-equipped to handle a coronavirus outbreak, thoughts on the aftermath of the Democratic debate, and listener mail catch up. photo courtesy of the White House via Wikimedia Commons
American families are spending far too much on childcare. All Americans would benefit if they didn’t.
Nick Pinto joins us to discuss the bail reform law in New York and the effort to roll it back, and there was, incredibly, another Democratic debate. Nick Pinto Nick Pinto, via Twitter
John Knefel describes Michael Bloomberg’s attempts to buy the presidential election and comments on how his mayoral history indicates he would be a poor choice for the nomination.
The billionaire former mayor’s new baseball cap almost transcends mockery.
It’s a full communist panic about Bernie Sanders, Fidel Castro, and Florida, and details of his newly released free childcare and Pre-K for All plan. photo courtesy of Bill De Blasio  via Wikimedia Commons
The Clash, Ramones, Dead Kennedys, Sex Pistols—they ain’t got nothin’ on Bernie.
Last week’s debate was actually entertaining. This one should be too. And yes, liquor helps.
Bernie wins in Nevada, and liberals struggle to cope.
The senator’s reversal on accepting Super PAC money puts her in a cynical spot.
We don’t yet know the results of the Nevada caucus, but we do know that the Democratic party is panicking about Bernie Sanders’ lead. photo courtesy of Cory Doctorow via Wikimedia Commons
Joe Virgillito looks at prediction markets and their relationship to elections. Jacqueline Soller & J. McVay on new movie Birds of Prey.’ Plus a preview of Pom Pom Squad’s upcoming BTR Live Studio session.
A Democratic Debate recap, and John’s in the studio and we can’t stop talking about Bloomberg. photo courtesy of  Michael Fleshman via Wikimedia Commons
The Washington Post opinion writer doesn’t care about Democrats or their party.
Liberals say Bloomberg factionalism is tearing us apart, and Naomi Klein calls him the Shock Doctrine. photo courtesy of Mike Bloomberg via Wikimedia Commons
John Knefel comments on the Trump Administration expanding the Muslim ban that was enacted three years ago by barring visitors from six more countries.
Director James Jacoby joins us to discuss the new Frontline documentary “Amazon Empire: The Rise and Reign of Jeff Bezos.” Also a listener mail grab bag.
Malcolm Harris is back to talk more about his new book, Shit Is Fucked Up and Bullshit: History Since the End of History. Also, Osita Nwanevu’s cover story at The New Republic about ending the GOP. Malcom Harris, via Twitter
Vanessa A Bee joins us to discuss Bloomberg’s bid to buy democracy, and more attention on Bloomberg and Stop and Frisk. photo courtesy of Longilsandwinds via Wikimedia Commons
Meet Joe Virgillito, longtime BTR producer/host and writer. Also, we review new wide-release movie, ‘Portrait of a Lady on Fire.’ Plus a preview of Mustardmind’s upcoming BTR Live Studio session.
Trump intervenes on behalf of Roger Stone, Klobuchar says her job was to put people in jail, and Bloomberg’s attempts to buy the election. Also, catching up on pop culture with Hannah. photo courtesy of Lorie Shaull via Wikimedia Commons
The influencer called out Bloomberg’s racist and punitive past as mayor of NYC.
Bernie Sanders has won the New Hampshire primary, but MSNBC thinks it was all the other candidates combined. Ryan Cooper joins us to work through it. photo courtesy of Ryan Cooper
John Knefel explains how corporate democrats will try to incentivize voters with promises to lower the deficit.
The entrepreneur dropped out of the Democratic primary last night, but his presence still looms large.
Pete Buttigieg embraces fiscal austerity, the anti-Semitic attacks against Bernie continue, and Michael Bloomberg is a racist. photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons
One MSNBC contributor’s anti-Bernie take is too hilarious to take seriously.
Malaika Jabali on enthusiasm for leftist policies in the midwest. Also, Molly on a personal essay about Medicare for All. Malaika Jabali photo courtesy of  Malaika Jabali
Sanders’ repetitive fundraising ads have again turned him into a meme.
Tom Perez calls for a “recanvass” of the Iowa results as the satellite caucuses went to Bernie Sanders, and Michael Bloomberg is a verified monster in a 2016 video talking about trans people. photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons
Alex Kane on Kushner’s Mid East plan, updates on Iowa, and kindergarten and inequality. Photo courtesy of Alex Kane
Luke Savage on the Iowa caucuses, and thoughts on Trump’s State of the Union. photo courtesy of Phil Roeder via Wikimedia Commons
John Knefel recaps the events of the Iowa caucus which resulted in the democratic party’s failure to deliver accurate outcomes.
Pete Buttigieg’s victory speech was heralded by some as a savvy political move. What if Bernie Sanders had done the same?
The Iowa caucuses descend into catastrophe. We spend the hour dissecting what happened. Photo courtesy of John Knefel
After playing, the state of the union will be very intoxicated.
Molly on the electability sham, the liberal boomer breakdown, and thoughts on the witness impeachment vote. photo courtesy of John Knefel
You know the candidates’ policies. Now take a look at their merchandise.
A disingenuous liberal attack on Bernie pretended that he praised George Wallace when in fact he compared him to Hitler, and a Federalist writer makes the case for our current healthcare system and accidentally makes the case for Medicare for All.
