Plus student debt relief updates, conservative outrage, movie reviews, Matt Gaetz, and more.
Social media mourned DMX's death before it happened, bringing undue stress onto those closest to him.
Cancelling student loan debt is on the Biden administration's docket, but numbers, timelines, and details are still up in the air.
As the number of Americans who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 continues to rise, there is still a lot of media focus on vaccine hesitancy, and the communities who won’t be getting the vaccine right away. MJ Knefel comments on why access to vaccines, and removing barriers to medical care, should be a more pressing issue.
McConnell couldn't heighten the contradictions of corporate political speech much more if he tried.
MJ's rise and Matt Gaetz's downfall. photo courtesy of Mark Foley via Wikimedia Commons
Greg Gutfeld's late night talk show is already the worst of a terrible television genre.
Republicans don't view voter suppression as a form of cancellation because it doesn't fit their victim narrative.
Never attribute anything to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity—unless that stupidity is coming from Matt Gaetz. 
Remarking on the recent increase in coronavirus cases, even as the number of Americans getting COVID-19 vaccinations continues to rise, MJ Knefel explains why it's incorrect to place blame on individual behavior in areas where infection rates are high.
Conservative media outrage is predictable, but by invoking Satan, Lil Nas X has managed to break their brains almost entirely.
Lil Nas X sparks a 90s style satanic panic and a check in on border and immigration policy under Biden. photo courtesy of Fabebk via Wikimedia Commons
Why pretend to govern when you can get paid triggering the libs?
He'll be there all week. And the week after that. He lives there.
Plus Trump's social media, Amazon's bad tweets, and Queen Elizabeth's favorite pirate.
The corporate giant continues lying and embarrassing itself to save face on social media.
A GOP polling firm used a simple rhetorical trick to make the massive relief bill seem wasteful and insidious. It didn't work.
In recent months, anti-trans legislation has been introduced across the country, specifically targeting trans athletes. Molly Knefel explains why these bills, and others like them, protect patriarchy over people.
The deep societal rot that's routinized mass shootings has pervaded our ability to consume information.
Racism, sexism and xenophobia intersect after the shooting targeting Asian Americans in Georgia, listener thoughts on the transphobic statehouse bills, and the economist who became a prominent voice on school reopening causes backlash in the Atlantic.  photo courtesy of U.S. Secretary of Defense/ Lisa Ferdinando via Wikimedia Commons
He could've started a media company or founded his own political party. But more than anything, Trump just wants to keep posting.
Plus "energized" Trump, progressive influence, Seuss cancellation, and more on the Helen Keller TikTok hoax.
There's arguably no worse person to debate the merits of masks, but Paul tried it with Dr. Anthony Fauci anyway.
The president makes progress. A governor descends further into scandal. The Oscar-nominated film, ‘Another Round.’ Plus music from Bartees Strange and Mala Vista.
For conservative outrage media types like Dan Bongino, Biden's boringness is his greatest sin.
As details continue to surface in multiple scandals involving New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo, Molly Knefel comments on his actions over the last year and his current decline in popularity.
Cora Currier joins us to discuss the new Lux Magazine, a new magazine of feminism for the masses. Also, Molly takes a closer look at the barrage of bills targeting trans athletes, and a good old fashioned listener mail! Cora Currier via Twitter (@Coracurrier)
Biden's openness to filibuster reform is a good sign for progressives and acknowledges their impact on the administration.
Trump has built up a network of media leeches willing to refer to even his bowel movements as presidential. The results are as hilarious as they are pathetic.
Plus political capital, minimum wage talk, TikTok vs. Helen Keller, and more.
Researcher Mikey Biddlestone on a conspiracy theory aimed at an icon. Regina King’s film, One Night in Miami...’ Plus music from Soul Honey Records.
Passing the latest COVID relief bill is an enormous win, and there are more wins on the horizon if Democrats continue pushing.
There’s far more to be encouraged about in the latest COVID relief bill than just stimulus checks.
John Knefel comments on the long and continuing battle for a federal minimum wage of $15 an hour after a vote failed to pass the Senate as part of an amendment to the most recent COVID relief bill.
Consuming whatever, wherever, and however they want is the only "freedom" most Americans deem worth fighting for.