Amy Klobuchar is a cop, Andrew Yang thinks his caucusers will go to Bernie in Iowa, and impeachment trial catch up.
Sportsbooks have noticed Sanders’ recent polling spike and adjusted odds accordingly.
Nothing smells better than a just government—it’s the scent of not just me, us.
Dustin Luke Nelson joins us to discuss the changing politics of beer, and John’s in Iowa following the Bernie campaign.   Dustin Luke Nelson, via Twitter
Despite Joe Biden polling well among older Americans, John Knefel explains why they would have the most to worry about should he become the Democratic nominee for president.
Jeff Abbott on his time with a migrant caravan traveling towards the southern border, and Bernie hit pieces escalate as he surges in Iowa. Jeff Abbott, via Twitter
Biden’s disingenuous ally performance, and catching up on the strawmen arguments in the class reduction discussion. photo by Todd L Church
Joe Rogan endorses Bernie Sanders, the MBS kidnap plot, and some Harris/Biden/Obama speculation. photo courtesy of LABaseball Fan via Wikimedia Commons
Impeachment is a sham, Davos is a sham, and corporate media is a sham for hiring Reince Priebus! photo courtesy of United States Senate via Wikimedia Commons
Bernie and Hillary’s responses to “nobody likes him” show a fundamentally different approach to politics, and the problem with naming masculinity as the problem rather than capitalism. photo courtesy of John Nicksic via Wikimedia Commons
John Knefel explains Fox News’ investment in Republican presidents, and how the network has come to shape the behavior of the Republican party over the decades.
In an age of new media, the powerful podcaster far outweighs the paper’s influence.
The Times’ incomprehensible endorsement of both Warren and Klobuchar, and Hillary Clinton says “Nobody likes” Bernie. photo courtesy of Laure Shaull via Wikimedia Commons
Ryan Devereaux joins us to discuss the detention of Iranian Americans at the Canada-US border, and a discussion about online feminism and sharing the personal as political.
The impeachment trial has begun in the Senate, Bernie Sanders leads in a new Reuters poll, and Trump’s trade deal.
CNN’s microphones captured the post debate exchange between Sanders and Warren, and Lev Parnas goes on Maddow. photo courtesy of Paul Schulz via Wikimedia Commons
Tuesday’s Democratic debate, and the incredible Parnas document dump. photo courtesy of Todd L. Church via Wikimedia Commons
John Knefel lists some of the more popular endorsements Bernie Sanders has recently gotten which have helped his poll numbers.
The hidden camera video barely cracked right wing media circles.
We spend the hour on the hit job on Sanders’ alleged sexism, seemingly from the Warren camp. photo courtesy of Cory Doctorow via Wikimedia Commons
Tonight’s debate should be the messiest so far. Get your cocktails ready.
Why would anyone be surprised that an actor whose signature catchphrase is “you’re money baby” leans libertarian?
An attempt to explain what Bloomberg’s wealth means in the Democratic primary. Michael Bloomberg photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons
First Lady Rosario Dawson was always a pipe dream, wasn’t it?
Elizabeth Warren Dancing discourse, Chait wants Bloomberg to buy the election, and the latest on Iran. photo courtesy of Tim Pierce via Wikimedia Commons
The Democratic Party’s new witchy aunt didn’t make it far into 2020.
Trump’s sniffy press conference and confidential congressional briefing, and Bernie and Warren deviate on their rhetoric about Soleimani and war. photo courtesy of Todd L Church
Questions about what’s happening with the president’s nose keep flaring up.
On Tuesday night, Iran retaliated by firing missiles on Iraqi military bases hosting American troops. We spend the hour on it. photo courtesy of Ninara via Wikimedia Commons
Despite many within the Republican party describing Donald Trump as an aberration, John Knefel reflects on a number of President Trump’s choices which align perfectly with the attitudes of other Republicans, including, most recently, the assassination of Qassem Suleimani. Molly and John Knefel are hosts of the longrunning progressive politics podcast, Radio Dispatch. Music featured in the episode: “Awake” by Tycho
Iran vows direct retaliation, John Bolton says he’ll testify in the impeachment trial, and why liberals are so mad at AOC. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez photo courtesy of Senate Democrats via Wikimedia Commons
We spend the hour on the US assassination of Qasem Soleimani. photo courtesy of Fars Fotógrafos via Wikimedia Commons
Liberals ask why aren’t people in the streets.
It’s our first show back in the New Year and we’re catching up on everything that happened when we were gone including, for example, the president being impeached. photo courtesy of the United States House of Representatives via Wikimedia Commons
The primary’s only Latino candidate suspended his campaign.
It’s Radio Dispatch Best of 2019 and we’re revisiting our interviews with Cora Currier and Natalie Shure. photo courtesy of Natalie Shure photo courtesy of Cora Currier
John Knefel shares his thoughts on how the outcome of the 2020 election will reflect whether Donald Trump’s 2016 election was an aberration, or the American people embracing bigotry and cruelty. Molly and John Knefel are hosts of the longrunning progressive politics podcast, Radio Dispatch. Music featured in the episode: “Awake” by Tycho
It’s Best of Radio Dispatch 2019, featuring David Klion and Osita Nwanevu. photo courtesy of David Klion