The new CDC guidelines say that vaccinated people can be together indoors, and a stimulus bill round-up including the highs and lows of the Democratic Party. Krysten Sinema Photo courtesy of The United States Senate - The Office of Krysten Sinema via Wikimedia Commons
Cable news hosts and Democratic Party bosses loved him as a foil to Trump. But now that Trump is gone, Cuomo's usefulness has all but dried up.
Plus stupid cancel culture wars, author interviews, low-energy Trump, and more.
Workers relying on UI should end up with more money over time—still, the question begs: Why can't we demand more?
Journalist Ryan Cooper on NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s recent troubles. Lee Isaac Chung’s film, ‘Minari.’ Plus music from T.V.O.D. and Kaz Mirblouk.
With Trump gone, the right has intensified in a culture war that exists mostly in their own minds.
Molly Knefel shares her thoughts on the Biden Administration’s plans to reopen K-12 schools across the country and why returning to the pre-COVID status quo should be avoided.
We spend the hour on the latest round of anti-trans bigotry. Photo courtesy of  Kai Medina (Mk170101) via Wikimedia Commons  
States rushing to reopen now feels a bit like starting your end zone dance at the 20-yard line.
The former president can't muster the same enthusiasm as he did years ago, but the GOP is still happy to do it for him
Tasked with a clear mandate from more than 81 million people who voted for him, Biden & co. are clanging one open layup after another.
Chloé Zhao’s gorgeous new docudrama resonates today. Plus stories of traveling the road. Also, music from Jonas Carping and Hoorsees.
From Trump tees to MAGA hammocks, this year's convention goers have plenty of quality stuff to choose from.
John Knefel comments on the most recent grim milestone in the COVID-19 pandemic as the United States passes 500,000 deaths due to the novel coronavirus.
The Fox News host played dumb about the most prominent conspiracy theory in American politics today.
It's your late winter, late pandemic, extremely over it Covid roundup. Plus, lessons from the communist party in Alabama in the 1930s. photo courtesy of Fulbert via Wikimedia Commons
The West Virginia senator isn't some moderating force. He's an impediment to progress.
The Biden administration appears to be fighting harder for a cabinet nominee than meaningful economic relief.
Plus movie reviews, artist and author interviews, minimum wage discussion, impeachment acquittal, and more.
A $15 minimum wage is the kind of broadly popular policy Democrats should embrace with open arms. But the president doesn't want to.
In this episode, Joe Virgillito and Charles Hinshaw to discuss the new movie 'Judas and the Black Messiah' directed by Shaka King and starring Daniel Kaluuya and Lakeith Stanfield. Later in the show, Charles speaks with Jacqueline Soller about 'Ma Rainey's Black Bottom' directed by George C. Wolfe and starring Chadwick Boseman and Viola Davis. Plus we’ll hear live performances from OK Cowgirl and Lindsay Reamer, both recorded exclusively for BTRtoday.
Twitter tried figuring out if the Texas senator tried ducking to Mexico during his home state's massive energy crisis. Naturally, jokes ensued.
Following Donald Trump’s acquittal in his second impeachment trial, John Knefel comments on the power behind the presidency for a person who is willing to unambiguously break the law.
Trump was acquitted again, the CDC issued new guidance for school reopening, and another vaccine roundup. Photo courtesy of TapTheForwardAssist via Wikimedia Commons
Geography doesn't dictate morality or intent. But some liberals are prone to reducing state populations to what color they voted for.
A new POLITICO poll confirms what we already knew about Trump’s GOP staying power.
Don't get caught saying Trump is the worst president we've ever had—you've got options.
Joe Biden has a plan, but is it enough? Trump needs to be held to account, but will he be? Plus music by Thick and Bruisey Peets.
Haley doesn't have a choice between political acceptability and Trump loyalty. She's already made it.
The network refused to air House Democrats presenting evidence against Trump, but did feature a batshit conspiracy theory in prime time.
Following reporting on the treatment of immigrants by officers within the Department of Homeland Security, John Knefel shares his thoughts on what actions the Biden Administration should take to improve conditions for border and immigrant communities.
Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert, and the rest of the freshman Congress-- your questions, answered! Also, AOC's accounting of her experience on January 6th. Photo courtesy of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene via Wikimedia Commons
David Hogg’s attempt to undermine the MyPillow guy comes off as nothing but a trolling grift.
Senate Republicans up in arms about mostly true tweets is almost too much to handle.
The Florida Rep's dumb request signals the dawn of the golden age of political shitposting.
Revisiting previous topics: free college, misinformation, immersive moviegoing, prediction markets, and polling. Plus music from Hollyy.
In just a few short months, the House Minority Leader didn't just forget what QAnon was—he forgot how to say it.
John Knefel reviews the short squeeze on GameStop stock that was orchestrated by a reddit subgroup and the reality for those who may try to manipulate the market.
Vaccine Guy checks in, and GameStop is not the revolution. Photo courtesy of U.S. Secretary of Defense via Wikimedia Commons
It shouldn't take AOC telling us she thought she was going to die to remember something that happened three weeks ago.
Problems aren't usually solved overnight, but one of Twitter's biggest ones was.
The 4th installment of Steven McQueen’s series. A long-delayed revenge film. Plus music by Tommy Sherrod and MC WhiteOwl.
It's time for Biden to take executive action to give Americans the direct relief he promised.
Online brokerages like Robinhood have sparked outrage by delisting popular meme stocks.
John Knefel comments on a few of the early moves made by the newly installed Biden Administration.
The Georgia representative’s idiocy might serve as a prototype for Republican lawmakers in the post-Trump era.
A look at the cautious optimism of the first few days of the Biden administration, and a check in on schools as Chicago teachers vote to refuse to return. COVID-19 School closure sign in Williamsport, PA photo courtesy of Brinacor via Wikimedia Commons
Trump may be gone, but he’s left lots of power-hungry sycophants & family members in his wake.
It’s absurd to cry censorship when a newspaper is willing to publish your bad writing on its cover. But Hawley knows that.
Marco Rubio's laughable gripe about the fears of 75 million Americans is a Republican media shtick.
Trump slinks away as his impeachment trial looms. Biden hits the ground runnings with executive orders and a pandemic plan. Plus music by The Electric Grandmother and Comfy.
Joe Biden’s first 100 days in office will provide insight about what the American people can expect over the next four years. John Knefel shares his thoughts on both Biden’s conservative history as well as some of the encouraging moves made by his transition team over the last few days.
Sanders' coat and mittens made him the inauguration's unquestioned fashion icon and meme king.
John’s piece at the Prospect about the historical ebb and flow between police and the far right, and public health advocates are underselling the vaccine. Crowd of Trump supporters marching on the US Capitol on January 6, 2021 photo courtesy of TapTheForwardAssist via Wikimedia Commons
It's not just the funniest moment of his presidency, it's the perfect representation of it—and us.
The California Senator's latest quote has sparked renewed calls for her to step down.
When you get impeached twice in three years, you're gonna be the butt of some jokes.
A big screen spectacle on our TVs. The 3rd In Steve McQueen’s remarkable series.. Plus music by Sanya N’Kanta.
When your own words and tactics are being used against you, it makes a lot more sense to throw up your hands and tell everybody to take it easy.
John Knefel explains why Biden’s reactionary suggestion to pass a new domestic terror law is unnecessary and how this law could do more harm than good.
Ocasio-Cortez is setting the right tone on how to deal with seditious Republicans.
We spend the hour on the fascist takeover of the Capitol building on January 6th. Photo courtesy of TapTheForwardAssist via Wikimedia Commons
His speech in Alamo, Texas sounded like the near final musings of a weak, broken president.
Harrowing videos show how journalists and photographers wound up as targets of Trump insurrectionists last week.
Instead of acknowledging their role in last week’s violence, right wing media types are dying to move on.
Right wingers tried hanging Wednesday’s violence on Antifa as if we weren’t all watching.
Certain election defeat for Trump fueled armed insurrection. Meanwhile, Dems will now hold both chambers of Congress along with the White House. Plus music by Erin Frisy and Gold Connections.
John Knefel comments on the inadequate rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine.
No need to wait two weeks. Inciting a mob to invade the Capitol building is enough.
We spend the hour on the disastrous vaccine rollout.
Trump’s Georgia might’ve been his final public display of pathetic conspiracy peddling garbage.
The Netflix special makes light of the absolute dumpster fire 2020 was and will actually make you chuckle.
Cancel culture, culture war, and hidden camera stings defined the egregious year of conservative discourse.
2020 In Review! We revisit our chat about the 2011 movie, ‘Contagion’ from way back in March. Plus music by Lisel, Activity, Shamir, Felicia Douglass… and Allison Langerak and Wyatt Tuzo.